PR-2 | GLU I | Class I beta-1,3-glucanase

Product no: AS07 208
Isabel Casado
Tested on sunflower and tomato total extracts prepared from seedlings obtaining excellent results in Western blots using a 1:6000 dilution. 2017-05-08 @ 16:48:13
Tomasz Paw?owski
We have got clear result with the class I beta-1,3-glucanaseantibody using Western blot procedure. We used 40 microgram protein/well, purified from buds of Picea abies. Antibody was diluted 1:2500 in 1,5% PBS/BSA. Secondary antibody Rabbit-AP conjugates (Sigma) was used, 1: 500 in 1% PBS/milk. FAST BCIP/NBT (Sigma) was used for detection on nitrocellulose. 2014-04-03 @ 10:41:27

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