Ordering & Shipping

Agrisera ships antibodies internationally by DHL Express and FedEx.

W-8BEN-E certificate

How to order

Please note that customers in the UK/Ireland, Israel and Russia must place their orders through Agrisera's exclusive distributors for these countries.

Please provide the following information when ordering by email/fax:

  • Product code, product name, quantity
  • Purchase order number (PO)
  • Delivery and Invoice addresses
  • Contact name and email address
  • VAT/Tax identification number (EU customers only)
  • For non-EU customers: corporate registration number or equivalent

Finding product information and placing an order

Please watch the video above for a walkthrough on finding product information and placing an order online. If you are only interested in placing an order, you may skip between time stamps 0:15 and 0:59.

General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shipping information
    • Delivery time
      Shipping time is 1-2 business days within the EU, 4-5 business days worldwide
      In-stock antibodies are shipped within 1 business day from when the order is registered
    • Courier services
      DHL Express or FedEx
      Agrisera does not cover custom duties and taxes
    • Shipping form
      Most Agrisera antibodies are lyophilized and shipped at ambient temperature
  • Payment information
    • Online
      Payment can be made by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) at the checkout page when placing your order, or after the order has been placed here.
    • Invoice payment – net 20 days*
      • By credit card
        Please include the invoice number as reference
      • By bank transfer
        Account holder: Agrisera aktiebolag
        International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
        For payments in EUR: SE42 9190 0000 0919 56962028
        For payments in USD: SE20 9190 0000 0919 56962036
        For payments in SEK: SE92 9190 0000 0919 56962001
        S.W.I.F.T. code (address): DNBASESX
        Bank name: DNB Bank ASA
        Bank address: DNB Bank ASA, SE-105 88 Stockholm, Sweden
        Please include the invoice number as reference. Bank charges are not covered by Agrisera
      • We do not accept checks as a payment option.

    *If payment is not made within 20 days from the date of dispatch, customers will be charged late payment fees.
    The late payment fee is 20 EUR per week of actual delay, as of the invoice due date.

  • Pricing information
    • Pricing policy
      Price list updated once a year (January). All prices are set in EUR
      USD rate is adjusted every three months. All prices presented on our website are valid
    • Delivery cost
      Courier service: 50 EUR (DHL or FedEx)
      Courier service on customer's courier account, handling fee: 25 EUR (DHL or FedEx). Please provide your courier account number!
      For customers in Japan, South America, Central America and Mexico: 85 EUR by DHL using Agrisera's courier account
  • US Orders
    Agrisera ships orders daily with FedEx and DHL to the US.

    Pricing in USD can easily be accessed by choosing USD as the currency in the converter at the top of the page ("Choose currency").
  • What are customs duties and taxes?

    Customers outside the European Union
    Customs duties are added to imported goods at point of entry. The principle behind this is to match the cost of the imported product to the cost of an equivalent product manufactured domestically. This is to regulate market prices and protect industries, and is managed by the OECD.

    Depending on the country (and sometimes state/area of said country) in which you reside, imported goods may be subject to taxes. These are enforced according to the laws of your country, and collected by your government/state. As such, these are not imposed or charged by the exporter (Agrisera), nor the country in which the exporter is registered (Sweden), and thus not stated on the invoice.

    For goods shipped by courier companies, such as DHL and FedEx, duties and taxes owed to the border services of your country, are paid by the courier company on your behalf. The courier company will subsequently charge you this cost.

    Unless specifically exempted (as for some universities), you must pay taxes on items you import according to the laws of your country. Import taxes vary for each country, and some countries have entered into free trade agreements, as for example the member states of the European Union (see below).

    If you have questions about the import laws and fees of your country, please contact your local customs or government office.

    Customers within the European Union
    Customs duties do not apply to purchases within the EU.

    Agrisera is based in Sweden, which has been part of the EU since 1995. Value Added Tax (VAT) should not be added to sales between companies within the EU, if the buyer has a valid VAT number. Please note that EU customers cannot place an order without a valid VAT number (i.e. must be a VAT-registered business/institution). Only for customers within Sweden will VAT be added by Agrisera to the final order sum. More information can be found here.

  • Do I need an import permit?
    Customers outside the EU
    In most cases, you will not need a permit to import the goods that Agrisera provides. However, some agencies may require other licenses, permits, or certifications (see TSCA, for US customers only).

    Exception: All customers in Australia and New Zealand must provide an import permit to Agrisera prior to the goods being shipped.

    Customers within the EU
    No licenses, permits or certifications needed.
  • What is a TSCA form? (United States only)

    Agrisera goods do not contain chemicals under the United States Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). However, in some cases, US customs need a TSCA form to be filled in. In such cases, an empty form will be provided to you by the courier company.

    Agrisera products are not subject to TSCA, and the certification should thus be a negative one ("I certify that all chemicals in this shipment are not subject to TSCA"). The information needed beyond the negative certification is the importer's name, phone number, email address and signature, as well as a short description of the products (as specified in the form).

    The TSCA form must be filled in and submitted by the importer (customer). A TSCA form provided by the exporter (Agrisera) will not be accepted. More information can be found here.

  • What is the HS code for Agrisera products?

    HS codes, also known as customs tariff numbers, are used to classify products for customs. This information is provided by the exporter (Agrisera) in the customs declaration (only applicable for exports to countries outside of the EU). All Agrisera products fall under the HS code 38220090. Depending on the country in which you reside, variants of this code may apply: 3822009000, 382200, 3822001090.

  • What is my corporate registration number?
    Due to new regulations, Agrisera requires a unique identification number assigned by the state, identifying your company/institution before dispatching orders to said entity. For customers in EU member states, the VAT number for your company/instituion will suffice. For customers in countries outside of the EU, valid identification is e.g. corporate or tax registration numbers.

    Below is a list of examples of valid identification numbers.

    Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    Federal Identification Number (FEIN)
    Data Universal Numbering System number (DUNS number)
    Company Tax Identification Number (TIN)

    Unified Social Credit Number (USCN), 统一社会信用代码

    Business Identification Number (BIN)

    Corporate number, 法人番号

    RFC number, Clave del Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (Clave del R.F.C)

    Unique Entity Number (UEN)

    South Africa
    Enterprise Registration Number

    South Korea
    Business Registration Number, 사업자등록증
  • Why exclusive distributors?
    Our exclusive distributors ensure safe and timely delivery of the items you order. These distributors have great knowledge of the customs clearance and import laws of their countries, which prevents prolonged and complicated import processes. Any potential difference in the prices of certain items, as compared to those on our website, is to cover e.g. customs fees and the logistics necessary for import into your country.

    Agrisera has exclusive distributors in the UK/Ireland, Israel and Russia. Their contact information can be found here.