Proline ELISA quantitation kit

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AS16 3151 | reactivity: Proline


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Background | This immunoassay is a double antibody sandwich enzyme-linked one step ELISA to determine the amount of Plant Proline in samples. 

Proline antibody is pre-coated on the surface of the micro titer plate. Standards and samples are added to the plate wells including an antibody specific for Plant Proline, conjugated with HRP. After incubation and a washing step to remove access enzyme add Chromogen Solution A and B. The color of the liquid will change into blue and then by adding acid the color will become yellow. The concentration of the Proline sample and the intensity of the color developing are positively correlated.


This Proline ELISA kit contains the following reagents:
Assay:  12 x 8 strips (total of 96 wells, pre-coated)
Standards:  0.6 ml (120 ng/ml, dilute according to manual)
Standard diluent: 6 ml (could be used as a blank control)
Sample Diluent: 6 ml
HRP-conjugate: 6 ml
Washing Buffer: 20 ml (dilute according to manual)
Chromogen Solution A: 6 ml
Chromogen Solution B: 6 ml
Stop Solution: 6 ml
Micro plate sealer: 2
Sealed bag: 1

This kit is for research purpose only.


Storage: Store at 2-8°C.

Expiry date:
6 months

Detection range: 3.7-120 µg/ml

This kit has no cross-reaction with other soluble structural similar object.

This kit is for research purpose only.

Manual in Pdf