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Farewell party..

Fareweĺl party for Cattis

Many of you must have been in touch with Agrisera Antibody Production Manager Cathrine. Our dear friend and colleague who with her incredible engagement served Agrisera customers during last 30 years. Yesterday we honoured Cathrine during the farewell party at Åbrånets Limousin. Cathrine, known also as "Cattis" always told us that her friends and colleagues are like flowers in a bouquet, everybody is different. Therefore she received from us a vase called "meadow" and everybody brought her a personal flower. We will miss her!
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Plant Biology Scandinavia 2015

Agrisera on SPPS meeting 2015

Between 10th and 13th of August Agrisera participated in XXVIth Plant Biology Congress of Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society, which took place at Aula Magna of Stockholm University. It was a magnificient venue, where Nobel price talks in chemistry are taking place. Thank you all dear participants who stopped by and talked about your antibody requirements. It was a great pleasure to meet you all and we appreciate a possibility to do that. Please keep in mind a possibility for an antibody production and western blot workshop which is offered by Agrisera in person or by Skype.
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