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Dr. Jay Thelen visited Agrisera

Dr. Jay Thelen visited Agrisera

It was our pleasure to host Dr. Jay Thelen from University of Missouri at Agrisera facility in Umeå on 27th of November. We discussed future antibody development and collaboration projects. Dr. Thelen is going to have a lecture in a series of Cutting Edge Seminars at Umeå Plant Science Center: Phosphoproteomic analysis of seed maturation - from discovering phosphorylation sites to identifying kinase clients.
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Visit to Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics Department and Ume Plant Science Centre

Agrisera visit to KBC/UPSC

On 27th of November Agrisera visited The Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics in the morning and Umeå Plant Science Centre in the afternoon. We offered nice cakes from a local bakery and good deals for our local customers: promptly made and free of charge delivery in  30 minutes for products in stock as well as good discounts on our products - 30 % off for all our secondary antibodies until end of this year. 
Thank you for all of you who came by to talk to us!
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Visit at Ume University

At the 20th of November Agrisera visited the Department of Molecular biology and the
Department of Medical Biosciences at Umeå University.

Thank you all for coming by to meet us!


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Dr. Rossana Henriques visited Agrisera in November 2014

Dr. Henriques visiting Agrisera

Agrisera facility in Umeå was visited by our collaborating partner, Dr. Rossana Andrea Novo Lopes Henriques on 10th of November. We had good discussion about further antibody testing and development and appreciate very much the time Dr. Henriques spent at our facility during her busy time in Umeå. She gave a lecture at at Umeå Plant Science Centre:"From genome dark matter to biological regulation: uncovering long non-coding RNA function in plants".
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Agrisera participates in conferences in 2015

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2015:

WPC2015, Western Photosynthesis Conference, 8.01-11.01, Asilomar, USA
Chloroplast Biotechnology, GRC conference, 18.01-23.01, Ventura, California, USA
Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting, 25.03-27.03, Umeå, Sweden
ISF-1 Young, 24.04-26.04, Uppsala, Sweden
1st Solar Fuels Conference, 26.04-1.05, Uppsala, Sweden
9th International Conference for Plant Mitochondrial Biology, 17.05-22.05, Wrocław, Poland
4th European Workshop on Plant Chromatin, 25.06-26.06, Uppsala, Sweden
Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance III, 29.06-1.07, Vienna, Austria
Plant Biotic Stresses & Resistance Mechanisms II, 2.07-4.07, Vienna, Austria
26th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, 5.07-9.07, Paris, France
Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants, 10.07-11.07. Paris, France
Plant Biology 2015, 26.07-30.07, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
26th SPPS, 9.08-13.08, Stockholm, Sweden
3rd European Workshop on Peptide Signalling in Plants, 3.09-5.09, Ghent, Belgium
KBC days, 10.11-11-11, Umeå, Sweden

Meetings which are going to be supported by Agrisera in 2015:

ISF-BIDR Workshop, Surviving the extremes: Abiotic stress tolerance in extremophile plants, 2.02-5.02, Ben-Gurion, Israel
28th Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants, 24.02-27.02, Dabringhausen, Germany
International Symposium on Plant Photobiology, 26.05-31.05, Austin, USA
The Pan American Plant Membrane Biology Workshop, 1.06-5.06, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
FV2015, 14.06-17.06, Toldeo, Spain
12th International Conference on Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Plants, 24.06 - 26.06, Verona, Italy
The Dynamics and Regulation of Photosynthesis: From the Origin of Biocatalysis to Innovative Solar Conversion, 28.06-3.07, Bentley University, USA
SEB Annual Meeting, 30.06-3.07, Prague, Czech Republic
15th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes, 2.08-6.08, Tübingen, Germany
XVIII ENPER meeting, 17.08-20.08, Leeds, UK
2nd International Molecular Mycorrhizae Meeting, 3.09-4.09, Cambridge, UK
International Workshop on PR proteins and Induced Resistance against Pathogens and Insects, 6.09-10.09, Aachen Germany
17th Annual Meeting of the ISE-G, 21.09-24.09, Berlin, Germany
Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability, in honor of George Papageorgiou, 21.09-26.09, Crete, Greece
X Reunión de Biología Vegetal, 1.12-4.12, Chile

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