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The winner of the Agrisera Antibody and Western blot Quiz during ERPC2021 online conference

Warm congratulations to Dr. Colin Gates from The Cameron Laboratory, at the University of Colorado Boulder, who  participated in the Agrisera Antibody and Western Blot Quiz, taking place during the 38th Eastern Regional Photosynthesis virtual Conference (ERPC) on 24th of April. 

Dr. Colin Gates is the happy winner of the quiz and will receive the book: 
Photosynthesis Solar Energy for Life by Dr. Dmitry Shevela, Prof. Lars Olof Björn, Prof. Govindjee

We wish you good luck in your research!
 Solar energy for life, the bookSolar energy for life
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Learn more about Western blot and antibodies with Agrisera video series

If you would like the answers to the following questions:

presented in a short and informative way, watch the Agrisera's Educational Video Series, which will give you more insights into the Western blot technique as well as antibodies.

If you still have questions, you are welcome to contact Agrisera Technical Support. We have been working with antibodies for the last 30 years, and will do our best to help you.
 Agrisera's Educational Videos on Agrisera Youtube channel
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