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Agrisera participates in plant science conferences in 2010

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2010:

2nd International Symposium on Chloroplast Genomics and Genetic Engineering, 20.06-23.06, co. Kildare, Ireland
9th International Hydrogenase Conference, 27.06-2.07, Uppsala, Sweden
FESBP 2010, 4.07-9.07, Valencia, Spain
Plant Biology 2010, 31.07-4.08, Montréal, Canada
15th International Congress on Photosynthesis, 21.08-27.08, Beijing, China
3rd Phycomitrella genome workshop, 13-15.09, Freiburg, Germany

Meetings sponsored by Agrisera in 2010:

19th Western Photosynthesis Conference, 7.01-11.01, Asilomar, USA
III PanAmerican plant membrane biology workshop,13.01-16.01, Puebla, Mexico
23rd Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants, 23.02-26.02, Dabringhausen, Germany
5th European Plant Science Organisation Conference, 18.04 - 22.04, Finland
27th Eastern Regional Photosynthetic Conference, 16.04-18.04, Woods Hole, USA
14th International Conference on the cell and molecular biology of Chlamydomonas, 6.06-10-06 Norton, USA
Congress of Internatinal Association for Plant Biotechnology, 6-11.06, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
21st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, 6.06-10.06, Yokohama, Japan
10th Cyanobaterial Molecular Biology Workshop, 11-15.06, UCLA Conference Center, USA
10th International conference on plant anaerobiosis, 20.06-25.06, Volterra, Italy
20th Conference of the International Plant Growth Substances Associaction, (IPGSA), 28.06-2.07, Tarragona, Spain
SEB Annual Meeting, 30.06-3.07, Prague, Czech Republic
Mechanisms in Plant Development, FASEB conference, Vermont, USA
1st International Symposium on the Nitrogen Nutrition of Plants, 26.07-30.07, Aichi, Japan
Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton, 8-13.08, Andover, USA
Photosynthese workshop 12.08-13.08, Frankfurt, Germany
XIth International Colloquium on Endocytobiology and Symbiosis, 29.08-3.09, TromsØ, Norway
6th SPPS PhD Student Conference, 2.09-5.09, Espoo, Finland
10th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 11.10-14.10, Tartu, Estonia
36th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Meeting, 29.10-31.10, Marshall, USA
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