Polyclonal antibodies

The polyclonal antibody service at Agrisera includes recombinant protein expression, peptide synthesis and conjugation to KLH/BSA, pre-immune screening, antibody production, purification and labeling. Polyclonal antibodies can also be raised against a customer supplied antigen.

Needed amount of your protein
Amount of antigen for a standard immunization protocol: ~500 µg/animal. Preferable concentration: >1mg/ml in PBS.

At Agrisera we offer the possibility of selecting your species (rabbits and others on request). We will assist and give suggestions when making the final choice.

Screening of pre immune serum or yolk
With Agrisera's pre-screening service you can test pre-immune samples and make sure that no background signals are detected in the molecular weight region of the protein under investigation.

The immunization program is 105 days long and a test sample will be delivered to your lab after 80 days for evaluation. After the third immunization all serum and yolk samples are checked for the presence of antigen-specific antibodies using ELISA.

Please also read our Antibody production guide for successful antibody production.

For ordering, please contact us at [email protected]