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Agrisera to work with new antibody search engine

Agrisera to work with new antibody search engine

Agrisera is working with a new antibody search engine called CiteAb to ensure antibodies are easy to find and that researchers can quickly see where they have been cited in the past.

CiteAb lists over 800,000 antibodies from 50 companies, along with the publications that cite them. CiteAb is the largest independent citation-ranked antibody search engine, and is regularly updated with new antibodies and citations.

The search engine has been developed by a team based in Bath in the UK, and has been both supported and rigorously tested by the University of Bath.

Dr Andrew Chalmers is behind CiteAb. He said: “Citations are the best guide to whether an antibody is likely to work in your laboratory, they are independent and easily verifiable. We’re aiming to make CiteAb as comprehensive as possible and are delighted to be able to include Agrisera antibodies.”

Agrisera provides CiteAb with data for all of its primary antibodies. CiteAb is asking users of our antibodies to submit their publications to the site - increasing the profile of your work and helping others to find the right antibody.

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