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Agrisera participates in plant science conferences in 2012

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2012:

21st Western Photosynthesis Conference, 5.01-8.01, Asilomar, USA
Structure and dynamics of the thylakoid membrane, 3.05-4.05, Kavli Royal Society International Centre, Buckinghamshire, UK
ICAR 2012, 3-07-707, Vienna, Austria
ASPB Plant Biology Meeting, 20.07-24-07, Austin, USA
Plant Biology Congress, 29.07-3.08, Freiburg, Germany
NPC11 - the 11th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 11.09 -14.09, Naantali, Finland

Meetings sponsored by Agrisera in 2012:

Havel-Spree-Colloquium, 17.01, Potsdam, Germany
Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance II, 22.02-25.02, Vienna, Austria
25rd Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants,  25.02, Dabringhausen, Germany
Maize Genetics Conference, 15.03-18.03, Portland, Oregon, USA
4th PanAmerican Plant Membrane Biology Workshop, 16.05-20.05, Asilomar, USA
"Journées de la Société Française de Photosynthèse”, 24.05-25.05, Paris, France
9th European Workshop Biotechnology of Microalgae, 4.06-5.06, Nuthetal, Germany
15th International Conference on the Cell & Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, 5.06-10.06, Potsdam, Germany
19th meeting of the Austrian Society of Plant Biology (ATSPB), 7-06-10.06, Osttirol, Austria
Salt & Water Stress in Plants, 24.06-29.06, Hong Kong, China
SEB annual meeting, 29.06 -2.07, Salzburg, Austria
7th congress of young researchers of the French Society of Plant Biology, 4.07 -6.07, Grenoble, France
Gordon Research Conference on Mitochondria and Chloroplasts, 29.07-3.08, Rhode Island, USA
21st Photosynthesis Workshop, 9.08-10.08, Mainz, Germany
Plant & Microbial Cytoskeleton, 12.08-17.08, Andover, USA
SOL2012 The 9th Solanaceae Conference, 26.08-30.08, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
10th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference, 2.09-5.09, Munich, Germany
Black Forest Retreat 2012, on Molecular Plant Science, 10.09-13.09, Black Forest, Germany
NPC11 - the 11th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 11.09 -14.09, Naantali, Finland
7th SPPS PhD Student Conference, 12.09-15.09, Lauasmaa, Estonia
38th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynehtsis Meeting, 9.11-11.11, Turkey Run State Park, USA
Auxin 2012, 9.12-14.12, Hawaii

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