Agrisera Antibody publication record

Agrisera antibodies can be found in thousands of scientific publications and have a publication record since 1990.

A list of chosen references can be found here.

Agrisera's Global antibody product range has a very broad reactivity. Peptides used to elicit these antibodies are conserved in thousands of plant and algal species.
2018-05-18 @ 10:19:29

Z-Scheme of Electron Transport in Photosynthesis

The updated, educational Z-Scheme has been prepared by Dr Dmitry Shevela, Professor Lars Olof Björn and Professor Govindjee.

It is available for download or can be send by Agrisera as a hard copy. Request one today!
2018-04-22 @ 07:30:43

Agrisera Western Blot lecture

On the 23rd of March Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund held a lecture for Erasmus students within a course on Protein Separation Methods and Analytical Techniques (5KE171) at the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Sweden.

Thank you for your attention, questions and discussion.
2018-03-27 @ 15:35:57

Agrisera attended the BIO-Europe Spring 2018 conference in Amsterdam, March 12-14.
It was a well-organized meeting including discussions with potential collaboration partners, interesting company presentations and a company exhibition. We enjoyed our stay in Amsterdam with many interesting meetings and discussion.
2018-03-21 @ 15:56:31

Agrisera at Dabringhausen meeting

Between 20-23rd of February Agrisera was participating in 31st Molecular Biology of Plants Meeting in Dabringhausen in Germany. In the remote location and beautiful setting, the days were filled with exciting lectures, poster sessions and interesting discussions. Thank you all who stopped by Agrisera display, participated in our quiz and asked all the questions. We appreciate it!
2018-02-23 @ 09:11:54

Agrisera visit to Umeå University, February 2018

On the 13th of February Agrisera visited the Molecular Biology department at Umeå University with a traditional Swedish "semletårta".  We were happy to offer Agrisera anti-tag antibodies at 50 % discount. For details check here.

Thank you all who came by to talk to us and enjoy this cake together with us!
2018-02-15 @ 08:54:16

Agrisera on 1st artic meeting on tuberculosis

Between 25th and 26th of January, Agrisera participated and supported the 1st Artic Meeting on Clinical Tuberculosis. Thank you for coming by with questions and interesting suggestions.
Agrisera supports research on tuberculosis with catalog antibodies as well as offers custom antibody development services.
2018-02-04 @ 10:00:06

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2018

Arctic clinical tuberculosis meeting, 25.01-26.01, Umeå, Sweden
Molecular Biology of Plants, 20.02-23.02, Dabringhausen, Germany
The Mycotoxin Forum, 12.03-14-03, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Umeå Cell Biology Symposium, 30.05-31.05, Umeå, Sweden
Pivotal Links, partnering meeting, 19.06-20.06, Oxford, UK
Plant Biology Europe, 18.06-21.06, Copenhagen, Danmark
1st European Congress on Photosynthesis Research (ePS-1), 25.06-28.06, Uppsala, Sweden
International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR), 25.06-29.06, Turku, Finland
ASPB Plant Biology, 14.07-18.07, Montreal, Canada
International Plant Molecular Biology, 5.08-10.08, Mont Peulier, France
Umea Plant Science Day, 6.09-7.09, Umeå, Sweden
Medica 2018, 12.11-15.11, Dusseldorf, Germany

Meetings which are going to be supported by Agrisera in 2018

The 27th Annual Western Photosynthesis Conference, 4.01-7.01, Oracle, Arizona, USA
The 35th Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference, 4.05-6.05, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
Target of rapamycin (TOR) signalingin photosynthetic organisms in photosynthetic organisms, 15.05-19.05, Bischoffsheim, France
Advanced imaging of cellular processes in vitro and in vivo, 25.05-27.05, Stockholm University, Sweden
The 18th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, 17.06-21.06, Carnegie, USA
Plant Molecular Biology Meeting, 4.07-7.07, Salamanca, Spain
13th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference (ENFC), 18.08-21.08, Stockholm, Sweden
International Association for Plant Biology Congress, 19.08-24.08, Dublin, Irland
The 6th European Workshop on Peptides and Receptors Signalling in Plants, 5.09-7.09, Málaga, Spain
1st international Plant Systems Biology meeting (iPSB), 10.10-14.10, Roscoff, France
Neuroscience 2018, 12.11-15.11, San Diego, USA

Read more about coming plant science conference on CiteAb blog or check EPSO plant meeting calendar.
2018-01-02 @ 19:27:29


Have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!

Please note that during the Christmas holiday Agrisera last shipment day is going to be the 22nd of December.

You are welcome to send your orders to or place them directly on-line during that time as we will maintain e-mail communication and technical support. 

Shipments will resume on the 2nd of January 2018. If you are going to be away from the office, please specify when you would like to receive your order.

We wish you all the best in 2018!
Agrisera Team
2017-12-21 @ 15:46:39

Agrisera JulFika

In the middle of December Agrisera visited three institutions at Umeå University for a traditional Swedish "julfika" with saffran cake and gingerbread. We visited the Department of Molecular Biology, the Department of Medical Biosciences and the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Thank you to all for coming by to meet us!
2017-12-21 @ 15:24:55

Agrisera UPSC Prize 2017

Anna Gustavsson received the UPSC Agrisera Prize 2017 for her contribution to promote cell biology research at UPSC (Umeå Plant Science Centre). Announcement was done during the Christmas lunch.
This year's winner contributed  to develop and improve UPSC confocal laser scanning microscopy/macroscopy platform and the platform services as well as helped to improve work environment at UPSC. Her work was supported by Agrisera products, however this was not required criteria for the nomination.

The UPSC Agrisera Prize is awarded every year to a PhD student, Postdoc or technitian at UPSC for outstanding scientific achievement and contributions to improve the UPSC working environment. This year the prize was presented by Linn Fransson and Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera and by the chair of the UPSC Catherine Bellini.

From left to right: Linn Fransson (Agrisera), Anna Gustavsson, Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund (Agrisera), Catherine Bellini (Chair of the UPSC board); photo: Anne Honsel
2017-12-13 @ 05:57:55

Agrisera cake

With a delicious cake from a local bakery, Agrisera staff celebrated high publication record of Agrisera antibodies, which makes us even closer to take the lead in Antibodies for Plant Science. At the moment Agrisera provides 1000 validated antibodies and kits for research on plant and algal cell biology. Our products cover antibodies with reactivity to a broad species range and so called "global antibodies", where, one antibody can be used on species including higher plants, trees, mosses, algae and cyanobacteria.
2017-12-04 @ 09:43:22

Agrisera on Citeab blog

Last report, from the UK based company CiteAB, which is the world's largerst antibody search engine, with results ranked by citations, revealed that Agrisera is in the top of companies providing antibodies for research in plant science. CiteAB team analyzed citation data from 2012 to 2017, which means 1800 citations for 850 antibodies and 36 suppliers of antibodies for plant science. The research which is supported by 60 % fewer suppliers compare to other areas and 94 % fewer antibodies. Agrisera scored as a second supplier taking 20.06 % of citation share, just behind Abcam (20.64 %). You can read a complete CiteAB post here.

We are celebrating this achivement at Agrisera as it is reflecting years of our hard and steady work, to supply plant science community with reliable selection of antibodies.
An overview of references where Agrisera antibodies are used, can be found here.
2017-11-25 @ 07:44:20

western blot seminar at Adam Mickiewicz University

On 25th of September Agrisera held antibody production and western blot trouble shooting seminar at Adam Mickiewicz University, Department of Biology, Poznań, Poland. Thank you to all of you who attended, for very valuable questions and discussions.
2017-10-16 @ 09:27:30

Agrisera on BT 2017

Between 17th and 21st of September Agrisera participated in International Plant Science Conference, the Botanikertagung 2017 held in Kiel, Germany. It was overwhealming to meet all Agrisera product users. Thank you for such a great participation in Agrisera quiz and western blot workshop. It was a very fruitful meeting for Agrisera. 
2017-09-21 @ 10:34:33

50 years of plant science in Umeå
Between 21st and 23rd of August Agrisera participated in 50 years of plant science symposium which took place at KBC building at Umeå University. The symposium was divided into three days which described past-presence-future of plant research in Umeå. It was an amazing journey with many invited guests and speakers. Thank you all who participated in Agrisera quiz about most popular antibodies developed in collaboration with researchers at UPSC. Thank you all who stopped by to talk. We are happy for all years of fruitful collaboration with Umeå Plant Science Centre!
2017-08-24 @ 13:19:12

Agrisera on 27th SPPS congress

Between 16th-18th of August Agrisera participated in Nordic Plant Biology days 2017 - 27th SPPS Congress, which gathered researchers from whole Scandinavia. Presentations gave a very good picture of plant biology research in Scandinavia. Thank you all who participated in Agrisera: Win a free antibody quiz and all who came by to talk, share their experience and ideas. It was a great meeting to attend to!
2017-08-21 @ 09:11:53

ASPB Plant Biology 2017

Agrisera attended this year's annual ASPB Plant Biology meeting in Honolulu (HI), July 24 - 28.
Researchers from across the world gathered to share and take part of the latest research and development in plant science.
We enjoyed a well-organized conference and many interesting discussions.

Thank you all who came by our booth, sharing your experiences and suggesting new ideas for the future.
2017-07-17 @ 15:12:54

Agrisera on ICAR 2017

28th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR)
was held at the Hyatt St Louis Arch, an excellent venue for a meeting. Good food, good music and good science were on tap for this core group of plant (and algal) researchers. Thank you to all who came by Agrisera booth.

Agrisera's photosynthetic poster can be downloaded here.
2017-07-17 @ 07:40:13

Agrisera is going to be present on the following conferences this summer:

International Conference of Arabidopsis Research (ICAR), BOOTH 9

American Society of Plant Biology Annual Meeting, BOOTH 208

Nordic Plant Biology days 2017 - 27th SPPS Congress, Naantali, Finland

50 years of plant research, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden

and take part in Agrisera "Win a free antibody" quiz!

Agrisera on conferences summer 2017

We are looking forward to meeting you!
2017-06-12 @ 08:07:44

Agrisera on Rooting 2017

Between 29th of May and 1st of June, Agrisera participated in Rooting 2017 conference in Umeå. Thank you for interesting discussions, participation in Agrisera antibody quiz and all questions regarding western blot trouble shooting. Agrisera poster with: Tips and tricks for antibody production and western blot, can be found here. Winner of Agrisera antibody quiz is going to be announced soon.
2017-06-05 @ 11:18:28

Western blot incubation of few primary antibodies at the same time

Simultaneous immunodetection of ATPB (AS05 085), LHCSR3 (AS14 2766) and COXIIB (AS06 151) in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii whole cell extracts. Whole cell extracts (30 µg protein) were loaded on Biorad 4-20% Criterion TGX Precast Mini protein gels. Gels were run at 85V. For electro-blotting wet transfer onto nitrocellulose membrane was performed (105 V for 1h). Overnight blocking with 5% milk in TBST in the cold room. Sequential 2h-long incubation with mixed primary antibodies each at a dilution of 1:20 000 in TBS-t., followed by incubation with anti-rabbit antibody and development with ECL. Image was taken using Chemidoc MP Imaging system.
Lane from the left: samples from dim light; Lane to the right: samples after 4h at 250 µmol photons m-2 s-1.

Courtesy of Msc. Angeliki Tsichla, Petroutsos and Finazzi lab, CEA Grenoble, France

Primary antibodies of similar titer and made in the same host can be used in simultaneous western blot.
2017-04-24 @ 14:33:17

Agrisera Plant Antibody Catalog 2017

Discover over 1000 antibodies for plant and algal resarch. New Plant Antibody 2017 catalog is filled with validated and ready to use antibodies to speed up your research. Agrisera antibodies have a broad reactivity range, from model species like: Arabidopsis thaliana | Chlamydomonas reinhardtii | Cyanobacteria | Diatoms | Hordeum vulgare | Nicotiana tabacum | Physcomitrella patens | Populus sp. | Solanum lycopersicum | Spinacia oleracea | Triticum sp. | Zea mays | Sorghum bicolor  to many more listed HERE. Agrisera antibodies are also very well cited in scientific publications and many of our antibodies were serving scientific community for over a decade.
2017-03-24 @ 10:25:56


On the 28th of February Agrisera visited the Molecular Biology department at Umeå University with a traditional Swedish "semletårta".
Thank you all who came by to enjoy this cake together with us!

2017-03-06 @ 09:42:11

Agrisera on UREM 2017

Between 14th and 17th of February Agrisera participated in Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting, UREM, organized by Umeå University, SLU and KBC institutions. Sessions covered topics from natural, artificial photosynthesis, material technology and biorefinement. Agrisera photosynthetic poster was very popular and attracted attention. Thank you to all who stopped by for a chat. 
2017-02-17 @ 11:24:54

Using standard secondary antibodies, which recognize the heavy and light-chain of the primary antibodyused in Western Blot application to detect immunoprecipitated samples will always result in two bands (the heavy-chain at 50kDa and the light-chain at 25kDa). This can often interefere with target proteins we aim to visualize. Therefore: 

If the protein you aim to detect in Western blot following immunoprecipiitation with an antibody has a molecular weight ~50 kDa anti-Rabbit light chain specific antibody should be used.

If the protein of interest is ~25 kDa, an anti-rabbit IgG Fc specific antibody such as: Goat anti-Rabbit IgG Fc, HRP conjugated, min. cross-reactivity to bovine horse or human serum proteins

Good luck with your research!
2017-02-16 @ 10:12:49

In the middle of December Agrisera visited Umeå University for a traditional Swedish "julfika".
We visited Umeå Plant Science Center,  the Department of Medical Biosciences, the Department of Molecular biology,
and the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Thank you all for coming by to meet us!
2016-12-24 @ 13:56:32

Agrisera Award 2016

During the traditional Umeå Plant Science Centre Christmas lunch Dr. Siamsa Doyle was awarded with 2016 UPSC Agrisera Prize for her scientific input to unravel new functions of the endomembrane system and her contribution to improve the UPSC work environment. Siamsa’s collaborative approach has not only resulted in several publications in high ranking journals, but it was also instrumental in science popularization and organization of technical seminars. Moreover, her outstanding involvement in the working environment and her diplomacy have made employment process at UPSC transparent and led to improvements in information flow around the institute. The diploma and flowers were handed in by Prof. Catherine Bellini, Chairman of UPSC board and Dr. Malgorzata Wessels from Agrisera.

2016-12-15 @ 15:29:41

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2017

Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting, Umeå, Sweden

Root2017, 29.05-1.06, Umeå, Sweden

International Conference of Arabidopsis Research (ICAR), 19.06-23.06, St. Louis, U.S.A.

American Society of Plant Biology Annual Meeting, 24.06-28.06, Honolulu, U.S.A.

Nordic Plant Biology days 2017 - 27th SPPS Congress, Naantali, Finland

50 years of plant research, Umeå Plant Science Centre, 21.08-23.08, Umeå, Sweden

Germany International Congress of the German Society of Botanists, 17.09-21.09, Kiel, Germany 

Meetings which are going to be supported by Agrisera in 2017

26th Western Photosynthesis Conference (WPC2017), 5.01-8.01, USA

Molecular biology of plants, 21.02-24.02, Dabringhausen, Germany

Plant autophagy: Improving crop and energy production, 23.03-24.03, Madrid, Spain

National Conference on Biotechology and Environment, 10.04-11.04, New Dehli, India

ERPC 34rd Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference, 28.04-30.04, Woods Hole, USA

Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge, 14.05-18.05, Denver, USA

Spanish Plant Physiology Society Annual Meeting, 26.06-29.06, Barcelona, Spain

SEB Annual Meeting, 3.07-6.07, Gothenburg, Sweden

GRC conference: Photosynthetic Plasticity: From the Environment to Synthetic Systems, 16.07-21.07, Sunday River Newry, ME, USA

Molecular control of flower development, 3.09-7.09, Italy

N-term 2017: Proteostasis via the N-terminus, 11.09-13.09, Halle, Germany

8th conference of the Polish Society of Experimental Biology, 12-09-16.09, Białystok, Poland

Cologne Excellent Women in Science International Symposium, 5.10-6.10, Cologne, Germany

Photosynthesis and hydrogen energy research for sustainability, 30.10-4.11, Hyderbad, India
2016-11-15 @ 14:08:27

Agrisera antibody production and western blot workshop

On Friday 11th of November Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera conducted a Skype workshop for students from Leibniz-Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops in Germany. The workshop was focused on basics of successful antibody production and western blot trouble shooting. Many practical tips were given to support optimization of western blot technique and antibody validation. One of attendees provided following comment: "There were many things which were new to us. I hope we can now improve our Western Blot skills with the newly gained knowledge! Thanks a lot for your workshop!

To book Agrisera Skype Workshop about antibody production and western blot, please contact:
2016-11-14 @ 17:15:35

PSL Alliance member

Agrisera is celebrating membership in PSL Alliance offered by Pivotal Scientific Ltd - an international biotechnology consultancy dedicated to helping companies worldwide, grow sales and brand awareness. PSL Alliance helped us to find interesting collaboration partners, distributors and gave valuable insights into antibody market. Utilising their in-depth industry knowledge and network they will help your business grow by supporting you at all stages of the business life cycle. Their goal is to be a “one-stop shop” offering a portfolio of services that biotech companies can pick and choose to suit their growth strategies.
2016-10-07 @ 18:01:14

Agrisera in Labtimes 2016

After 10 years since an article about Agrisera ("Is there an antibody out there?"), there is time to write about us again!
You will find the article on page 48 of this special issue.
2016-09-18 @ 07:55:36

Agrisera on INPPO meeting Bratislava 2016

Between 4.09 and 8.09 Agrisera participate in 2nd International Plant Proteomics Organization world congress held in Bratislava, Slovakia. We were delighted to meet Agrisera old customers and collaborating partners which resulted in many valuable disussions and suggestions. Agrisera technical poster about antibody production and western blot trouble shooting received quite a lot of attention and is available here. Thank you so much for such a friendly atmosphere and very good organization!
2016-09-16 @ 10:51:47

Agrisera on PS17

Between 7th and 12th of August Agrisera participated in The 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research in Maastricht. We are delighted to meet users of Agrisera photosynthetic antibodies  and collaboration partners. Our days were filled with discussions about antibodies and western blot technique as Agrisera had a poster: Tips and tricks for antibody production and validation process, how to obtain good results, which attracted a lot of attention. We gave away hundreds of copies of Oxygenic Photosynthesis poster, prepared by prof. Govindjee and Dr. Shevela, which was given away signed by prof. Govindjee. It was a very popular poster indeed! You are welcome to request both posters as printed copy or down load it from our website.
2016-08-15 @ 08:39:55

Agrisera an associated partner in SE2B consortium

Agrisera is an associated partner of SE2B project: "Solar Energy to Biomass – Optimisation of light energy conversion in plants and microalgae" which received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 675006. The goal of SE2B network is to train young researchers to work at the edge of innovations that shape the bio-based economy. The programme will continue until March 2020.
2016-08-14 @ 21:58:53

Agrisera at PGRP 2016

Agrisera attented the 10th Post-trancriptional Gene Regulation in Plants (PGRP) meeting in Austin,
Texas, July 14-15. This was a very well organized meeting, with inspiring talks and posters from
different fields of gene regulation at the post-transcriptional level.

Thank you all for interesting discussions and for contributing to antibody ideas for the future!
2016-08-01 @ 16:29:43

Agrisera at ASPB plant science meeting 2016Austin
Plantbio 2016

Agrisera attended the ASPB Plant Biology 2016 meeting in Austin, Texas, July 9 - 13. This is the annual Plant Biology meeting – powered by the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). Agrisera staff was accompanied by Christopher Brown, our long time collaboration partner from Environmental Proteomics. We would like to thank everyone who attented and organized the conference, and a special thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth.
We would also like to thank Cedarlane, also exhibiting at the ASPB conference. It was a pleasure meeting you and we appreciate your dedicated work as a distributor of Agrisera antibodies

2016-07-28 @ 16:47:54

Oxygenic Photosynthesis Poster 2016

In preparation to 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis in Maastricht 2016, Agrisera sponsored printout of Oxygenic Photosynthesis Poster 2016, designed by Dr. Dmitry Shevela and prof. Govindjee. To request your printed copy, e-mail us or come to Agrisera booth during the congress.

2016-07-26 @ 07:21:36

Agrisera on EPSO/FESPB 2016 meeting

Between 26-30 of June Agrisera was participating in EPSO/FESPB 2016 Congress, which gathered over 910 scientists from 56 countries in a conference venue of Clarion Hotel in Prague. Agrisera poster about antibody production and western blot trouble shooting was displaued in a poster session: Protein World. Thank you so much for coming by to Agrisera table to talk about antibodies which you use, provide with suggestions about new antibodies and share your technical tips. Agrisera poster can be send to laboratories which would like to use it as educational material. It can be requested here.
2016-07-20 @ 08:35:00

Agrisera attended this year’s International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR) taking place from the 29
th of June to the 3rd of July in Gyeongju, South Korea. It was a well-organized conference with about 1000 participants and many good discussions took place at our booth. We were joined by Kelly Kim from Leehyo Bioscience, our distributor in South Korea.
Thank you all who came by and shared your experience with Agrisera antibodies and suggested ideas for new antibodies for plant research.

2016-07-08 @ 11:00:54

On 22nd of June Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera visited Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Wissenschaftspark, Golm, Germamy. She was a guest of Dr. Stephan Greiner. Dr. Joanna gave a seminar entitled: Tips and tricks of antibody production and validation process, how to obtain good results? attended by many scientists who are working with antibodies and western blot technique. Thank you to all who participated, thank you for all questions and thank you to my excellent host Dr. Griner. 
2016-06-26 @ 12:07:33

USA flag

Agrisera now have a stock of products for faster shipping to US customers. For more information and a list of products, please click here!

2016-06-14 @ 11:31:19

Agrisera on UPSC days 2016

On 30 and 30.05 Agrisera joined Umeå Plant Science Centre days in Umeå. Over 100 researchers attended with very interesting talks covering research at the centre and posters. Agrisera poster about antibody production and western blot trouble shooting was included in a technical session. It describes antibody production flow as well as presents a protocol for not working or unknown antibodies. If you are interested to receive a copy of this poster, please contact us!
2016-06-03 @ 12:02:23

Earlier in May, Agrisera visited BioCentrum at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, Sweden.
Uppsala BioCentrum is a cluster of five departments, and research within the fields of Plant Biology, Plant Pathology, Food Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Chemistry is conducted there.

Thank you all who came by to meet us
2016-05-29 @ 20:14:07

Rapid Western Blotting with IncuBlocker

This is a solution to save YOUR time.

Agrisera's IncuBlocker will shorten western blot protocol by several hours. The key is that blocking, primary and secondary antibody incubations are ALL done in one step!

As you see on the image above standard protocol can be shortened considerably. In this example, primary antibody incubation can be shortened to 30 minutes time, which combined with blocking and secondary antibody incubations all taking place during those 30 minutes, gives a considerable time saving. Not to mention the cost. This kit contains blocking reagent and secondary anti-rabbit IgG antibody, HRP conjugated for chemiluminescent detection. It is suitable for work with primary antibodies of high titer, against medium and high abundancy proteins. IncuBlocer can be combined with Agrisera Enhanced ECL of high sensitivity detection. Interested to receive a free sample? Please inquire.
2016-05-13 @ 11:42:07

On 21st of April Dr. Anna Gustavsson from Umeå Plant Science Centre presented at Agrisera a technical seminar about immunolocalization methods tips and tricks. Anna works daily with immunolocalization of various proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana roots using confocal laser scanning microsope. Her experience covers not only plant but also mammalian tissues. She shared with Agrisera staff many insights into immunolocalization procedure.
Thank you very much for this valuable technical seminar.

The image below is showing why pre-immune serum screening is of crucial importantce before starting custom antibody production. Serum from some animals may not be suitable at all due to increased background levels already before immunization is started.

Why is preimmune serum screening important to do

Prescreening for suitable rabbits for antibody production for immunofluorescence of plants. Preserum of 10 different rabbits were screened by immunofluorescence of 5-day old roots of Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Col-0 (WT). The preserum were diluted to 1:500 and 1:2500 and the secondary antibody, CY5-coupled donkey anti-rabbbit (Jackson ImmunoResearch) was diluted 1:300. Rabbit anti-KNOLLE at a dilution of 1:4000 (Lauber MH et al. 1997. J Cell Biol 139: 1485–1493) was used as a positive control and incubation with secondary antibody without primary was used as a negative control.

Courtesy of Dr. Anna Gustavsson and Prof. Markus Grebe, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden
2016-05-04 @ 05:41:47

Agrisera antibodies are also reactive to industrial plant species like , cottonn, sorghum and sugar cane. Complete lists of Agrisera antibodies with predicted and confirmed reactivity to those species can be found following links below:

Antibodies to sorghum proteins
Saccharum sp.
Antibodies to sugar cane proteins
Gossypium sp.
Antibodies to cotton proteins

2016-05-02 @ 12:17:02

Agrisera supports Spanish Plant Hormone Symposium

Agrisera supported XIVth Symposium on Metabolism and Mode of Action of Plant Hormones, which took place between 13th and 15th of April In Valencia, Spain. Even though we could not attend in person, Agrisera catalogs were on display as well as plant hormones flyer describing which antibodies and ELISA kits to plant hormones are available from Agrisera. We would like to thank you Dr. David Alabadi for making Agrisera support possible.
2016-04-26 @ 12:54:05

Agrisera antibodies are listed on various portals, one of them is Labome, the portal which established Validated Antibody Database recently:

Antibodies form an essential part of the immune defence against microbes and have been explored as therapeutics and diagnostics due to their ability to bind proteins and non-proteins specifically and with high affinity. In clinical and research laboratories, antibodies are an indispensible tool for detecting, quantitating, and isolating proteins and other moieties in cells, tissues, and body fluids. While antibodies used for therapeutics and clinical diagnosis are subject to stringent regulations by health authorities throughout the world, there are no standards or third-party quality controls for research antibodies.

Hundreds of biotech companies offer research antibodies, which are either polyclonal, monoclonal, or more recently, recombinant. However, the specificities of these antibody reagents do not always match scientists' expectations. An antibody might bind non-specific targets and might not be suitable for a specific application. Utilization of such an antibody often leads to false positive results. These misleading results can nullify important discoveries, discredit a research team and impede scientific progress. Academic journals have withdrawn articles presenting data based on non-specific antibodies, and poor antibody quality has been attributed as one of the causes for the irreproducibility of published discoveries.

In order to help alleviate this antibody quality and specificity problem, Labome sought to organize antibody applications cited in formal publications since 2008 and has developed Validated Antibody Database (VAD). VAD, a manually curated database, compiles commercial and non-commercial antibodies whose specificities and applications have been independently reported in published results from formal articles. In particular, VAD catalogues antibody applications validated in knockout studies. VAD version 2.2 contains 143357 entries of antibody applications from 38430 articles, covering 35146 antibody reagents from 110 high-quality suppliers. The database is updated every other month. VAD is freely accessible for online browsing at

2016-03-28 @ 09:57:50

Agrisera on UREM 2016

Between 24th and 25th of February Agrisera participated in Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting UREM 2016. The meeting gathered researchers from distant continents and with background in various disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology and physiology. Presentations and discussions were focused on how sunlight energy can be applied in production of fuels and carbone-based compounds. It was great to meet Agrisera collaborating partners again and thank you all who stopped by Agrisera table!
2016-02-26 @ 09:56:58

western blot Skype workshop by Agrisera

Agrisera offers a free workshop on antibody production and western blot, by Skype. At a time suitable for your research group.
Do not miss this opportunity to get to know useful details of antibody production process as well as western blot technique.
Specific examples of western blot optimization are shown and ideas for improvement of your results will be given.
Comment after the workshop given by one of participants: I did not know I could learn so much about western blot during one hour!

To book Agrisera Skype Workshop, please contact:
2016-02-15 @ 22:17:01

 Malgorzata WesselsPlant Cell cover 

Dr. Malgorzata Wessels (née Pietrzykowska) joined Agrisera Team in January 2016 to help us to grow plant and algal antibody collection.
She grew up in Bialystok, a city in east of Poland located nearby the last primeval forest of Europe. In 2004 she moved to do her masters’ studies to Torun, Poland. There she studied Biology with specialization in General and Molecular Biology at the Nicolaus Copernicus University and took a particular interest in Plant Sciences.

In 2008, Malgorzata’s scientific interest was awarded with an UREKA (Undergraduate Research Experience and Knowledge Award) Scholarship from the Science Foundation Ireland. This allowed her to perform an independent research project during at the University College Dublin (School of Biology and Environmental Sciences) in the group of Dr. Carl Ng. She established a method for obtaining of embryogenic callus and for the propagation of suspension cell cultures from a model temperate grass species namely Brachypodium distachyon.

In 2009 Malgorzata has defended her MSc project under the supervision of Dr. Justyna Wisniewska at Plant Physiology and Biotechnology Cathedra at Nicolaus Copernicus University. Her studies helped with defining the subcellular localization of auxin and its’ efflux carriers in proliferating and differentiating calli by applying confocal laser scanning microscopy and aseptic techniques for in vitro tissue cultures.

Malgorzata lives in Sweden since 2010, where she moved to pursue her scientific interest in the group of Prof. Stefan Jansson at the Umeå Plant Science Centre, a part of Umeå University. She performed her doctoral research, as an Early Stage Researcher in the Marie-Curie Research HARVEST Network funded by the European Research Council. The investigations that granted her a doctoral degree in 2015 concentrated on establishing the specific functions of the light harvesting proteins Lhcb1 and Lhcb2, the second most abundant proteins on Earth. Thesis: The roles of Lhcb1 and Lhcb2 in regulation of photosynthetic light harvesting. 

Recent publications:  
The Light-Harvesting Chlorophyll a/b Binding Proteins Lhcb1 and Lhcb2 Play Complementary Roles during State Transitions in Arabidopsis. (2014). Malgorzata Pietrzykowskaa, Marjaana Suorsa, Dmitry A. Semchonok, Mikko Tikkanen, Egbert J. Boekema, Eva-Mari Aro and Stefan Jansson. The Plant Cell; 
Very rapid phosphorylation kinetics suggest a unique role for Lhcb2 during state transitions in Arabidopsis. Claudia Leoni, Malgorzata Pietrzykowska, Anett Z. Kiss, Marjaana Suorsa, Luigi R. Ceci, Eva-Mari Aro, Stefan Jansson (2013). The Plant Journal;
2016-01-28 @ 10:28:48

Agrisera seminar in Plant Genetics Institute

On 8th of January Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera held a western blot seminar at Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Science in Poznń, Poland. 

Thank you to all who came, asked questions and showed interest. Good luck with your research!
2016-01-11 @ 11:34:41

On the 17th of December Agrisera visited three institutions at Umeå University for a traditional Swedish "julfika".
We visited the Department of Molecular biology, the Department of Medical Biosciences and the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Thank you all for coming by to meet us!

2015-12-21 @ 14:25:51

Agrisera seasons greetings 2015
2015-12-17 @ 09:11:53

Agrisera Award 2015

The 2015 Agrisera Travel Prize was awarded to Dr. Bo Zhang from Umeå Plant Science Centre for his scientific excellence and contribution to good working atmosphere at UPSC.  Dr. Zhang has used Agrisera products extensively in his work and his nomination was signed by multiple persons. In addition to being a posibive, bright and dependable person, DR. Zhang makes everyone working around him better by being available to this colleagues for scientific discussions.  The diploma and chocolate was handed out by prof. Catherine Bellini, Chairman of UPSC board and Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera.
2015-12-15 @ 18:58:54

Agrisera antibody production and western blot seminar at UPSC, autumn 2015

On 27th of November Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera held a western blot seminar at Umeå Plant Science Centre.

Thank you all for coming on this dark autumn afternoon to listen to our tips what is important to know when ordering a poly or monoclonal antibody production and antibodies should be validated. Thank you for all questions and I am looking forward to receive more of them in a future. Please do not hesitate to contact me when you encounter troubles with your western blots! With several years of western blot trouble shootings i may be able to help you!
2015-11-30 @ 09:59:05

Agrisera attended Medica 2015 in Düsseldorf, 16-19th of November. We had the opportunity to meet our distributors and other collaboration partners as well as establish new partnerships.
2015-11-25 @ 11:54:37

The KBC Days

On the 10th and 11th of November, Agrisera attended the 2015 KBC Days at Umeå University, Sweden. Around 300 members of the Chemical Biological Centre departments, as well as visitors and invited guests from other universities, attended this meeting. Thank you for two days filled with interesting presentations and great discussions!

The Biotechnology Days

Agrisera at the Bitechnology Days 2015 Agrisera at the Bitechnology Days 2015
On the 6th of November, Agrisera participated during the 2015 Biotechnology Days. This is a yearly event arranged by students for students, held at Umeå University this year. It is a possibility for students at Swedish universities to meet each other, and a chance to meet with companies working in the field of biotechnology.

Many thanks to all of you who came by to talk about biotechnology and antibodies with us!
2015-11-24 @ 16:16:32

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2016

Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting, 23.02-25.02, Umeå, Sweden

Plant Biology Europe 2016 Congress, 26.06-30.06, Prague, Czech Republic

27th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, 29.06-3.07, Gyeongju, Korea

Plant Biology 2016, 9.07-13.07, Texas, USA

Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants (PGRP), 14.07-15.07, Texas, USA

17th International Photosynthesis Congress (PS17), 7.08-12.08, Maastricht, The Netherlands

2nd INPPO World Congress 2016 organized by the International Plant Proteomics Organization (INPPO), 4.09-8.09, Bratislava, Slovakia

Meetings which are going to be supported by Agrisera in 2016

25th Western Photosynthesis Conference, 3.01-6.01, Devil's Thumb Ranch, Tabernash, Colorado, USA

29th Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants
, 23.02-26.02, Dabringhausen, Germany

Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference (ERPC), 8.04-10.04, Susquehanna University, USA

XIVth Symposium on Metabolism and Mode of Action of Plant Hormones, 13.04-15.04, Valencia, Spain

European Molecular Maize Meeting, 18.05-20.05, Hamburg, Germany

Finish Plant Science Days, 25-26.05, Turku, Finland

Norwegian Plant Biology 2016, 15.06-17.06, Trondheim, Norway

Plant Biotech 2016, 19.06-21.06 Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario

4th International Symposium on Plant Signaling & Behavior, 19.06-23.06, St. Petersburg, Russia

22nd International Plant Growth Sunstances Associaation meeting (IPGSA), 21.06-25.06, University of Toronto, Canada

Photosynthesis research for sustainability 2016, 19.06-25.06, Puschino, Russia

5th Pan-American Congress on Plants and BioEnergy, 4.08 - 7.08, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photosynthetic Electron and Proton Transport in Plants and Algae, 4.08-7-08, Arnhem, The Netherlands

4th European Workshop on Plant Peptide Signalling, 31.08-2.09, Alsace, France

Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting, 14.09-16.09, BOKU, Vienna, Austria

Transautophagy meeting, 6.10 -7.10, Warsaw, Poland

Plant proteostasis: towards a green based industry, Barcelona, Sepember, Spain

2015-11-19 @ 10:53:06

Atlas Antibodies

On October 20 Agrisera had a pleasure to host a visit of Atlas Antibodies, Swedish company which provides 18 000 highly validated antibodies for Human Proteome. The Human Protein Atlas started in 2003 led by Professor Mathias Uhlén as an effort to build up a complete immunohistochemistry map of human protein expression and localization in normal tissues, cancers and cell lines.


Agrisera supplies Atlas Antibodies with custom antibody production services and our fruitful collaboration dates many years back.

2015-10-23 @ 16:02:19

Peptide signalling meeting in Ghent 2015

Between 3rd and 5th of September Agrisera participated in 3rd Peptide Signalling Workshop in Ghent, Belgium. Meeting was held in the historical building of Ghent University: the "Pand" situated in the city center. Participants were representing over 15 countries and workshop program included even a 2 hour city tour as a break during one of the sessions. Thank you all who came by Agrisera table, discussed antibodies, informed us about very interesting adjustments of western blot protocol and gave their suggestions for new product development. Thank you also for participating in Agrisera talk about antibody production and western blot technique which seem to inspire to make adjustment in current western blot protocols. And yes, we do like to trouble shoot not working antibodies!
2015-09-11 @ 15:50:19


Follicum is developing a new pharmaceutical treatment for controlling hair growth. The first clinical studies in humans are planned to begin turn of the year 2015/2016, and intended to confirm the positive preclinical results of candidate drug FOL-005.

 Kancera focuses on pharmaceutical development of drug candidates based on new treatment. At present Kancera is primarily developing drugs for the treatment of leukemia and solid tumors.

2015-09-04 @ 15:48:37

Fareweĺl party for Cattis

Many of you must have been in touch with Agrisera Antibody Production Manager Cathrine. Our dear friend and colleague who with her incredible engagement served Agrisera customers during last 30 years. Yesterday we honoured Cathrine during the farewell party at Åbrånets Limousin. Cathrine, known also as "Cattis" always told us that her friends and colleagues are like flowers in a bouquet, everybody is different. Therefore she received from us a vase called "meadow" and everybody brought her a personal flower. We will miss her!
2015-08-28 @ 08:30:40

Agrisera on SPPS meeting 2015

Between 10th and 13th of August Agrisera participated in XXVIth Plant Biology Congress of Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society, which took place at Aula Magna of Stockholm University. It was a magnificient venue, where Nobel price talks in chemistry are taking place. Thank you all dear participants who stopped by and talked about your antibody requirements. It was a great pleasure to meet you all and we appreciate a possibility to do that. Please keep in mind a possibility for an antibody production and western blot workshop which is offered by Agrisera in person or by Skype. 
2015-08-14 @ 10:48:34

Agrisera on ASPB 2015

Between 26th and 30 of July Dr. Chris Brown was representing Agrisera on Plant Biology meeting. The ASPB this year in Minneapolis drew just over 1300 attendees. It was a wonderful mix of topics and disciplines, from ecological to molecular, and from basic research to applied and industrial. The undercurrent of global change, biotic and abiotic stress, and food security could be felt at this meeting. We were happy to be present and to support the meeting.To the many who dropped by our booth, we are excited to incorporate all of your feedback, help with your research problems and embark on some new projects with you.
2015-07-30 @ 15:49:14

Agrisera at PGRP Paris, France

Between the 10th and 11th of July, Agrisera attended the Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants conference held in
Paris, France. We enjoyed a well-organized conference with many excellent speakers, sharing their interesting research results. 
Agrisera also took part of lots of interesting results during the poster session, as well as presenting our poster about Compartment Markers

Thank you all who shared your experiences with Agrisera antibodies, raised interesting questions and suggested ideas for new antibodies for plant research!
2015-07-30 @ 09:56:10

Agrisera at ICAR 2015, in Paris
Between the 5th and 9th of July, Agrisera attended the annual International Conference on Arabidopsis Research in Paris.
Nearly 1000 researchers from across the world gathered to share their cutting edge results and interest in the model plant
Arabidopsis thaliana.

Thank you all who came by our booth, sharing your experiences of using Agrisera antibodies and suggesting new ideas.

2015-07-28 @ 14:56:02

A thank you card from students

One day we have received a very special thank you card from the Wheeler High School students which were supported by Agrisera with reagents and consulations time to complete their final lab.
Good luck for the future!!!
2015-07-27 @ 08:04:51

Agrisera on Biotic Stress Conference in Vienna

Between July 2nd and 4th Agrisera was participating in Plant Biotic Stress & Resistance Mechnism conference in Vienna organized by VISCEA.  It was great to learn about most recent advances in understanding and combating plant biotic stress and resistance mechanisms. Thank you all who came to Agrisera table. We do appreciate your input and comments to help us to develop Agrisera antibody collection.
2015-07-22 @ 06:07:16

Agrisera at GMI in Vienna

On 1st of July at 1 p.m. Agrisera hold an interactive workshop about antibody production and western blot trouble shooting at Gregor Mendel Institute in Vienna. Many thanks to Dr. Elwira Smakowska to organize it and thank you to all who came listened and asked many questions. We are always learning and are happy to share our knowledge!
2015-07-21 @ 22:51:36

Agrisera in Biotic Stress Conference in Vienna

Between 29th of June and July 1st Agrisera participated in a third Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance Conference in Vienna. Thank you all collaborating partners, old and new customers for coming by to Agrisera table with antibody questions, new ideas and suggestions which new antibodies to make in a future. It was a great time to talk with you and learn about your research. Thank you for participating in Agrisera workshop about Antibody Production and Western Blot Technique. We do hope it is going to be useful.
2015-07-20 @ 05:20:54

Agrisera attended the 4th European Workshop on Plant Chromatin,  taking place from 25th-26th of June in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference was well-organized with many excellent speakers who shared their interesting research results. We also enjoyed a wonderful conference dinner at Linné Garden.

Thank you all who came by and shared your experience with Agrisera antibodies and suggested ideas for new antibodies for plant science research!
2015-06-30 @ 11:29:13

Publishing record of Agrisera antibodies is growing. Our products are cited in vast amount of scientific publications including following journals:

PLoS One | Plant Physiol | Plant Cell | J Biol Chem | Plant Cell Physiol | Plant J | Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | Plant Cell Rep | J Exp Bot | Biochim Biophys Acta | BMC Plant Biol Physiol |Plant Nat Commun | PLoS Genet | Nucleic Acids Res | J Plant Physiol | Photosynth Res | FEBS Lett | Planta | Biochemistry | EMBO J | Genetics Mol Cell | Proteomics | Plant Mol Biol | PLoS Biol | J Proteome | Res Plant Methods | Plant Cell Environ | Methods Mol Biol | Mol Cell Biol | J Bacteriol | Gen Comp | Endocrinol Biochem | J Free Radic | Biol Med Proteomics | Proc Biol Sci | Nature Environ Pollut | J Cell Sci | Proteome Sci | J Exp Biol | Mol Biol Cell | Cell Environ Microbiol | Vet Pathol | Brain Res | J Integr Plant Biol | Sci Rep | Am J Physiol | Lung Cell Mol Physiol | Curr Cancer Drug Targets | Plant Physiol Biochem | Carcinogenesis | Invest Ophthalmol | Vis Sci Biotechnol | J Front Plant Sci | Microbiology FEBS | J Biochem Biophys | Res Commun | FASEB J | F1000Res | BMC Genomics | Cell Tissue Res |J Invest Dermatol | Int Arch Occup | Environ Health Cancer Chemother | Pharmacol Nat Genet | J Biotechnol Gene | Anal Chem | Tree Physiol | Alzheimers Dement | Physiol Biochem | Zool Plant Biol (Stuttg) | Front Physiol | BMC Cell Biol | Free Radic Res | J Pharmacol Exp | Ther Nat Chem Biol | Anticancer Res | Nat Cell Biol | Clin Microbiol | Infect J Immunol | Cell Res|  J Histochem Cytochem | ACS Nano Methods | Enzymol | New Phytol | Eur J Neurosci | BMC Mol Biol | Eur J Biochem | BMC Dev Biol | Eukaryot Cell | BMC Biotechnol | Mol Plant Neuropharmacology | Plant Signal | Behav J | Am Soc Nephrol Protein Expr Purif | Antioxid Redox Signal | Ecotoxicol Environ Saf | Ann Bot Development | Int J Mol Sci | Mech Dev| Acta Biochim | Pol J Electron Microsc (Tokyo) World | J Microbiol Biotechnol | J Comp Neurol

More detailed list can be found here.

Agrisera rised a concern about lack of clear guide line for citing commercial research antibodies in plant journals and started a discussion with several editors of plant journals. Such a discussion is aldready ungoing in a medical field. Introduction of specific antibody product codes will support reproducibility of published research and is a serious issue which should be addressed in a near future.
2015-06-11 @ 06:19:44

PSL Alliance Logo

Tim Bernard, CEO of Pivotal Scientific a biotechnology consultancy, was visiting Agrisera on 28th of May. Agrisera is a member of PSL Alliance, a group of star-ups and SME companies in the research regents sector. We thank you Tim for valuable discussions and suggestions and connecting us with other companies to increase strength of Agrisera offerings.
2015-06-10 @ 08:04:09

ICPMB conference Poland

Between 18th and 21st of May Agrisera participated in 9th International Conference for Plant Mitochondrial Biology in Wrocław, Poland. The conference was attended by 200 researchers from 30 countries. 58 lectures and over 300 posters, lots of discussions and suggestions for future antibody development for plant mitochondrial proteins were received. Agrisera held a lecture: "Tips and tricks of antibody production and validation - how to obtain good results". Thank you for all the questions which we received afterwards. We enjoyed friendly atmosphere, guided tour in Wrocław by night - thank you Dr. Michał Rurek! and wonderful conference dinner.
2015-05-29 @ 11:55:28

1st International Solar Fuels Conference Uppsala

Between 26th of April and 1st of May Agrisera participated in the 1st International Solar Fuels Conference organized by The Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis. Opening of a meeting took place in an aula of the oldest university in Scandinavia, Uppsala University. Over 500 researchers participated in this first meeting which brought together both physical chemists and biologists involved in issues of solar fuels production. Thank you to all of our customers and collaborating partners who came by to talk to Agrisera, share your ideas and questions.
2015-05-04 @ 09:02:52

SF-1 Young meeting in Uppsala

Between 24th and 26th of April Agrisera participated in satellite meeting of the 1st International Solar Fuels Conference in held in Ångstöm Laboratories in Uppsala. Over 130 young scientists joined from over 20 countries. Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera presented a workshop: "Antibody production and western blot, how to obtain good results?". Thank you to all for joining it, for all interesting questions and discussion. It was great to meet young and dedicated scientists. Thank you for inviting us to participate!

2015-05-04 @ 08:52:37

Agrisera visited e-commerce 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhihition took place at Kistamässan between the 24th and 25th of March. We attended many interesting seminars and talked to a lot of people about e-commerce and digital marketing. We obtained a lot of ideas how to develop Agrisera webshop and make it even easier for our customers to use.

2015-03-30 @ 14:25:57

Agrisera at UREM 2015

Between 25th and 27th of March Agrisera participated in the seventh Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting at KBC the Chemical Biological Centre at Umeå University in Sweden. This year's meeting covered a wide topic selection including: bioeconomy, advanced biomass fuels, thermal and biochemical conversion technologies, photovoltaics and natural and artificial photosynthesis. Dr. Pierre Joliot, a grandson of Maria Skłodowska-Curie held a closing lecture at the conference: 60 years in photosynthesis, the pleasure of research. Thank you for a very interesting meeting!

2015-03-30 @ 11:59:38

Agrisera visiting University in February

On the 19th of February Agrisera visited three institutions at Umeå University with a traditional Swedish "semletårta", which is a cake with almonds and cream. Thank you all who came to enjoy the cake, talked about antibodies and showed your appreciation of our speedy delivery times. As one of you expressed it: "I stopped my experiment for an hour and when I received the antibody I continued the same day".
2015-02-20 @ 09:31:22

Agrisera Plant Antibody Catalog 2015 for download

Agrisera's #1 Plant Antibody Catalog in the World is available for download.

It contains houndreds of antibodies to various proteins, hormones and other compounds of plant and algae model species.
Primary antibodies are accompanied by a collection of Agrisera matching secondary antibodies HRP, ALP, FITC, DyLight®-conjugated.
Free samples of Agrisera matching secondary antibodies are available and can accompany your order.
ECL and TMB for ELISAProtein Extraction Buffer for plant and algal samples are also included.
2015-02-15 @ 08:37:28

unusual poster

What does this unique poster made out of Swedish stamps have to do with Agrisera?

Well it is created from stamps received over several years of fruitful collaboration between Agrisera and Environmental Proteomics in Canada.
And it is for sure going to get even bigger in the future!

2015-02-02 @ 15:42:53

Agrisera compartment marker antibodies

The Gordon Research Conference on Chloroplast Biotechnology took place in Ventura California between Jan 18 and 23. This was the first GRC on this topic. The conference was exciting from beginning to end, with a mix of basic and very applied research presented. Attendees were from across North America and around the world. Agrisera presented a poster describing antibody compartment markers (picture above).
2015-01-27 @ 05:42:37

Agrisera on WPC2015

From January 8 to 11, Agrisera represented by Dr. Chris Brown from Environmental Proteomics (Canada), attended the 24th Western Photosynthesis Conference (WPC) in Asilomar California. This conference draws some of the top labs in the western US, as well as several from central US and from across the Pacific in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This year’s WPC did not disappoint.
2015-01-27 @ 05:29:44

Agrisera Avacta logo

Agrisera AB has entered into commercial agreement with Avacta Group plc (AIM: AVCT), the global provider of proprietary diagnostic tools, consumables and reagents for human and animal healthcare.  The aim is to develop Affimer based purification systems for proteomics applications. Agrisera has been established for over thirty years and specialises in development and marketing of antibodies and related research tools globally, offering several thousand antibodies for plant and algal cell biology research.

Plant proteomics is a rapidly growing field like human proteomics in which scientists are working to understand the relationships between proteins and diseases to drive a revolution in the way issues such as food security, safety and human health are addressed. In proteomics, samples are often dominated by highly abundant proteins making it difficult to detect the rare proteins that may be the most important in a disease process. Therefore, frequently, samples need to be enriched for non-abundant proteins to facilitate proteomic analysis. This is currently done using antibodies to extract the highly abundant proteins using a bead based affinity column. Affimers are an engineered alternative to antibodies. The market opportunity, whilst difficult to quantitate accurately, is significant. Agrisera AB and Avacta Life Sciences have entered into an agreement to develop Affimer based depletion products with improved performance and economics compared to the current systems. The agreement provides for commercialisation to be carried out by Agrisera under an undisclosed revenue sharing model.

Greger Nordlund, Chief Executive Officer of Agrisera, said: "We are very pleased to enter into this collaboration with Avacta employing their promising Affimer technology. This collaboration is fully in line with Agrisera's strategy to develop and provide novel, effective tools and reagents to the research community."

Dr Alastair Smith, Avacta Group Chief Executive Officer, commented: "Agrisera is a well respected, high quality provider of research tools for plant sciences research and I am delighted that we will be working with them to develop the first Affimer based product for the agri-bio market. "This market, in general, is not as well served as the human life sciences market by the large antibody suppliers, so there is a great opportunity for Avacta to establish Affimers in a growing market where there are many gaps, as well as pushing forward with our plans to address the human life sciences market."
2015-01-26 @ 08:18:03

KNOW center Poznan

Agrisera continues a very fruitful collaboration with the Faculty of Biology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. The Faculty recently obtained a status of a KNOW center – Leading National Research Centre, together with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan. This status, assigned through competition, can only be given to institutions carrying out scientific research at the highest level and providing PhD studies of the highest quality. Both units are well known for their studies on RNA structure, function, and metabolism. Poznan RNA Research Centre will get additional money to support various aspects of RNA research: from basic research on RNA metabolism in bacteria, plants and human, through more applied studies on RNA viruses and the role of RNA in cancer and inherited diseases and their therapies, up to the development of bioinformatics tools allowing advanced structure-function studies. Many new antibodies for proteins involved in RNA metabolism will be produced in a near future. To learn more about the Poznan RNA research Centre visit their KNOW center Poznan.
2015-01-16 @ 09:41:06

Wishes from Agrisera
2015-01-16 @ 09:12:18

Do you consider Agrisera to have reliable products, good customer service and successfully provide products for a niche field?

If your answer is yes - nominate us as Researcher's Choice of CiteAb and F1000Research award, nominations are opened!
2014-12-17 @ 16:25:25

Agrisera Travel Award 2014
The 2014 Agrisera Travel Prize is awarded to Dr. Delphine Gendre from Umeå Plant Science Centre for her excellent scientific contributions involving highly skilled work looking at protein trafficking. This has lead to important publications in prestigious journals such as Plant Cell and PNAS. Delphine is also a very collegial and helpful person and has contributed to important dicussions about UPSC working conditions through her work on the UPSC board. The diploma and flowers were received by Dr. Gendre during traditional X-mas lunch at Umeå Plant Science Centre on 16th of December.
2014-12-16 @ 21:03:43

Jullunch at Agrisera

December is a time to sum up the year which is about to pass. Agrisera Team met on a traditional "Jullunch" - Christmas lunch with traditional Swedish food to share our thoughts on what we have achieved this year and make plans for 2015.

2014-12-12 @ 10:51:44

Dr. Jay Thelen visited Agrisera

It was our pleasure to host Dr. Jay Thelen from University of Missouri at Agrisera facility in Umeå on 27th of November. We discussed future antibody development and collaboration projects. Dr. Thelen is going to have a lecture in a series of Cutting Edge Seminars at Umeå Plant Science Center: Phosphoproteomic analysis of seed maturation - from discovering phosphorylation sites to identifying kinase clients.
2014-11-30 @ 23:21:32

Agrisera visit to KBC/UPSC

On 27th of November Agrisera visited The Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics in the morning and Umeå Plant Science Centre in the afternoon. We offered nice cakes from a local bakery and good deals for our local customers: promptly made and free of charge delivery in  30 minutes for products in stock as well as good discounts on our products - 30 % off for all our secondary antibodies until end of this year. 
Thank you for all of you who came by to talk to us!
2014-11-28 @ 10:13:20

At the 20th of November Agrisera visited the Department of Molecular biology and the
Department of Medical Biosciences at Umeå University.

Thank you all for coming by to meet us!


2014-11-27 @ 15:38:16

Dr. Henriques visiting Agrisera

Agrisera facility in Umeå was visited by our collaborating partner, Dr. Rossana Andrea Novo Lopes Henriques on 10th of November. We had good discussion about further antibody testing and development and appreciate very much the time Dr. Henriques spent at our facility during her busy time in Umeå. She gave a lecture at at Umeå Plant Science Centre:"From genome dark matter to biological regulation: uncovering long non-coding RNA function in plants".
2014-11-21 @ 13:17:33

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2015

WPC2015, Western Photosynthesis Conference, 8.01-11.01, Asilomar, USA

Chloroplast Biotechnology, GRC conference, 18.01-23.01, Ventura, California

Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting, 25.03-27.03, Umeå, Sweden

ISF-1 Young, 24.04-26.04, Uppsala, Sweden

1st Solar Fuels Conference, 26.04-1.05, Uppsala, Sweden

9th International Conference for Plant Mitochondrial Biology, 17.05-22.05, Wrocław, Poland

4th European Workshop on Plant Chromatin, 25.06-26.06, Uppsala, Sweden

Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance III, 29.06-1.07, Vienna, Austria

Plant Biotic Stresses & Resistance Mechanisms II, 2.07-4.07, Vienna, Austria

26th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, 5.07-9.07, Paris, France

Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants, 10.07-11.07. Paris, France

Plant Biology 2015, 26.07-30.07, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

26th SPPS, 9.08-13.08, Stockholm, Sweden

3rd European Workshop on Peptide Signalling in Plants, 3.09-5.09, Ghent, Belgium

KBC days, 10.11-11-11, Umeå, Sweden

Meetings which are going to be supported by Agrisera in 2015

ISF-BIDR Workshop, Surviving the extremes: Abiotic stress tolerance in extremophile plants, 2.02-5.02, Ben-Gurion, Israel

28th Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants, 24.02-27.02, Dabringhausen, Germany

International Symposium on Plant Photobiology, 26.05-31.05, Austin, USA

The Pan American Plant Membrane Biology Workshop, 1.06-5.06, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

FV2015, 14.06-17.06, Toldeo, Spain

12th International Conference on Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Plants, 24.06 - 26.06, Verona, Italy

The Dynamics and Regulation of Photosynthesis: From the Origin of Biocatalysis to Innovative Solar Conversion, 28.06-3.07, Bentley Universiy, USA

SEB Annual Meeting, 30.06-3.07, Prague, Czech Republic

15th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes, 2.08-6.08, Tübingen, Germany

XVIII ENPER meeting, 17.08-20.08, Leeds, UK

2nd International Molecular Mycorrhizae Meeting, 3.09-4.09, Cambridge, Uniteg Kingdom

International Workshop on PR proteins and Induced Resistance against Pathogens and Insects, 6.09-10.09, Aachen Germany

17th Annual Meeting of the ISE-G, 21.09-24.09, Berlin, Germany

Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability, in honor of George Papageorgiou, 21.09-26.09, Crete, Greece

X Reunión de Biología Vegetal, 1.12-4.12, Chile
2014-11-11 @ 11:23:38

Agrisera on NPC12 in Uppsala

Between 14th and 17th of October Agrisera was attending NPC12 in Uppsala which is taking place every second year, in a Nordic county for 20 years (with universary this year). There were many new ideas about antibodies for photosynthetic community.
Wonderful conference dinner with a live performance by Bill and Stefan. Thank you!
2014-10-28 @ 20:36:13

Agrisera attended the 5th Scandinavian Symposium on Amyloid Diseases and Amyloid Mechanisms. The meeting took place in Umeå, Sweden, between Sep 29 and Oct 2. The conference was well-organized with many excellent speakers who shared their interesting research results.

Many thanks to everybody who came by to our booth, we always appreciate your feedback!

2014-10-13 @ 11:57:41

SWEDBO meeting in Umeå

Between 2nd and 3rd of October Agrisera participated in 2nd Swedish Developmental Biology conference in Umeå. The meeting gathered both, plant and animal developmental cell biology scientists. Thank you for all interesting questions and discussions. We are always happy to help with antibody trouble shooting!
2014-10-10 @ 13:54:53

According to latest publication record analysis performed by CiteAb, Agrisera is placing at the top of antibody suppliers for plant science research as you can read in blog post from CiteAb.

Agrisera has been acting in antibody production busineess for the last 30 years and over 10 years of hard work to provide plant community with high quality antibodies.
Thank you all who helped us to grow Agrisera collection by coming with new ideas, antibodies and support!

Agrisera 30 years
2014-09-26 @ 11:07:52

Agrisera on Proteomic Congress in Hamburg
Between 1st - 4th of September Agrisera participated in 1st INPPO World Congress in Hamburg which was a wonderful opportunity to meet researchers working with plant proteomics. Thank you so much for all questions, interesting discussions, product suggestions and attending Agrisera workshop on "Tips and tricks of antibody production and a successful western blot - how to obtain good results. ". If you wish to receive this presentation as pdf or would like to have such a workshop at your university - western blot workshop.
2014-09-23 @ 11:40:21

Agrisera on Lignin 2014 in Umeå

Between 24th and 28th of August Agrisera participated in Lignin 2014 conference organized by Umeå Plant Science Centre.  It is one of four conferences in our home town in which we are participating this year. Thank you for very interesting talks, lots of questions and a great time at the meeting.
2014-09-01 @ 14:26:33

Between Aug 25 and 28 Agrisera attended the 5th Meeting of The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. The meeting took place at Aula Nordica at Umeå University, Sweden. It was a very well-organized and interesting meeting. Many thanks to all of you who visited Agrisera booth.

2014-08-29 @ 14:33:05

Between July 28 and Aug 1 Agrisera attended the 25th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research in Vancouver. The meeting took place at the beautiful campus of University of British Columbia, UBC. Thank you all who came by our booth and shared your experience with Agrisera Antibodies. We always appreciate your feedback and new ideas!

2014-08-25 @ 12:43:04

Agrisera attended this year’s ASPB meeting taking place from July 12-16 in Portland, Oregon. It was a well-organized conference with over 1200 participants, many good discussions took place at our booth. We were joined by Chris Brown from Environmental Proteomic and Cheryl Semotok from Cedarlane. Thank you all who came by and shared your experience with Agrisera antibodies and suggested ideas for new antibodies for plant science research!

2014-07-28 @ 01:58:23

Agrisera on PGER conference in Poznan

Between 30.06 and 2.07 Agrisera participated in "Posttranscriptional Gene Expression Regulation in Plants" conference in Poznań, Poland. Placed amoung magnificent plants of Collegium Biollogicum we interacted not only with conference participants but also with Agrisera collaborating partners and new customers from Department of Biology. Thank you all for coming by, discussing, giving suggestions and congratulating on our 30 years aniversary.
Agrisera contributed with taking a photo of all participants :)

2014-07-16 @ 10:13:51

Agrisera on FESPB/EPSO Congress in Dublin
Between 22nd and 26th of June Agrisera participated in FESPB/EPSO congress in Dublin with over 800 participants and 500 posters, many showed results obtained with Agrisera antibodies. Thank you to all customers who came to our booth to meet us, discuss their results and ask questions. We are very grateful for this valuable feedback and look forward to our future collaboration with you!
2014-07-06 @ 22:13:44

Agrisera attended the 8th Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society PhD Students Conference,  taking place from 16th-19th of June in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference was well-organized with many excellent speakers who shared their interesting research results. We also enjoyed an interested guided tour of Uppsala city followed by a conference dinner.

Thank you to all who came by to our booth and shared your experience of using Agrisera antibodies and suggested new ideas.

2014-06-30 @ 10:02:56

Agrisera is looking forward to seeing everyone at several conferences during this summer:

The Molecular Life of Plants: from Theory to Application, 16.06-19.06, Uppsala, Sweden

Plant Biology Europe FESPB/EPSO Congress
, 22.06-26.06, Dublin, Ireland

Posttranscriptional Gene Expression Regulation in Plants, 30.06 - 2.07, Poznan, Poland

Plant Biology 2014 meeting, 12.07-16.07, Portland, Oregon

Arabidopsis 2014,  28.07-1.08, Vancouver, Canada

Lignin 2014 - biosynthesis and utilization, 24.08-28.08, Umeå, Sweden

Welcome to come by our stand and talk to us!!!

2014-06-15 @ 09:26:43

Press release for Swedish customers

Två etablerade svenska företag i biotech-branschen, Agrisera AB och Techtum Lab AB, har påbörjat ett samarbete på den skandinaviska marknaden. Techtum behöver komplettera sortimentet på proteinsidan och Agrisera har dessa produkter. Agrisera kan nu erbjuda kompletterande PCR-relaterade produkter via

Techtum. Techtum Lab AB är sedan 1975 en etablerad leverantör till forskningslaboratorier i Sverige och Norden. Techtum har ett brett sortiment av utrustning och reagenser för PCR/QPCR, extraktion och "Next Generation Sequencing". Techtum ingår i koncernen AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics AB (publ) tillsammans med dotterbolaget AlphaHelix Technologies AB.

Techtum logo
2014-06-04 @ 14:28:50

Agrisera on aquatic science meeting
Between 18th and 23rd of May you had a chance to meet with Natalie Donaher and Chris Brown who represented Agrisera at the "Aquatic science at a time of rapid change" meeting in Portland, Oregon. It featured research from four societies: the society for freshwater sciences (SFS), association for the science of limnology and oceanography (ASLO), phycological society of America (PSA) and society of wetland scientists (SWS). Conference talks often showcased the ecological changes associated with anthropogenic disturbance, organism-level changes in niche ecologies and molecular studies of nutrient cycling. Thank you to all interested in proteomic work using Agrisera antibodies.
2014-06-03 @ 06:31:12

200 cake pieces were served by Agrisera staff during 2 day visits to 4 institutions at Umeå University:

Department of Molecular BiologyDepartment of Medical Biosciences
Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Umeå Plant Science Centre

Thank you all for coming by to meet us and thank you for all congratulations Agrisera received!

Agrisera's 30 years celebration
2014-05-26 @ 11:09:28

CiteAb has performed an analysis of PubMed publication record from last five years and concluded that Swedish research output referencing antibody use has moved Sweden to position 6 in the world. This indicates extremely fast growth in life science research which is using antibodies. With a population of only 9.6 mln, Sweden is a home for many world known research centers, to name a few: Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Umeå Plant Science Center, Uppsala University. A great effort to create antibodies to all proteins of human proteome was also inititiated and conducted in Sweden and as a result The Human Protein Atlas is available for research community. Agrisera was one of the companies which produced antibodies for the purpose of this project. Whole blog post from CiteAb about Swedish life science growth can be found here.
2014-05-09 @ 10:28:34

Thank you to all our special guests who came for Agrisera 30 years coffee and cake meeting which took place on 17th of April at the Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. The meeting took place just before Easter holidays - therefore chocolate eggs as well as a basket which contained give aways - Agrisera secondary antibodies.

Agrisera 30 years, April 2014
2014-04-28 @ 09:03:24

This year is going to be very special for Agrisera as we celebrate 30 years in business!

Agrisera celebrates 30 years in business

Look out for special invitations, promotions and other activities to come. 
2014-04-07 @ 15:08:14

Actually the answer is: yes!
Agrisera can have more than 2 antibodies to the same protein (in some cases up to 8!) and distinguishing which antibody has been used in a specific work might be quite difficult without a product code. Also, some protein names might be differently used in scientific papers compare to what is listed on a company website. Therefore please do use our product codes when you are citing Agrisera antibodies in your scienfitic papers!
2014-03-24 @ 17:00:55

For most of our products, delivery can be made the same day as your order is placed, if you are located in Umeå.

The following free samples of Agrisera secondary antibodies are available for testing:

Agrisera same day antibody delivery
Goat anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated AS09 602
Goat anti-Chicken IgY (H&L), HRP conjugated AS09 603
Rabbit anti-Goat IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated AS09 605
Rabbit anti-Mouse IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated AS09 627
Goat anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L), ALP conjugated AS09 607
Goat anti-Rat IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated AS10 1187

If a secondary antibody that you might be interested in is not included above, please contact us.

Our collection consists of over 1000 secondary antibodies (ALP, biotin, DyLight, FITC,TRITC and HRP-conjugated) as well as blocking serum.

All from your local supplier.
2014-03-10 @ 10:54:36

Many of Agrisera antibodies have a wide range of reactivity - in total covering few hounderds of different species including di, monocots, ferns, mosses, algae and diatoms. Majority of our antibodies are developed to 7-15 amino acid sequences which are carefully chosen to allow multi-species detection (see our Antibody Production Guide). Such wide reactivity is however not always possible, depending upon which protein part is targeted.

Therefore, our product information sheets are including information about confirmed (based on experimental data) and predicted reactivity (based on sequence conservation). In cases when you are not certain or your species is not listed on our product information sheet - please contact us providing a protein sequence you aim to detect in your assay and information in what assay you are planning to use our antibody. Some antibodies will not work in techniques which require binding to a native and exposed part of a protein.

Agrisera antibodies multispecies detectopm

Following those links, you can find out which of Agrisera antibodies are reacting with chosen model species: Arabidopsis thaliana | Chlamydomonas reinhardii | cyanobacteria | Conifers | diatoms | Glycine max | Hordeum vulgare | Medicago truncatula | Nicotiana tabacum | Oryza sativa | Phaseolus vulgaris | Physcomitrella patens | Pisum sativum | Populus sp. | Solanum lycopersicum | Solanum tuberosum | Spinacia oleracea | Triticum sp. | Zea mays | Vitis vinifera | Search an antibody by species reactivity here.
2014-02-17 @ 17:40:06

Last week's PSL Alliance published "Research Antibody Market Report" in association with Antibodypedia. As you can see in the table prepared in the report, Agrisera's growth based on publication record places us between large companies on the world antibody market. We continue to work hard to provide the community with high quality, well validated primary and secondary antibodies.

Agriseras growth based on reference record

The PSL Alliance is a new network for SMEs supplying reagents for research use only. The aim of the Alliance is to help promote manufacturers of high quality products.
2014-02-10 @ 12:18:35

Agrisera Antibodies Commercial antibodies are developed to various antigens (more information about procedures can be found in Agrisera Antibody Production Guide), being often recombinant proteins of full length, truncated or 7-20 amino acid long peptides. Development of antibodies against specific peptides is a common approach for cases where a specific isoform of a protein family is to be targeted. Therefore such an antibody will be often rather isoform and species specific.
Based upon antigen sequence it is possible to predict if an antibody in question has a potential to work on a protein from species not listed on the product information sheet. Agrisera product information sheets are listing both: confirmed reactivity (based on experimental results) and predicted reactivity (resulting from sequence alignment of peptide sequence used to elicit given antibody). 

If information regarding a specific sequence used to elicit given antibody is not available - please, do contact us, with a question and provide us with the protein sequence you are aiming to detect.  Even if there is some conservation level found in protein alignment, the crucial is if a sequence of the antigen used to elicit given antibody is conserved in your protein sequence and to what extent.

This will save you money and time in the future. You are welcome to contact us with your question!
2014-02-06 @ 15:36:42

Did you know that one of Agrisera's offices is located in Umeå, a town located in north of Sweden? Umeå has become European Capital of Culture 2014 and during this weekend the city center will transform to a meeting place of people from all over the world, filled with snow and ice creations and an opening ceremony called: Burning Snow. 
Welcome to come by, during this special year filled with many cultural attractions!

Ice and snow

2014-01-30 @ 20:51:32

Agrisera participated in an event called "The Export Bus" organized by the Swedish trade Minister Ewa Björling and Business Sweden, Jonas Carlsson, Västerbotten. The event was held at Governor's residence in Umeå on 21st of January and the goal was to make it possible for SMEs like Agrisera to meet various authorities and organizations which offered specific help to support exporting process, in regards to regulations as well as networking opportunities. It was a very intensive and well organized event and we are looking forward to its future outcome.

Export Buss 2014
2014-01-27 @ 22:00:49

Agrisera CEO, Greger Nordlund and Product Manager, Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund participated in the largest medical fair in the world - Medica in Düsseldorf, from 20-22nd of November. The aim was to meet with our distributors and suppliers as well as to establish new collaboration partnerships.

Medica 2013
2013-11-26 @ 07:20:17

Agrisera attended the 2nd National Plant Biology Conference, PlantBio 2013, taking place from 7-8 November in Tromsö. The conference was well-organized with many excellent speakers who shared their interesting research results.

Thank you to all who came by to our booth and shared your experience of using Agrisera antibodies and suggested new ideas.

2013-11-14 @ 08:41:38

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2014:

Aquatic science at a time of rapid change, 18.05-23.05, Portland, Oregon, USA

Plants and BioEnergy 2014 Congress, 4.06-7.06, University of Guelph, Canada

The Molecular Life of Plants: from Theory to Application,
16.06-19.06, Uppsala, Sweden

Plant Biology Europe FESPB/EPSO Congress
, 22.06-26.06, Dublin, Ireland

Posttranscriptional Gene Expression Regulation in Plants, 30.06 - 2.07, Poznan, Poland

Plant Biology 2014 meeting, 12.07-16.07, Portland, Oregon

Arabidopsis 2014,  28.07-1.08, Vancouver, Canada

Lignin 2014 - biosynthesis and utilization, 24.08-28.08, Umeå, Sweden

Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, Umeå, Sweden

Plant Proteomics Congress, , 31.08-4.09, Hamburg, Germany

5th Scandinavian Symposium on Amyloid Diseases and Amyloid Mechanisms, 29.09-2.10, Umeå, Sweden

The Swedish Developmental Biology Organization, 2nd conference, 2.10-3.10, Umeå, Sweden

12th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 14.10-17.10, Uppsala, Sweden

Meetings which are going to be supported by Agrisera in 2014:

Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference, 4.04-6.04, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

9th International Workshop – Sulfur Metabolism in Plants, 14.04-17.04, Freiburg, Germany

Photosynthesis Reserch for Sustainability - 2014, 2.06-7.06, Pushchino, Russia

16th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, 8.06-13.06, Pacific Grove, CA

Austrian Society of Plant Biology Meeting, 19.06-21.06, Lunz, Austria

Biology of plastids - towards a blueprint for synthetic organelles, 21.06-26.06, Pultusk, Poland

Auxins and cytokinins in plant development, International Symposium, 29.06-4.07, Prague, Czech Republic

XVIth Annual Meeting of the International Society of Endocytobiology - Germans Section (ISE-G) 21.07-24.07, Black Forest, Germany

GRC meeting on Photosynthesis, from evalution of fundamental mechanisms to radical re-engineering
, 20.08-15.08, West Dover, USA

10th International Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar, 17.08-21.08, Kórnik-Poznań, Poland

Intracellular communication in plant development and disease, 24.08-29.08, Bischoffisheim, France

Oxidative Stress, 3.10-6.10, Toledo, Spain

Arabidopsis: The Ongoing Green REVOLUTION, GARNet2014 Conference, 9.09-10.09, University of Bristol, UK
International PhD school PLANT DEVELOPMENT, 10.09-12.09, Retzbach, Germany

Oxygen and nitrogen reactive species and environment: A new vision for 2020, BAEZA, September, Spain

40th Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Conference, 24.10-26.10, Turkey Run State Park, USA

SEB Plant Transport group meeting, 5.12-7.12, United Kingdom


Agrisera is supporting following organizations: 
2013-11-13 @ 16:10:30

On 6th of November professor Wolfgang Schröder who works at Umeå university visited Agrisera and talked about his reasearch on photosynthesis. We had a very giving and interesting time with a lot of questions and would like to thank you our guest again.

visiting Agrisera
2013-11-07 @ 07:16:24

As discussed in the recent article published by Faculty of 1000:
"Reporting research antibody use: how to increase experimental reproducibility", reporting format for experiments conducted with antibodies should include many important details like: antibody name and catalog number as well as a batch number, company/academic who supplied the antibody, the host species in which antibody was raised and its clonality (yes, monoclonal antibody are no longer only rised in mice but also in other species like rabbit or chicken).  At present product number code and company name are absolute minimum which are however often omitted. Companies, including Agrisera are carrying multiple antibodies to the same protein and finding an antibody matching the work might be quite an effort.  Also, there is actually a batch to batch variation in antibody world, which might undermine efforts to repeat certain results.  In a blog post from CiteAb, you can find useful suggestions on how to cite antibodies used in your publications.

Over the years Agrisera antibodies were cited in thousands of publications and we are working hard to match them with our specific products. A list of chosen scientific references matching Agrisera antibodies can be found here.

Agrisera quality antibodies
2013-09-13 @ 13:25:12

Agrisera attended this year ASPB meeting taking place from July 20-24 in Providence, Rhode Island. Represented by three persons this year, what allowed us for a better interaction with scientists who visited our booth. Thank you all who came by and shared their feedback with antibodies both positive and negative and suggested new products!

Agrisera on ASPB 2013
2013-08-14 @ 19:30:20

Agrisera was participating in 11th International POG meeting in Warsaw on Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Plants held at SGGW from 17th-19th of July. Many thanks for all meetings and discussions and excellent program including cultural events!

Agrisera on POG conference in Warsaw

2013-07-22 @ 10:30:31

Agrisera continues with a series of seminars in Polish: Tips and tricks of antibody production and western blot - how to obtain good results. Additional meetings were held on 4.07 at Faculty of Biotechnology of Wrocław University and on 8.07 at Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Plant Physiology in Kraków and on 19.07 at Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

Thank you all who joined for in depth questions and discussions!

Agrisera Western blot seminars in Poalnd

2013-07-18 @ 13:25:28

Agrisera presented a seminar in Polish: Tips and tricks of antibody production and western blot - how to obtain good results, on 17.06 at Instutute of Dendrology of Polish Academy of Sciences in Kórnik and on 18.06 at Faculty of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Thank you all who attended and shared their experience!

Agrisera western blot seminars in Poland

2013-06-19 @ 00:08:10

Agrisera supports many world wide plant and algal science conferences, like this one: "Photosynthesis Research For Sustainability", held in Baku, Azerbaijan, 6-9th of June 2013.
A complete list of meetings supported by Agrisera this year can be found here
Your meeting is not on that list yet? Please, contact us.

Photosynthesis Research For Sustainability 2013

2013-06-08 @ 10:03:23

Professor Barry Bruce from Unviersity of Tennessee-Knoxville, has recently visited Agrisera.  We spent two intensive days with our guest, including a special seminar at KBC at Umeå University.  It was a valuable time, filled with discussions, new ideas and a bit of sight seeing too. Welcome back!

Barry Bruce visiting Agrisera, May 2013
2013-05-31 @ 09:34:55

Agrisera at the 3rd International Conference on Neurodegenerative Disorders in Uppsala

Recently Agrisera attended  the 3rd International Conference on Neurodegenerative Disorders at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. It was a well-organized event with several excellent speakers who shared interesting research results. In between the sessions we had the pleasure to meet the participants and in the evening a delicious conference dinner was held at Norrlands Nation.

Thank you all for two pleasant days in Uppsala!

2013-05-27 @ 10:59:18

18th of May is a special day all over the world - all who are interested in fascinating world of plants are welcome to universities, botanical gardens and other places to learn more about their unique world. Agrisera contributed to this year Plant Fascination Day at Umeaå Plant Science Centre and offered a contest for kids to design their own antibody and a quize for adults: what do antibodies do in plant research? It was a great day filled with interaction with curious visitors in various ages.

Agrisera on Plant Fascination Day, UPSC 2013
2013-05-18 @ 19:59:05

Agrisera was one of the companies who joined Finnish Plant Science Days in Helsinki, on Viiki Campus. We enjoyed meeting our Finnish collaboration partners, all who came by to talk about plant antibodies or just to taste our amazing candy (which does not contain any antibodies!). The spring weather was fanstastic as well as a very interesting guided tour of greenhouses in Helsinki's Botanical Garden just before the conference dinner. Thank you!

Agrisera on Finnish Plant Science Days in Helsinki, May 2013
2013-05-17 @ 06:45:50

Agrisera on ERPC 2013Agrisera exhibited on Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference Woods Hole Oceanography Institute, April 12 to April 14th 2013.

Thank you for coming by and talking with us!
2013-05-03 @ 10:09:10

In the middle of April Agrisera staff visited Prague in Czech Republic. We met with some of our collaboration partners and customers and received a very warm welcome and fantastic guided tour up to Petrin's Hill.
It was a very giving trip with unforgettable memories and new contacts. Thank you!

Agrisera in Prague, April 2013
2013-04-22 @ 14:10:50

Agrisera website is changed, merging information about our products and services, which you will find in the menu to the left.  All functions concerning placing an order or finding our products are the same.

Information about our antibody and recombinant protein production can be found in the menu to the left, section called: SERVICES.

Following this link - you can find our catalogs for download.

All our secondary antibodies are listed here.  Promotions and news can be found on this page.

We do hope you will find a new look improved!

Agrisera website with a new design
2013-04-11 @ 15:52:33

Agrisera to work with new antibody search engine

Agrisera is working with a new antibody search engine called CiteAb to ensure antibodies are easy to find and that researchers can quickly see where they have been cited in the past.

CiteAb lists over 800,000 antibodies from 50 companies, along with the publications that cite them. CiteAb is the largest independent citation-ranked antibody search engine, and is regularly updated with new antibodies and citations.

The search engine has been developed by a team based in Bath in the UK, and has been both supported and rigorously tested by the University of Bath.

Dr Andrew Chalmers is behind CiteAb. He said: “Citations are the best guide to whether an antibody is likely to work in your laboratory, they are independent and easily verifiable. We’re aiming to make CiteAb as comprehensive as possible and are delighted to be able to include Agrisera antibodies.”

Agrisera provides CiteAb with data for all of its primary antibodies. CiteAb is asking users of our antibodies to submit their publications to the site - increasing the profile of your work and helping others to find the right antibody.

For more information visit


2013-02-27 @ 14:28:02

From 3rd to 6th of January 2013 Agrisera  was represented by Natalie Donaher from Environmental Proteomics - Agrisera collaborating partner,  on 22nd Western Photosynthesis Conference held in Asilomar, USA.  Warm thanks to everybody who came by to our stand for a chat. We always appreciate your feedback and ideas!

Agrisera om Western Photosynthetic Conference  2013

2013-01-23 @ 08:41:19

Season's greetings from Agrisera  2013
2013-01-08 @ 16:04:48

50 % off on all Agisera secondary antibodies.

Offer valid until end of December 2012.  

Use a promotion code: NOV12 while ordering on-line,

by e-mail or fax (+46(0)935 33044).

Agrisera secondary antibodies
2012-12-10 @ 08:13:58

Agrisera CEO, Greger Nordlund and Chairman of the Board, Benny Gotenstam recently attended Bio China in Shanghai and met Agrisera distributors. It was a very giving trip and many thanks to our distributors for fruitful discussions and very welcoming atmosphere during the meetings. The aim of our visit was to to improve the understanding and strengthen the collaboration between Agrisera and our partners in China and we do hope this will also contribute to increased service level for Agrisera products in China.

Agrisera in China 2012

2012-12-04 @ 10:47:58

On 20 September Agrisera participated in Scandinavian Plant Proteomics Day organized by KBC Proteomics Facility (Umeå) in collaboration with the International Plant Proteomics Organization (INPPO) and Plant Link.

The programm was filled with very interesting talks by international researchers: 

Michael Palmgren, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Svante Resjö, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Alnarp

Ian Max Møller, Aarhus University, Danmark

Per Hägglund, Technical University of Denmark

Bob Buchanan, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

Yogesh Mishra, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå

Gunnar Wingsle, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå

Sven Kjellström, Lund University

Johannes Hansson, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå

Thomas Kieselbach, Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, and Umeå Plant Science Centre

2012-10-04 @ 14:59:44

From 11th until 14th of September Agrisera participated in 11th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress in Naantali in Finland in a picturesque location at a Baltic sea.  Our investigation about  antibodies needed by plant community continued. Many good discussions were held with our collaboration partners. Many thanks to all who came by our booth! A welcome party at a pool section of Nantali SPA hotel will be never forgotten :)

Agrisera on NPC11 in Finland

2012-09-26 @ 08:51:49

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2013:

22nd Western Photosynthesis Conference,3-6.01, Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA, USA

52st Annual Northeast Algal Society Symposium The Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference 12-14.04, Woods Hole, USA, 19-21,04, Mystic, USA

Finnish Plant Science Days, 13-15.05, Helsinki, Finland

Fascination of Plants Day, 18.05, Umeå Plant Science centre, Sweden

3rd International Conference on Neurodegenerative Disorders: Immunotherapy and Biomarkers, 23.05-24.05, Uppsala, Sweden

11th International POG Conference, Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Plants , 17.07-19.07, Warsaw, Poland

Plant Biology 2013 meeting, 20-24.07, Providence, RI, USA.

16th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research, 11-16.08, St. Louis, MO, USA

PlantBio 2013, The Second National Plant Biology Conference, 7-8.11, Tromsø, Norway

Medica, 20-23.11, DÜsseldorf, Germany

Meetings supported by Agrisera in 2013:

26th Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants, 26.02-1.03, Debringhausen, GermanyØ

3rd International Symposium on Chloroplast Genomics and Genetic Engineering (ISCGGE), 8.05-11.05, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

CCM8 The VIIth international sypomosium on Inorganic Carbon Utilization by Aquatic Photosynthetic Organisms, 27.05-1.06, New Orleans, USA

International meeting on Photosynthesis, June, Baku, Azerbaijan

Non-coding RNA in plants, 10-12.07, Leucorea Wittenberg, Germany

XIII Congress of Portuguese Society of Plant Physiology, 24.07-28.07, Lisbon, Portugal

PVB 2013 - 3rd International Conference on Plant Vascular Biology, 26-30.07, Helsinki, Finland 

Photosynthetic light harvesting, 8-11.08, St. Louis, MO, USA

25th Congress of the Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS2013), 11.08-15.08, HelsingØr, Danmark

FASEB Mechanisms in Plant Development, 11.08-16.08, Saxtons River, VT, USA

Canadian Plant Genomics Workshop, 12-15.08, Halifax, N.S. Canada 

European Network for Plant Endomembrane Research ENPER, 27.08-30.08, Ghent, Belgium.

European Plant Science Organisation 7th EPSO Conference "Plants for a Greening Economy", 1-4.09, Porto Heli, Greece

Black Forest Summer School 2013, Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists, 10-13.09, Black Forest, Germany

6th Conference of Polish Society of Experimental Plant Biology, 16-19.09, Lodz, Poland

Plant proteases in health and disease, 2-4.10, Barcelona, Spain

39th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Metting, 8-10.11, Marshall IN 47859, USA

Seminar series in plant pathoglogy, Copenhagen University, 2013



 Agrisera is supporting following organizations: 

2012-09-12 @ 07:46:39

From 30.07 until 2.08 Agrisera participated in this year Plant Biology Congress in Freiburg. Many good discussions took place at Agrisera booth. Plenty of comments about our products and new antibodies for plant science research were received. The contest to win a free antibody in return for a suggestion continued. Results will be announced in September :)

Agrisera contributed to a well attended in spite of late hour, "Career workshop "  - Career planning for plant scientists Organised by the Society for Experimental Biology, Sarah Blackford, which presented useful information from professionals (Joanna from Agrisera was one of the speakers) working in these careers and other fields to help you to decide which direction to take your future career. More useful information on carrier development can be found on Sarah's blog.

Agrisera on FESP meeting in Freiburg, 2012


2012-08-19 @ 07:20:22

During the 20th to 24th of July, Agrisera was present at the ASPB meeting in Austin, Texas. At our booth we were soliciting opinions from researchers about the 80 most cited proteins in plant research. There were over 1100 registered participants, and many more "walk-ins" since Austin Texas is the location of several universities.  The weather was a very hot 36 C but the beautiful air-conditioned convention centre was large enough to hold everyone, including the exhibits and 800 posters.

Agrisera on ASPB in Texas

2012-07-31 @ 17:50:06

From 3.07 until 6.07 Agrisera was present on Arabidopsis 2012 in a very hot Vienna. A list of potential protein targets for antibody production was presented to the community and lots of feedback was received. Based on those opinions and valuable suggestions Agrisera will commit to produce several new antibodies which will become available in 2012 and 2013. Thank you for a fantastic meeting!


Agrisera on ICAR 2012 in Vienna

2012-07-30 @ 17:07:23

Summertime is very treasured for us Swedes and is one of our dearest traditions. After many months of snow and ice we celebrate the sun and the warmth by dance, singing, playing, eating and drinking.

Midsummer 2012

2012-06-22 @ 21:31:19

Fascination of Plants Day was organized all over Europe on 18th of May. In Umeå it was hosted by Umeå University and included lots of various activities for a whole family. The event was very well attended. Agrisera joined in and gave away seed bags and talked about our support for plant science research.

Agrisera participates in Fascination of Plants Day

2012-05-21 @ 06:51:56

Between 3-4th of May Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera participated in the meeting "Structure and dynamics of the thylakoid membrane" hold at The Royal Society at Chicheley Hall.The meeting was organised by Professor James Barber FRS and Professor Peter Horton FRS. During the meeting we celebrated 80 years birthday of Professor Jan Anderson, a pioneer of photosynthetic research. This was a fascinating journey of discoveries done over past 30 years to understand photosynthesis.

I would like to thank the organizers for inviting Agrisera to participate in this special event!

Structure and dynamics of the thylakoid membrane

2012-05-10 @ 08:41:44

A pool of antibodies to various Arabidopsis and poplar proteins is available for free for testing. Listo of antibodies can be found here:

Free antibodies for testing

2012-04-26 @ 16:56:09

Agrisera supported annual skiing competition at KBC/Umeå. Even though winter is rather short this year there was enough of snow and excellent weather!

KBC skiing 2012

2012-03-28 @ 08:40:05

Agrisera antibodies listed on TAIR in the section: external links                                                                                           

All Agrisera antibodies for Arabidopsis thaliana are inlcuded as extrnal links on TAIR since December 2011.  This information will be regularly updated with links to new antibodies. So far 300 antibodies have been linked.

AGI codes and Agrisera antibodies

2011-12-20 @ 17:03:38

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2012:

21st Western Photosynthesis Conferemce, 5.01-8.01, Asilomar, USA   

Structure and dynamics of the thylakoid membrane, 3.05-4.05, Kavli Royal Society International Centre, Buckinghamshire, UK

ICAR 2012, 3-07-707, Vienna, Austria

ASPB Plant Biology Meeting, 20.07-24-07, Austin, USA

Plant Biology Congress, 29.07-3.08, Freiburg, Germany

NPC11 - the 11th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 11.09 -14.09, Naantali  , Finland


Meetings sponsored by Agrisera in 2012:

 Havel-Spree-Colloquium, 17.01, Potsdam, Germany  

Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance II, 22.02-25.02, Vienna, Austria

25rd Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants,  25.02, Dabringhausen, Germany

Maize Genetics Conference, 15.03-18.03, Portland, Oregon, USA

4th PanAmerican Plant Membrane Biology Workshop, 16.05-20.05, Asilomar, USA

"Journées de la Société Française de Photosynthèse”, 24.05-25.05, Paris, France

9th European Workshop Biotechnology of Microalgae, 4.06-5.06, Nuthetal, Germany

15th International Conference on the Cell & Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, 5.06-10.06, Posdam, Germany

19th meeting of the Austrian Society of Plant Biology (ATSPB), 7-06-10.06, Osttirol, Austria

Salt & Water Stress in Plants, 24.06-29.06, Hong Kong, China

SEB annual meeting, 29.06 -2.07, Salzburg, Austria.

7th congress of young researchers of the French Society of Plant Biology, 4.07 -6.07, Grenoble, France

Gordon Research Conference on Mitochondria and Chloroplasts, 29.07-3.08, Rhode Island, USA

21st Photosynthesis Workshop, 9.08-10.08, Mainz, Germany

Plant & Microbial Cytoskeleton, 12.08-17.08, Andover, USA

SOL2012 The 9th Solanaceae Conference, 26.08-30.08, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

10th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference, 2.09-5.09,Munich, Germany

Black Forest Retreat 2012, on Molecular Plant Science, 10.09-13.09, Black Forest, Germany

NPC11 - the 11th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 11.09 -14.09, Naantali  , Finland

7th SPPS PhD Sudent Conference, 12.09-15.09, Lauasmaa, Estonia

38th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynehtsis Meeting, 9.11-11.11, Turkey Run State Park, USA

Auxin 2012, 9.12-14.12, Hawai Island


European Plant Science Organisation  overwiev on meetings and conferences in plant science in 2011

American Society of Plant Biology plant meetings calendar

Conference calendar of International Plant Proteomics Organization (INPPO) 

 Agrisera is supporting following societies:  

Canadian Society of Plant Biologists

FESPB (The Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology)

INPPO (International Plant Proteomics Organization)

ISPR (International Society of Photosynthesis research)

SPPS (Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society)

2011-11-29 @ 05:42:20

Agrisera exhibited on Botaniker tagung in Berlin during 19-22.09. It was a very fruitful meeting with our collaborating partners, students and all interested in working with antibodies. Many new product ideas has been born. Thank you to all who came by!


Agrisera on Botaniker tagung, September 2011

2011-09-29 @ 13:23:50

Agrisera exhibited on Agrisera on Experimental Plant Biology in 3P meeting in Wrocław, Poland between 6-9 of September. Many thanks to all who came by and took time to share your experience with Agrisera antibodies as well as suggested new products.

Thank you all for our time together!

Agrisera during 3P conference in Wroclaw, Poland, September 2011

2011-09-29 @ 13:12:45

Agrisera exhibited on ASPB annual meeting in Minneapolis. Thank you to all who came by to our booth and shared your experience of using Agrisra products, gave new ideas and participated in our contest to win a free antibody from Agrisera collection.

Agrisera workshop: Tips and Troubleshooting: qualitative, quantitative and multiplex immunoblotting of photosynthetic organisms will soon be available in a digital form.

Agrisera on ASPB 2011

2011-08-24 @ 06:57:35

Agrisera CEO, Greger Nordlund and Dr. Björn Löwenadler, Agrisera board member and scientific advisor participated 2011 BIO International Convention in Washington DC.  They visited all US states that where present(26) as well India, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, China and more. They have found out increasing interest in biofuels and crop science areas - "green biotechnology". Many new contacts were established which will help to understand and strenghten Agrisera position on the US market.


2011-07-06 @ 13:03:06

Agrisera on Plant proteases meeting

Agrisera participated in Plant Proteases meeting in Swedish mountains, Hemavan between 10-13.04. Participants were keeping me busy until late evening - with many new ideas for development of antibodies to Agrisera catalogue. Warm thanks to all our collaboration partners and researchers for fruitful discussions and good time together.
2011-04-13 @ 20:28:52

Agrisera team is eager to meet you duting the following meetings in 2011:

International conference on PLANT PROTEASES 2011 From biology to biotechnology, 10-14.04, Hemavan, Sweden

ASPB annual meeting, 6-10.08, Minneapolis, USA

Experimental Plant Biology in 3P Past, Present, Perspective , 6-9.09 Wroclaw, Poland

Botaniker Tagung 2011, 18-23.09, Berlin, Germany

Meetings sponsored by Agrisera in 2011:

Natural and Artificial Photosynthesic, 4-5.11, Pennsylvania, USA

20th Western Photosynthesis Conference 6-9.01, Asilomar, USA

Plant Transformation technologies II, 19-22.02, Vienna, Austria

Plant gene discovery technologies 23-26.02, Vienna, Austria

Specific light driven reactions in unicellular model algae, 25-27.03, Jena, Germany

28th Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference, 1-4.04, Woods Hole, USA

Botanical Microscopy 2011, 16-21.04, The Netherlands

Molecular Bioenergetics of Cyanobacteria: From Cell to Community, 10-15.04, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

 22nd International conference on Arabidopsis Research , 22-25.06, Madison, USA

CO2 Assimilation in Plants: Genome to Biome, 30.05- 3.06, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Society of Experimental Biology, 1-4.07, Glasgow, United Kingdom

10th International Conference on Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Plants, 5-8.07, Budapest, Hungary

Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society Congress 2011, 21-24.08, Stavanger, Norway

Photosynthesis research for sustainability, 23-30.07, Baku Azerbaijan

XXIV SPPS Congress, 25-27.08, Stavanger, Norway

Plant organellar signaling, from algae to higher plants, 31.08-3.09, Primošten, Chroatia

Moss 2011, 11.09-15.09, Black Forest, Germany

Botaniker Tagung 2011, 18.09-23.09, Berlin, Germany

Molecular Basis of Plant Stress, 21-23.09, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

20 Photosynthese workshop, 11.08-12-08, Münster, Germany

PR-proteins and induced resistance against pathogens and insects, 4-8.09, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Plant Abiotic Stress:From Systems Biology to Sustainable Agriculture, 17-19.11, Limassol, Cyprus

Planned Meeting support for 2012

21st Western Photosynthesis Conferemce, 5.01-8.01, Asilomar, USA  

Havel-Spree-Colloquium, 17.01, Potsdam, Germany  

Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance II, 22.02-25.02, Vienna, Austria

25rd Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants,  25.02, Dabringhausen, Germany

"Journées de la Société Française de Photosynthèse”, 24.05-25.05, Paris, France

SEB annual meeting, 29.06 -2.07, Salzburg, Austria.

7th congress of young researchers of the French Society of Plant Biology, 4.07 -6.07, Grenoble, France

ASPB Plant Biology Meeting, 20.07-24-07, Austin, USA

Plant Biology Congress, 29.07-3.08, Freiburg, Germany

22nd Photosynthesis Workshop, 9.08-10.08, Mainz, Germany

Gordon Research Conference on Mitochondria and Chloroplasts, 29.07-3.08, Rhode Island, USA


European Plant Science Organisation  overwiev on meetings and conferences in plant science in 2011

American Society of Plant Biology plant meetings calendar

2011-01-19 @ 10:31:17

Season's greetings from Agrisera

Thank you to all our new and old customers for being with us during 2010, sharing your ideas, giving suggestions and helping us to grow up Agrisera catalogue.

2010-12-07 @ 06:54:52

Agrisera protein extraction buffer PEB and global antibodies (anti-PsbA and anti-RbcL) were used to validate high throughput protein extraction from tough,recalcitrant marine phytoplankton.

Standard microprobe sonication/flash freeze protocol has been compared with Precellys® (Bertin Technologies) bead-based system to extrat total proteins from multiple samples in parallel.

Precellys vs. sonication

Comparison of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase (RbcL) immunodetection from phytoplankton after protein extraction through sonication or Precellys bead beating. RbcL was detected by immunoblotting using a chicken anti-RbcL primary antibody(AS01 017)  and a horseradish peroxidase-conjugated goat anti-chicken secondary antibody (AS09 603). MW, molecular weight protein ladder (in kDa).

The total yield of proteins extracted from each species was similar using the sonication/flash freeze protocol or Precellys® bead beating system. Using Precellys® system sample throughput and reproducibility are higher than with sonication/flash freeze protocol.

2010-12-02 @ 16:43:32

Agrisera has been visiting Biotechnica in Hannover. Discussing collaboration opportunities, scouting for new product development and new advertising platforms. There were two very giving days for us and we hope it will result in new products which contribute to your success!

Agrisera visiting Biotechnica 2010

2010-10-11 @ 05:25:10

Agrisera was intived to participate in 3rd Physcomitrella genome workshop with Industry Night presentation about: Design and validation of antibodies recognizing hihgly conserved proteins in a wide range of species.Panel of antibodies with confirmed reactivity to Phycomitrella patens has been presented, developed within framework of the Freiburg Initiative for Systems Biology (FRISYS) for quantitative proteomics of Physcomitrella. Article including those results: Simultaneous isolation of pure and intact chloroplasts and mitochondria from moss as the basis for sub-cellular proteomics, is accepted for publication in Plant Cell Reports.

Many thanks to the members of prof. Reski group for good discussions and great hospitality. Many new ideas have been born!

3rd Physcomitrella genome workshop

2010-09-24 @ 05:55:02

 Agrisera has been represented by our Chinese distributor Beijing Qwbio&Santainio INC  during 15th International Congress on Photosynthesis in  Beijing, 22.08 - 27.08. Thank you to all who visited the booth!

Agrisera during 15th International Congress on Photosynthesis

Agrisera on 15th International Congress on Photosynthesis

2010-08-31 @ 06:55:59

Thank you all who came by our display during ASPB in Montreal and shared ideas and very valuable feedback. Our workshop on "Tips and Troubleshooting for Quantitative and Qualitative Immunoblotting of Photosynthetic Organisms" has been recorded and will be soon available on Agrisera web site. 

Agrisera on ASPB 2010

Agrisera on ASPB 2010

2010-08-06 @ 06:35:59

 Biocompare has published an article on "Cool Tools for Plant Biologists"  - result of an interview with Agrisera Team. 

Agrisera image of the plant cell

plant cell image

2010-07-29 @ 05:54:48

XVII congress of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology (FESPB) took place in Valencia, Spain, 4-9-07. Over 1250 participants attended. It was a great pleasure to meet Agrisera old customers, collaborating partners and new customers coming by our display. Many new ideas for antibodies to be included in Agrisera product list in the future were born.

There was a possibility to take home Agrisera new antibody catalogue or win an antibody by answering a simple question: "How many antibodies are in Agrisera catalogue".The happy winner of this competition is a researcher from Laboratory of Celll Biology in Czech Republic. 

Agrisera candy, even though at first mistaken with antibodies, was very popular (left bottom corner on the picture) as well as Agrisera pens. Looking forward to meet you during next FESPB in 2012 in Freiburg!

Agrisera exhibiting on FESPB 2010

2010-07-20 @ 07:56:22

 Conference centre in Uppsala was hosting 9th International Hydrogenase Conference in June this year. Agrisera was participating. It was a very interesting and giving meeting. Thank you to all who came by Agrisera display. We have received many new ideas for the future antibody development. 

Agrisera exhibitingduring 9th Hydrogenase conference


2010-07-17 @ 06:57:57


Umeå Renewable Energy Workshop, 16-17 March 2010, From Structures and Mechanism of Biological Enzymes to Biomass production and Utilization

The workshop was  organized in the Chemical Biological Centre (KBC) of Umeå University with four invited speakers from USA, Germany, Finland and Stockholm. While the temperatures outside the building are reaching minus 17ºC, intensive lectures proceed inside.

BTW: Did you know that if one third of water in the pool of Beijing National Aquatics Center could be split - it would fulfill world's energy needs!





Umeå in March


2010-03-17 @ 06:41:57

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2010:

2nd International Symposium on Chloroplast Genomics and Genetic Engineering, 20.06-23.06, co. Kildare, Ireland

9th International Hydrogenase Conference, 27.06-2.07, Uppsala, Sweden

FESBP 2010, 4.07-9.07, Valencia, Spain

Plant Biology 2010, 31.07-4.08, Montréal, Canada

15th International Congress on Photosynthesis, 21.08-27.08, Beijing, China

3rd Phycomitrella genome workshop, 13-15.09, Freiburg, Germany

Meetings sponsored by Agrisera in 2010:

19th Western Photosynthesis Conference, 7.01-11.01, Asilomar, USA

III PanAmerican plant membrane biology workshop,13.01-16.01, Puebla, Mexico

23rd Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants, 23.02-26.02, Dabringhausen, Germany

5th European Plant Science Organisation Conference, 18.04 - 22.04, Finland

27th Eastern Regional Photosynthetic Conference, 16.04-18.04, Woods Hole, USA

14th International Conference on the cell and molecular biology of Chlamydomonas, 6.06-10-06 Norton, USA

Congress of Internatinal Associacion for Plant Biotechnology, 6-11.06, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

21st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, 6.06-10.06, Yokohama, Japan

10th Cyanobaterial Molecular Biology Workshop, 11-15.06, UCLA Conference Center, USA

10th International conference on plant anaerobiosis, 20.06-25.06, Volterra, Italy

20th Conference of the International Plant Growth Substances Associaction, (IPGSA), 28.06-2.07, Tarragona, Spain

SEB Annual Meeting, 30.06-3.07, Prague, Czech Republic

Mechanisms in Plant Development, FASEB conference, Vermont, USA

1st International Symposium on the Nitrogen Nutrition of Plants, 26.07-30.07, Aichi, Japan

Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton, 8-13.08, Andover, USA

Photosynthese workshop 12.08-13.08, Frankfurt, Germany

XIth International Colloquium on Endocytobiology and Symbiosis, 29.08-3.09, TromsØ, Norway

6th SPPS PhD Student Conference, 2.09-5.09, Espoo, Finland

10th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 11.10-14.10, Tartu, Estonia

36th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Meeting, 29.10-31.10, Marshall, USA



European Plant Science Organisation  overwiev on meetings and conferences in plant science in 2010 (possible to sign up a new meeting)

American Society of Plant Biology plant meetings overwiev

2010-01-22 @ 08:50:31

Season's greetings from Agrisera 2009

Third snow has arrived and we hope that it will stay until spring (end of April). With such magnificent nature around Agrisera is creating new products to speed up Your research.

2009-12-08 @ 09:51:05

Agrisera engaged in Physcomitrella proteomics

    Agrisera, a world-leading SME in plant-specific antibodies, is closely collaborating with Professor Ralf Reski, a world-leading expert in moss systems biology, to develop and to test moss-specific antibodies for quantitative proteomics.

These antibodies are going to be used in the framework of the Freiburg Initiative for Systems Biology (FRISYS) for quantitative proteomics of Physcomitrella and will be sold by Agrisera. Intensive work on the project is currently conducted in Reski's Plant Biotechnology group at the University of Freiburg (Germany). First results are going to be made public in January 2010.

The moss Physcomitrella has been developed by a fast growing scientific community as a model plant with implications for basal as well as applied research. The latter includes identification of genes for crop improvement and the production of complex biopharmaceuticals in the moss bioreactor.



2009-11-09 @ 19:30:59


Agrisera new web shop celebrating one year!

     First snow is slowly falling as well as the darkness of short days outside windows of Agrisera facility in Umeå, 600 km south of Polar Circle. But inside the facility, Agrisera stuff and invited guests are celebrating one year of Agrisera new web shop. Joint effort has brought many new and exciting antibodies for plant and algal research community.
And there will be more to come in 2010!

We can keep you posted through our monthly News Letter. Welcome to sign up here.



  Agrisera new web shop celebrating 1 year
2009-11-06 @ 09:09:04

Agrisera has been recently exhibiting at two conferences in Cracow, Poland: Eco-physiological aspects of plant responses to environmental stress and The 4th Conference of Polish Society of Experimental Biology. Many thanks to all of you who visited Agrisera booth and shared your experience with Agrisera antibodies as well as gave interesting suggestions for development of new products.

We appreciate it very, very much!


Agrisera at conferences in Cracow


2009-09-30 @ 12:55:15

Agrisera has been recently exhibiting at Annual meeting of Society of Experimental Biology in Glasgow and at Arabidopsis 2009  in Edinburgh. Thank you to all of you who has been coming and visiting Agrisera booth.Thank you to everyone who has come out and visited the Agrisera booth.Thank you for your fruitful discussions, antibody wish lists and inspiration for how we can better serve the plant science research community.

If you have an interesting project in mind - please contact us for possible collaboration on antibody development.

If you would like to make your antibody available world wide through Agrisera - you are most welcome.

If you would like to start a custom antibody production project - use to your advantage Agrisera experience in making antibodies to plant proteins. Antibody production guide can be found here.

Agrisera exhibiting on SEB and Arabi 2009

2009-07-06 @ 20:51:09


Prof. Zofia Szweykowska-Kulińska and Prof. Artur Jarmolłwski from the Insitute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in Poznań, Poland have visited Agrisera facility in May 2009. Possibilities of collaboration on antibody development and creation of an antibody collection to proteins involved in plant micro RNA biogenesis have been discussed.

Work on this project will start during fall 2009.



  visit to Agrisera

2009-06-22 @ 11:53:18

Agrisera sponsors and participates the Symposium on Bacterial Cell Biology and Pathogenesis & Workshop on Microscopy in Microbial Systems held on Umeå University, Sweden

June 14th rto June 18th


2009-06-15 @ 21:35:40




On  10th aniversary of Umeå Plant Science Centre, Agrisera's close collaborating partner, Agrisera has planted a fruit tree as a gift with congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Agrisera is located in a close proximity to Umeå, where Umeå Plant Science Centre is operating. Collaboration with the centre has been carried out over many years and has been very successful.



  Planting a gift tree for UPSC


2009-05-19 @ 10:36:20

All Agrisera product information sheets are undergoing a very thorough update with images, references, useful links and any additional information which we think can be helpful. We estimate to be finished with this task in June 2009.

New layout for Agrisera product information sheets

There is an option to add a comment about Agrisera antibody (Read/Add review) and receive 10 % discount on next order. If you are interested please contact us after you have made a comment on our web site.

2009-03-26 @ 18:44:35

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in Septmber 2009:

Eco-physiological aspects of plant responses to environmental stress, 16.09-19.09, Kraków, Poland,

The 4th Conference of Polish Society of Experimental Biology, Kraków, Poland, 21.09-25.09

We were present on following meetings this year:

4th European senescense network meeting (SenNet), Arvidsjaur, Sweden, 20.02-24.02

Annual meeting of Society of Experimental Biology, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Plant biology sessions 28.06-1.07

Arabidopsis 2009  Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 30.06 - 4.07

Meetings supported by Agrisera in 2009:

18th Western Photosynthesis Conference, 8.01-11.01, California, USA

4th European senescense network meeting (SenNet), Arvidsjaur, Sweden, 20.02-24.02

Plant abiotic stress tolerance, 8.02-11.02, Vienna, Austria

Cilia,mucus &  mucociliary interactions, 22.02-27.02, Lucca, Italy

5th International Symposium on Plant Neurobiology, 25.05-29.05, Florence, Italy

III PanAmerican plant membrane biology workshop, 27.05-31.05, Puebla,Mexico

Protein complexes in signaling and development , Glasgow, 25.06 -27.06

Gordon Research Conference - Photosynthesis, 28.06-3.07, Smithfields, USA

ROS,Plant reactive oxygen meeting, 8.07-10.07, Helsinki, Finland

18th Photosynthesis workshop, 20.08-21.08, Potsdam/Golm, Germany

1st International Conference on Retrograde Signaling in Plants,  1-3.09,  Berlin, Germany

Plants for the future, 06.09-10.09,Leipzig, Germany

XI Spanish-Portuguese Congress of Plant Physiology, 8.09-11.09, Zaragoza, Spain

9th IPMB Congress, 25.09-30.09, St. Louis, USA


European Plant Science Organisation  overwiev on meetings and conferences in plant science in 2009 (possible to sign up a new meeting)


2009-01-24 @ 17:52:46

2008-12-24 @ 20:00:43

After hard work Agrisera antibody shop web site is on line since 1st of October 2008. Our goal is to make antibody searching as easy as possible. There is also a possibility to ask questions immediately from our web site using the Live chat option in the left menu.

We are going to continue working on improvements on our site and product presentation to make it interactive and informative.

Our catalogue currently contains over 400 products. 

2008-12-04 @ 10:16:56