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Monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies can be raised against customer-supplied antigens or synthesized peptides on demand.
Custom monoclonal antibody production at Agrisera normally takes 4-6 months depending upon the immunogenic
response to the antigen and is divided into 3 phases (see table below).





Design and peptide synthesis and coupling to KLH. OPTIONAL!


Immunisation and boost of 4 Balb/c mice. Evaluation of titre using ELISA. Serum will be sent to customer and priority of mice will be decided.


Hybridoma fusion with the spleenocytes obtained from the two mice with the best titres, and myeloma cells. Supernatants from the hybridoma clones will be screened by ELISA and supernatants from up to 10 positive clones will be sent to customer's lab for evaluation. Shipment overseas at additional cost.


The customer selects the clones of interest to proceed with. Subcloning of 3 clones is included.


Each of the listed services from Phase I to Phase III can be offered separately.

Scale-up and monoclonal antibody purification - from cell lines constructed at Agrisera or

supplied by the customer. Monoclonal antibodies secreted to the cell culture medium can be
subjected to further purification using Protein G or other system if required.

Total yields - small scale (up to 200 mg) and large scale (from 10 g upwards).

Confidentiality: All work done at Agrisera remains strictly confidential. If required a project
agreement can be signed.