Anti-Lhcb2-P | LHCII type II chlorophyll a/b-binding protein, phosphorylated

Product no: AS13 2705
Soo Yeon Ko
We always use this antibody when we want to see the Lhcb2 band clearly in Western blot (1:5000 dilution). It is also working on Oryza Sativa. We used it with isolated 2ug thylakoid membrane. 2020-11-18 @ 10:05:27
Soo Yeon Ko
The antibody is working on Oryza Sativa and Arabidopsis thaliana. We used it with isolated 2ug thylakoid membrane and could get the band (1:5000 dilution) 2019-11-18 @ 13:16:50
Stefano Caffarri
Very sensitive and specific antibody for P-Lhcb2. See also Crepin A et al. BBA 2015 2016-09-22 @ 15:41:04

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