Anti-AOX1/2 | Plant alternative oxidase 1 and 2

Product no: AS04 054
A Podgorska
sometimes there are two bands for AOX, then it is necessary to add DTT during the extraction of mitochondrial proteins to reduce AOX and get only one band. (Experience with A. thaliana) 2021-05-11 @ 18:49:55
G. Vanlerberghe
This antibody worked effectively in Nicotiana tabacum, using either leaf extracts or isolated mitochondria. 2018-02-21 @ 16:17:09
Michal RUREK
20 g of mitochondrial proteins from cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) curds (apical layer) was separated on 12 % SDS-PAGE (Laemmli- type) and blotted 1h to Immobilone P (Millipore) using Sedryt apparatus (Kucharczyk). After blocking (5% Superblock, Pierce) for 1 h at RT, blots were incubated in the primary antibody at a dilution of 1/1000 for overnight at 4 deg. with agitation. Then antibody was additionally bound at 37 deg. for 30 min. The primary antibody, diluted in 5% Superblock solution (Pierce) was used only once. Secondary, anti-rabbit alkaline phosphatase- linked antibodies (ThermoScientific) were bound at 1/10000 dilution at RT (1h). They were diluted in 5% Superblock (Pierce). Three bands of ca. 30-35 kDa were detected using LumiPhos reagent (Pierce). Caution- this antibody does not work with standard ECL system! 2014-02-14 @ 15:01:31

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