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Agrisera - Plant science antibody supplier of the year!

Agrisera - Plant Science Antibody Supplier of the year 2019

We were waiting impatiently for the announcement of the winners of the 2019 CiteAb awards this year and were really thrilled to learn that Agrisera received this brand new award! It gives spotlight to the supplier with the most antibody citations related to plant science in 2018, making Agrisera Plant Science Antibody Supplier of the Year

We are glad that Agrisera antibodies are supporting research in plant science and promise to work hard to provide the community with even wider range of quality products.

CiteAb is the leading life science data provider, which has grown from an academic project to an innovative data company. Their antibody and biochemical search engine provides a simple way for researchers to find reagents that work, while the high quality market data and citations are used commercially by many of the world’s leading reagent suppliers and investment companies.
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Agrisera Best Talk Prize during Molecular Biology of Plants meeting in Dabringhausen

Agrisera Best Talk Award

Last week, during the Molecular Biology of Plants conference, taking place in Dabringhausen, Germany, The Best Talk Award sponsored by Agrisera was won by the PhD candidate Katharina Winkel from Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.

We are sending you warm congratulations and are awaiting your decission on which product have you chosen from Agrisera catalogue!

The meeting is organized yearly, for 32 years by the Section of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology of the DGB.
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Why study photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis Solar Energy for Life

The newly published book (World Scientific): "Photosynthesis - solar energy for life" by Dmitry Shevela, Lars Olof Björn and Govindjee, is filled with most recent data concerning this unique process, which is crucial for maintaining life on Earth. There are many challenges, which we are currently facing, to name a few: climate change, energy demand, food supply, pollution and many pressing questions which remain to be answered.
The book will definitely provide you with valuable insights and is filled with many useful and educational graphs and schemes.

Recommended reading!
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