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Agrisera participated in the 1st hormone, cell wall and morphogenesis workshop

Between 9th and 10th of March, Agrisera participated in person in the 1st Hormone, Cell wall and Morphogenesis workshop, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå, Sweden.

The workshop was organized by the group of Dr. Stéphanie Robert from SLU/Umeå Plant Science Center, department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology. 

Thank you for a good time and the interesting questions, at the first in-person event Agrisera has participated in in two years. 

Check out our collection of antibodies to plant cell components and plant hormones, which also includes ELISA kits for plant hormone quantification. 
 1st hormone, cell wall and morphogenesis workshop, 9.03-10.03, SLU, Umeå, Sweden
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20 % off compartment markers and loading control antibodies

20 % off compartment marker and loading control antibodies

Do not miss this promotion! From the 1st of April until the 30th of June, our very popular and well-published antibodies to plant cell compartment markers and loading controls are discounted by 20%.

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Agrisera Antibodies matching Arabidopsis thaliana gene IDs are listed here

Do you need advice on which antibody to choose, or are you working with species not listed on antibody product information sheet?

Please contact us! We reply very promptly. 

Take a look at The Benefits of using Agrisera Antibodies

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