Tag antibody promotion

Antibodies to tags are among the most published antibodies in the world, according to analysis of publications peformed every year by CiteAb. Their application is broad, from recombinant protein purification and detection, to visualization of a target protein in transgenic organism, when antibody to endogenous protein is not available or there are difficulties to produce it due to the target protein levels being beyond the detection level. 
Tags can be few amino acids long, like His, FLAG and HA, or be made to whole proteins, like GST or GFP. 

The Agrisera anti-Tag antibody promotion covers the following antibodies:

AS09 580 | aadA1 | Aminoglycoside adenyltransferase (chloroplast transformation marker)
AS20 4485 | BFP, GFP, YFP | Fluorescence Protein, clone 3A6
AS20 4454 | c-myc (monoclonal, Clone 9E10)
AS09 601 | c-myc (polyclonal)
AS20 4379 | DYKDDDDK (binds to Sigma FLAG®) (chicken antibody, polyclonal)
AS15 2871 | DYKDDDDK (binds to Sigma FLAG®, clone FG4R)
AS15 2987 | GFP | Green Fluorescence Protein (affinity purified)
AS15 2861 | GST-tag (mouse monoclonal, clone GST.B6)
AS17 4147 | GST-tag (rabbit antibody, polyclonal)
AS16 3689 | GUS | Beta-glucuronidase
AS20 4463 | HA (chicken polyclonal)
AS20 4457 | His-tag | 6xHis (monoclonal, Clone 2C5.1)
AS19 4255 | His-tag | 6xHis (polyclonal)
AS16 3691A | LUC | Luciferase (firefly) (affinity purified antibodies)

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