Lhcb3 | LHCII type III chlorophyll a/b-binding protein

Product no: AS01 002
Soo Yeon Ko
We always use this antibody when we check Lhcb3 band in Western blot(1:7000 dilution). It is working on Oriza Sativa. 2020-11-18 @ 09:53:54
Soo Yeon Ko
The antibody is working on Oriza Sativa. We used isolated 2ug thylakoid membrane and can get a band (1:5000 dilution) clearly 2019-11-18 @ 13:08:26
K. Browning
Works well with Arabidopsis total and chloroplast extracts. Some cross reactivity in total extracts with bands ~38 and ~75 kDa with overnight incubation in cold, but no cross reactive bands for chloroplast extracts when incubated only 1-2 hr at RT. 2015-07-21 @ 18:25:36
Maciej Garstka
specific to pea, bean and rye 2009-03-19 @ 15:00:42

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