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The winner of the Agrisera Quiz conducted during a biochemistry course lecture at Ume University

Our warmest congratulations to master student Karolina Todorska, who scored a 9/9 in the Agrisera Antibody and Western blot quiz, part 1 and part 2!

The quiz was a part of Agrisera's lecture on Western blot, conducted by Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz Asplund on the 29th of March, as part of the course "Biochemistry: Protein Separation Methods and Analytical Techniques", held at The Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Sweden.

As the prize, Karolina received the book "Photosynthesis – Solar Energy for Life" by Dr. Dmitry Shevela, Prof. Lars Olof Björn, Prof. Govindjee.

Good luck with your studies!
  The winner of Agrisera Quiz during a lecture on biochemistry course at Umeå University

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Agrisera Antibodies for Arabidopsis research

Agrisera offers an extensive and well-published collection of antibodies to support research on the biology of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

Advantages of this collection include:

  • Validation data, often provided with Agrisera high-titer matching secondary antibodies and outstanding detection reagents
  • Antibodies detecting proteins involved in various processes, and specific cellular compartments (compartment markers)
  • Extensive publication record. Some of Agrisera antibodies have been available for over 20 years.
  • Minimal lot-to-lot variation
  • Provided in a safe and economical format (lyophilized) for environmentally-friendly shipments that do not require heavy packages or dry ice
  • Prompt technical support

Find a matching antibody to a gene ID | Complete list of antibodies with confirmed and predicted reactivity to Arabidopsis thaliana | Examples of publications with Agrisera Antibodies | Benefit from a 10% discount until end of June with the discount code Arabi10

Marker antibodies for Arabidopsis thaliana cellular compartments

Extensive collection of antibodies to Arabidopsis thaliana proteins involved in photosynthesis

Extensive collection of antibodies to Arabidopsis thaliana proteins involved in a stress response

Agrisera Antibodies for Arabidopsis research
Agrisera's Arabidopsis thaliana antibodies are suitable for a wide range of techniques, including immunofluorescence, ChIP, IP and Western Blot. Over 100 antibodies are available free of charge for testing, in return for results. Check the list here

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Agrisera participates in Job Fair at Ume University

On the 28th of March, Agrisera participated in a Job Fair at Umeå University. The event is organized annually by Umeå Biotech Incubator, with the aim to connect students and potential new work places within the Life Science sector in Umeå. 
A warm thank you to all the students who came by and asked us interesting questions. We do hope that you see Agrisera as an attractive future workplace!
 Agrisera at Job Fair at Umeå University
Agrisera Laboratory Technician Marcus Boman and Product Developer Evelina Höök represented Agrisera at the Job Fair.
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Agrisera Western blot workshop at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology

On the 24th of March, Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund, Agrisera's Technical Support Manager, conducted an online workshop for researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam-Golm, Germany. The title of the workshop was "Western blot - a technique possible to optimize".

The workshop was almost 2 hours long, including a 10 minutes break for the Agrisera Antibody and Western blot Quizzes and coffee. Questions submitted by attendees were answered, and many pitfalls of the Western blot technique were discussed, with specific experimental examples. 

Participants also had a chance to win Agrisera high titer secondary antibodies and 2 ECL reagents, in two quizzes, consisting of questions about antibodies and the Western blot technique.

Each participant of the workshop received a pdf of the presentation with links to additional information, as well as a pdf of Agrisera's Western blot guide

If you are interested in this type of online workshop to be held at your institution, do not hesitate to contact us!

Agrisera Workshop at Max Planck, Germany
Feedback from one of the participants:

Thank you very much for the workshop! I myself learned quite some additional things, I didn’t know before. And I talked to some of my colleagues just now and they also really liked your workshop. Thanks also for providing the pdf, I will send them to the participants!

I really enjoyed your presentation and I can see how dedicated you are about western blots, it was really great to listen to you!
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Why do we recommend to use Agrisera secondary antibodies together with Agrisera primary antibodies?

Agrisera offers a wide range of high-titer secondary antibodies, for detection of primary antibodies from different hosts, like goat, llama, mouse, rabbit, rat and many more.

Our secondary antibodies have the following features: 
  • High sensitivity
  • High average dilution antibody can be used at
  • Long-term stability
  • Superior lot-to-lot consistency
  • Most of Agrisera primary antibodies were validated in pair with Agrisera secondary antibodies 
This means that we can offer you a working antibody pair to secure success of your Western blot experiment. 
 Agrisera high titer secondary antibodies

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Agrisera Best Poster Prize at 20th Scientific Conference of the Phycology Section of the German Society for Plant Sciences

The 20th Scientific Conference of the Phycology Section of the German Society for Plant Sciences took place in the historical Rosensäle in Jena, Germany, March 12th-15th, 2023.

Agrisera supported the meeting with the Best Poster Prize ("1. Posterpreis der Sektion Phykologie"), the winner och which was selected by a Phycology Jury.

The Best Poster Prize was awarded to the scientific poster contribution of Trang Vuong, entitled "Life of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in a 3-D structured environment", authored by Trang Vuong¹, Ece Kurtoglu¹, Volker Wagner¹, Somak Chowdhury², Ruchira Mukherji², Pierre Stallforth² and Maria Mittag¹.

¹Matthias Schleiden Institute, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Am Planetarium 1, 07743 Jena, Germany
²Department of Paleobiotechnology, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, Hans Knöll Institute (HKI), Beutenbergstraße 11a, 07745 Jena, Germany

Trang Vuong is a PhD student in the laboratory of Maria Mittag. She has a fellowship of the Carl Zeiss Foundation and is a student member of the DFG-financed Cluster of Excellence "Balance of the Microverse".
  Agrisera Best Poster Prize at The 20th Scientific Conference of the Phycology Section of the German Society for Plant Sciences

Poster price award, 1st place. From left to right: Trang Vuong, Prof. Dr. Andreas Holzinger. Photograph by: PD Dr. Volker Wagner

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Agrisera reagents for successful protein detection in Western blot

Agrisera supports protein detection in your laboratory with tailored reagents with the following features: 
  • High sensitivity
  • Long-term stability
  • Suitable for PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes
  • Superior lot-to-lot consistency
  • Competitive pricing

For chemiluminescent detection of the activity of HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase enzyme), coupled to a secondary antibody, we recommend using:
AgriseraECL Bright (AS16 ECL-N), for low pico to mid-femtogram detection (for proteins of medium and high expression), or the enhanced AgriseraECL SuperBright (AS16 ECL-S), for extreme low femtogram detection (for proteins of low expression). Both reagents are provided in one set and if one of ECL is not sensitive enough, or there is too much background, the membrane can be washed and developed again, as described here

For laboratories without a CCD camera, visualization of the target protein can be made using so-called chromogenic detection with Agrisera BCIP/NBT ALP Substrate (AS19 BCIP-NBT) or Agrisera BCIP/NBT Plus ALP Substrate solution (AS19 BCIP-NBT-PLUS). In this case, the secondary antibody is conjugated to an enzyme called ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase). The reaction is visualized directly on the membrane through color development, and the membrane can be stored in the lab book for a future reference. This detection system is not appropriate for proteins of low expression, or to detect protein modifications, such as phosphorylation. 
 Agrisera reagents for protein visualization in Western blot technique

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Agrisera supported the 20th Scientific Conference of the Phycological Section of the German Botanical Society

The 20th Scientific Conference of the Phycological Section of the German Botanical Society took place between 12th and 15th of March in Jena, Germany. 

The talks covered various aspects of algal biology, including biotic interactions, algal ecology, perception of abiotic factors, applied phycology, algal physiology and algal tool box.

Agrisera supported the conference with The Best Poster Prize and free copies of Agrisera's Educational Posters, focused on photosynthesis. 
 Agrisera Educational Posters

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Advantages of Agrisera secondary antibodies labelled with ALP and HRP

Agrisera secondary antibodies, conjugated to HRP (Horseradish peroxidase) and ALP (Alkaline phosphatase) enzymes, are high-performance antibodies that can be used in high dilution, up to 1: 100 000.

This means that 1 mg of a given antibody will allow quite a number of experiments to be conducted. 

The most common mistake is comparing secondary antibody pricing between various suppliers, when antibody performance is the actual key. Using secondary antibodies in high dilutions also minimizes potential background issues.

Agrisera secondary antibodies are high-performing and price-worthy, delivered in an environmentally-friendly way without dry ice, which is costly to produce and transport.

You are welcome to check the stock balance of any secondary antibody you need, at any time, here. For the secondary antibodies that are not in stock, the delivery time is around 5-10 business days.

During the entirety of 2023, all Agrisera secondary antibodies labelled with ALP and HRP are provided with a 10% discount. Use discount code Conj10

 Agrisera Antibody Performance
Agrisera antibodies perform above market average in terms of dilution.

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Quantify GlnA enzyme in samples from wide range of organisms

Glutamine synthetase GlnA is the key enzyme in the incorporation of mineral nitrogen into glutamine. The activity of this enzyme is controlled by adenylarion under conditions of abundant glutamine.

Agrisera Global GlnA antibodies are reactive to this enzyme from the following species, as confirmed experimentally: Deinococcus radioduransm Synechococcus sp. strain PCC 7942, Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803, Trichodesmium IMS

Beyond this, reactivity is predicted to the following species, based on sequence homology: Alpha, beta, gamma proteobacteria, Arthropsira sp. PCC 8005, Crenarchaeotes, Enterobacteria,  Escherichia coli, Euryarchaeotes, Thermotogales

Confirmed and predicted reactivity is explained further here

By using GlnA Global antibodies, combined with GlnA protein standard it is possible to quantify GlnA using quantitative Western blot, described here, and in this video tutorial.

Until end of March 2023, both products are offered with a 20% discount
Quantify GlnA enzyme in a wide range of samples
3 µg of total protein from Trichodesmium IMS 101 extracted with Agrisera Protein Extration Buffer (AS08 300) (1-8) and GlnA protein standard 0.3, 0.15, 0.07 pmol (9-11) were used to visualise and quantite GlnA.

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