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Ordering information

Custom antibody production:
E-mail: | Phone: +46(0)935 33 000 | Fax: +46(0)935 33 044

Catalogue antibodies:
Online: | E-mail: | Phone: +46(0)935 33 000 | Fax: +46(0)935 33 044

Follow this link to a list of Agrisera distributors.

When ordering by email or fax, please provide the following information:

• Product number, product name and quantity
• Purchase order number
• VAT/Tax identification number: Required for EU customers
• Delivery and Invoice address
• Contact name and e-mail address

Our W-8BEN certificate is available here.


Payment methods:

1) Online: Payment can be made by Credit Card online while placing your order.

2) Invoice payment – net 20 days
    a) Invoice payment by your credit card
Please include invoice number as a reference.
    b) Invoice payment by a bank transfer:
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): SE42 6000 0000 0001 15217258, S.W.I.F.T. code (address): HANDSESS
Bank name: Svenska Handelsbanken, Bank address: S-106 70 Stockholm, Sweden
Please include invoice number as a reference. Bank charges are NOT covered by Agrisera
    c) Cheque
Address: Agrisera, Box 57, 911 21 Vännäs, Sweden. Please, provide your order number as a reference.
Invoice payment – net 20 days:
If payment is not made within 20 days from the date of dispatch customers will be charged late payment fees. The late payment fee is 20 EURO, per week of actual delay, from the due date of the invoice.


Shipping information:

Courier service:
Delivery time: 1-3 days in EU and 3-5 days world-wide. Tracking is possible.
Agrisera does not cover custom duties and taxes.


Pricing information:

Pricing policy: Once a year (January) all prices are set up in EUR.
US $ rate is adjusted every three months. All prices presented on our website are valid.
Delivery cost: Courier service: 50 EUR (FedEx or DHL)
Air mail post: 20 EUR (not trackable). Applies ONLY for orders below 1000 EUR.
For customers from Japan | 85 EUR by DHL using Agrisera account. Delivery by a courier at customer's expense, possible on request.