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AS03 037

"I have been using this antibody for the past 7 years. It has worked wonderfully for me every time I tried. I have used it on cyanobacteria (including Trichodesmium), Diatoms, and Seagrasses, with and without the RbcL standard. I have several publication in which I used this antibody (and others by Agrisera)."

AS05 084A

"Very good, reliable, high quality product. We have successfully used it in various projects, for plant and cyanobacterial samples over a decade already. Also performs excellently in the project that we are currently preparing for publication. I can higly recommend using it.

AS06 203A

"This antibody works very well for our samples. The membrane proteins from the Arabidopsis roots are subjected to 10% SDS-PAGE and then detected with this antibody (1:5000). The results shows that this antibody is quite specific and sensitive."

AS09 501

"This product was proved to work perfectly with Lolium/Festuca species. Thus, it seems that it has a wide range of species compatibility."

AS10 671

"AGO5 protein is a really tricky protein that required good antibody for its detection. Agrisera AGO5-antibody demonstrate to be good for AGO5 detection. The reason why I gave this grade it is because this antibody detect a lot of non-target protein resulting into a lot of unespecific bands. Although the unespecific bands, we could detect our protein and Agrisera antibody showed to be the better one when we compare with others company. Thank you for this product."

AS10 710

"We used H3 antibody with nuclear protein extracts from Arabidopsis at a dilution of 1:5000 and it gave very good result. I recomend this product."

AS10 718

"Agrisera anti-HTA9 AS10 718 is an excellent antibody to follow Arabidopsis H2A.Z levels by western blot and chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments (ChIP). We have used anti-HTA9 for ChIP and ChIP-seq experiments in Arabidopsis thaliana and the results obtained are in agreement with previously published data using other techniques."

AS16 4030, AS12 1858, AS16 4037, AS16 3204, AS15 2962, AS12 1857, AS13 2640

"We have used multiple Agrisera products (or antibodies) throughout the manuscript and we have cited them properly in the reporting summary of the paper. These include: BIK1, BAK1, CERK1, SOBIR1, RBOHD, FLS2 and ACTIN antibodies. Again many thanks for developing these great antibodies. They contributed to a big part of this work."

AS15 2994

"The kit is really great and I truly enjoy working with this kit. The manual is very precise and clearly describes the proper steps for an successful analysis. It is very handy that every solution needed is included which makes the analysis less time consuming. Thank you for all the effort that went into this development."

AS21 4525

"mNeonGreen Antibody in alga, it worked nicely! It worked very beautifully! Well done Agrisera! Thank you! Once again thank you for the help you made to our research. Thank you for being a pioneer and trustable antibody company." - Hanie Khorshidi, PhD Candidate, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

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Ordering & service

"You are so fast with delivery!!! I thought it will come in a week or two. Antibodies came so promptly! Thank you :)"

"I am grateful to your quick response and the supply of precious products. The purchasing process was very understandable, quick and easy. Now I am getting good results."

"I am becoming really a fan of Agrisera. Great service and (so far) really high-quality antibodies, thanks a lot!"

"I like to work with Agrisera. It is a first choice."

"Honestly, thanks a lot for being so efficient. You has been helping so much, especially now when the time is a limitation for me. Please feel proud you, because you are amazing. Thanks and have an a lovely week."

"[...] mentioned that you are very good at making custom antibodies and I would like to know a bit more about this, because I think my current project could benefit a lot from this."

"I bought more than 20 products from your company over the past 2 years. It is very helpful."

"I have been an Agrisera customer since I was a Master's student and I know your photosynthesis antibodies are great! I'll look more into your products!"

"Thank you very much for the Agrisera ECL SuperBright kit. I recommended it to my colleagues in Belgium and they bought and tried the small kit. Very pleased with the results. We will also order it for ourselves."

"I have never in my life received products so quickly following my order!"

"I have been heard about Agrisera and their fantastic [custom antibody production] services with reasonable price [...]. We are interested to order 4 different polyclonal antibodies using peptide as antigen."

"Well, you are a very reliable company with an amazing customer service/communication, so I was able to prepare my blots yesterday, knowing the serum will be here in the morning today :)"

"Once again, thank you so much! Yes the purified one would be awesome. By the way, I take the chance of congrats Agrisera because we just tried some antibodies we recently ordered and they work amazingly :)"

"I cannot postpon your e-mail even in holidays since it is good offer :)"

"The ordered antibody has already arrived today. Many thanks for the very fast processing. Many thanks also for the included posters and the personal dedication. I really appreciate your customer service."

"Perfect! Thanks so much! Agrisera is amazing!"

"Thanks very much. I've been using Agrisera antibodies since I began as a grad student. I appreciate your company's focus on plant-oriented antibodies." - Rebecca Roston, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

For information on ordering and shipping, please click here or contact [email protected].

Technical support

"These antibodies greatly accelerated our research. I really appreciate the contributions of your company to plant biology and our research!"

"Please don't mind my saying that I always deeply appreciate how you have been helping throughout in out research."

"I found your information very helpful for my experiments. You told me so many things about how I could optimize my blots and get an antibody to work which I did not know until then."

"We managed to have some success with the HSP70 antibody after using it with a different ECL. The trial reagents helped a lot with figuring out what worked!"

"Thanks so much! I'm currently using the Agrisera form II Rubisco antibody with (tentatively) wonderful results. I hope that you've got minions responding to your emails since I think that I've bothered you with Rubisco questions quite a lot. I really appreciate all of your help."

"Thanks for all the advice. It was very helpful talking to you. I get into the mood of trying your antibodies. Lets see - I ll be back in the lab soon."

"Thank you very much for the posters and technical suggestions.  I have always thought your antibodies were of high quality."

"Some colleagues of mine told me that you were really cooperative and helped them a lot for their research."

"Thank you very much for everything. You have really helped me. Thank you for your great job. You have been very nice."

"I am very glad that everything is going fine with you and with the Agrisera! We are most grateful to you for all your help, advices and understanding, and we are happy to collaborate with the Agrisera."

"I greatly appreciate all the advice on protein extraction and Western blot from the Tech support team, especially Joanna. You are so helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and supportive. I've learned so much from you when designing my experiment. Thank you so much!" - Yuan Zhang, Ph.D., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

For technical support, please email [email protected] or contact us on live chat.

Educational material

"Not only are your posters scientifically accurate, they are works of art, worthy of display for the world to see. Your expression of Rubisco is brilliant! As a result of your designs and your clarity of expression, these educational posters are so popular, that international audiences seeks them. Do farmers come from the other side of the convention hall to get one of my scholarly reprints? Not at all. They are clamoring for your printed posters because everybody from laborers to professors are putting them up on their walls."

"I received posters and a western blot guide book today. Thank you very much for gifts. My resources for education are increased. I displayed the posters in a prominent place and will give them to some graduate students."

"I use your educational posters in teaching lab and the students love them!"

"[The poster] is so nice. I will put it in my kids' room :) They already love photosynthesis (yes, I am saving up for therapy for them).”

"Great educational posters!"

"The meeting was great and thanks again for your support. We had you material up in the poster session hall (3 sessions) and students excitedly stocked up on the z-scheme posters you sent."

"I saw the poster in my institute and found that it is one of the best summaries of photosynthesis I saw on a single poster. I am merely a Plant Sciences Master student, so the purpose it would have is to hang in my room and act as a nice-looking overview and useful reminder of one of the key concepts in my field."

"I'm teaching plant physiology at agronomy courses since 2016. I'm very interested to get the Agrisera educational posters. Please, send me a copy of each poster showed above (posters 1, 2, 3 and 4). They will be very useful in my classrooms and in my lab with my students."

"I'm a final-year PhD student and I'd love to receive these posters if they are free! These would be very helpful when lecturing and tutoring students. Is it possible to get all four of them? That would be amazing."

"The education poster 1 and 3. Thanks so much for your information. The content is very great for teaching of plant physiology."

"Thanks so much. These are very great learning resources."

"I would like to have these posters as they are great resource in lab as well as for teaching Plant Physiology."

"Thank you! I use your educational posters in teaching lab and the students love them!"

"It is an impressive poster, with up-to-date information on PSII."

"The poster is a wonderful piece of work, done with vast knowledge and great care to detail . . . . not an easy task to show such a complex system and processes with such a clarity . . . . Amazing!! My congratulations for that. I am sure this poster will inspire many students and researches around the world!!"

"Thank you so much for signposting the posters. They look great, just at the right level for my students. Thank you!" - Jon Hale, Head of Biology, Beaulieu Convent School

"Thank you for your message and I can not wait to receive the posters that are really nice and well done."


Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in receiving hard copies of the Agrisera educational photosynthesis posters or Western blot guide, free of charge. Our product catalog and other printed material can be found here.