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Agrisera supported International Congress on Photosynthesis Research 2022

Agrisera supported the hybrid International Congress on Photosynthetic Research, which took place between 31st of July and 5th of August, at the Dunedin Centre, New Zealand. The talks were also available online. The theme of the congress was "Photosynthesis research - fundamental and applied science for energy and food security". 

Agrisera's Educational Posters, focused on photosynthesis, and product catalog were available as give-aways for the conference participants.

Agrisera's photosynthetic posters are developed by Dr. Dmitry Shevela and Prof. Govindjee, in collaboration with leading scientists in the field. Graphic design by Dr. Dmitry Shevela/SciGrafik. Agrisera has sponsored the printing and free, worldwide distribution of these posters since the development of Poster 1 in 2016. 

Images found in the posters can be downloaded for free, to be used in your publication or on your website. To access the free images, and read testimonials on the posters, please click the buttons below.

Free images for download



Agrisera supported International Congress on Photosynthetic Research 2022

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Agrisera supported Plant Calcium Signaling Conference

Agrisera supported the 2022 Plant Calcium Signaling Conference, which took place between 11th and 13th of July at "La Statale", University of Milan, Italy. 

Two Under 26 Awards were offered by Agrisera, reserved for two participants under 26 years of age. The Awardees received a Diploma and can choose any antibody, free of charge, from Agrisera's catalog, within one year from the conference.

The awardees were:
Eleanor A. Murphy, from Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, UK & University of Bristol, Bristol, UK. Poster title: "Cellular stress signalling in marine diatoms".

Anson Ho Ching Lam, from Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK. Poster title: "Evolution of nuclear calcium signalling in land plants".

Agrisera's Educational Posters and catalog were available as give-aways for conference participants.


Agrisera Supported Plant Calcium Signaling Conference

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Agrisera supported 4th Network Meeting of the UV4Plants Association

Agrisera supported the 4th Network Meeting of the UV4Plants Association, which took place between the 3rd and 6th of July at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. UV4Plants Association focuses on promoting research of UV impact on plants and the climate. 

During the conference, participants could listen to 24 talks, grouped into six sessions, on plant adaptation and acclimation, UV light under natural conditions, different aspects of UVR8 and other photoreceptor signalling or UV/induced DNA damage and repair. The best poster was awarded with the Agrisera Best Poster Prize to Dr. Neha Rai from the Department of Botany and Plant Biology at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. The title of the awarded poster was: "UV-B photoreceptor mediated transcriptional regulation in plants".

Agrisera Educational Posters and Western blot brochure were included in the conference bag. 

Agrisera's well-published Antibody Collection for Photosynthetic Research can be found here


Agrisera supported 4th Network Meeting of the UV4Plants Association

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