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New antibodies and kits

Antibodies to seed storage proteins:

ALEU | Thiol protease aleurain

12S seed storage protein CRC

2S3P | 2S seed storage protein 3

2S3M | 2S seed storage protein 3 (2S3 Albumin)

Oil bodies:

OLE1 | Oleosin 18.5 kDa

OLE2 | Oleosin 21.2 kDa

Antibodies to proteins involved in nitrogen metabolism:

ASN | Glutamine-dependent asparagine synthetase

BG1 | Beta-glucosidase 1

Fd-GOGAT | Ferredoxin-dependent Glutamate synthase

Antibodies to proteins involved in stress response:

CLO3 | Caleosin-3

Delta-VPE | Vacuolar-processing enzyme delta-isozyme

Glutamine synthetase (leaf,root)

GltBD | NADPH-dependent glutamate synthase


PBP1 | PYK10-binding protein 1 (N-terminal)

PBP1 | PYK10-binding protein 1 (C-terminal)

Antibodies to membrane transport system: ER, Golgi, vacuole

MEB1 | Membrane protein of ER body 1

MEB2 | Membrane protein of ER body 2

NAI2 TSA1-like protein

NAI2 TSA1-like protein, C-terminal

PYK10 (C-terminal)

PYK10 (internal)

RHD3 | Protein Root Hair Defective 3 (N-terminal)

TGG1 | Myrosinase 1 ( BGL38)

TGG2 | Myrosinase 2 ( BGL37)

VPS35 | Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 35B

VPS29 | Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 29

VSR1 | Vacuolar-sorting receptor 1

Antibodies to ferredoxins:

collection of antibodies to plant ferredoxins

Ferredoxin, apicoplast (Plasmodium falciparum)

Antibodies to proteasome and autophagy

Other antibodies:

SiR | Sulfite reductase [ferredoxin], chloroplastic

PGDH3 | Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase 3 (chloroplastic)

50 % off chosen anti-tag antibodies

Sets of discounted antibodies:

Tag Antibody Set (Cas9/HA/LUC/C-YFP/N-YFP)

Oxidative Stress Antibodies Set | 5 antibodies

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