Antibody promotions

  • 20% discount on all photosynthesis antibodies (click here for more info)

    • The most comprehensive collection on the market
    • Available off-the-shelf today
    • Antibodies for thousands of plant and algal species
    • Supported by a strong publication record

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    Valid April-June 2024

Detection reganents promotion

  • 15% discount on all detection reagents (click here for more info)

    Agrisera chemiluminescent detection reagents for Western blot and ELISA (new reagent) are developed using unique chemistry with low pico to mid femtogram and extreme low femto detection levels and offer increased stability, 24 month shelf life and superior lot-to-lot consistency at a very competitive price. Agrisera TMB based substrate offers extreme sensitivity for microwell application.

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    Valid January-June 2024

  • 10% discount on all directly conjugated primary antibodies (click here for more info)

    The Western blot technique has many steps, and often the whole procedure may require several hours before result can be recorded. An enzyme, like alkaline phosphatase (ALP) or horse radish peroxidase (HRP), or a fluorescent dye, like DyLight®, attached directly to a primary antibody allows shortening of the protocol by many incubation steps. Incubation with a secondary antibody and washes are to be omitted when directly conjugated primary antibodies are used. This approach is recommended for detection of proteins of high and moderate expression. Agrisera's collection of directly conjugated primary antibodies to various plant and algal proteins.

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    Valid January-December 2024