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Agrisera on UREM 2016

Agrisera on UREM 2016

Between 24th and 25th of February Agrisera participated in Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting UREM 2016. The meeting gathered researchers from distant continents and with background in various disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology and physiology. Presentations and discussions were focused on how sunlight energy can be applied in production of fuels and carbone-based compounds. It was great to meet Agrisera collaborating partners again and thank you all who stopped by Agrisera table!
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Antibody Production & Western blot - Skype Workshop

western blot Skype workshop by Agrisera

Agrisera offers a free workshop on antibody production and western blot, by Skype. At a time suitable for your research group.
Do not miss this opportunity to get to know useful details of antibody production process as well as western blot technique.
Specific examples of western blot optimization are shown and ideas for improvement of your results will be given.
Comment after the workshop given by one of participants: I did not know I could learn so much about western blot during one hour!

To book Agrisera Skype Workshop, please contact: [email protected]
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