HSP70 | Heat shock protein 70 (chloroplastic)

Product no: AS08 348
This antibody is really good. We used it for WB on Arabidopsis seedling samples with both 1:5000 and 1:10000. Stable and still working after 2 years storage at 4 degree. 2020-05-11 @ 17:40:00
Pai-Hsiang Su
This antibody AS08 348 is really good with its high specificity. I used it for immunoblotting with 1:2000 dilution by the coloring method. With its high specificity, I also have successfully used this antibody for immunoprecipitaion. In my practice, this antibody can reconize plastid Hsp70 well in both Arabidopsis and pea. 2010-06-09 @ 03:00:06

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