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Agrisera is a Life Science company specialized in polyclonal antibody development and production, offering primary and secondary antibodies for plant and algal cell biology research with more than 35 years in the field. Agrisera is owned by Olink Proteomics since 2020, a rapidly growing life science company committed to advancing the understanding of human diseases through proteomics. We are dedicated to innovation, quality, rigor, and transparency, providing outstanding solutions and support for human protein biomarker discovery.

The vital role of proteins in understanding human biology has been recognized for many decades, but technological limitations severely restricted the comprehensive investigation of the huge number of proteins that could be important in different biological processes and diseases. With Olink, scientists can now simultaneously measure thousands of human proteins using just a few µL of blood sample, with highly specific, thoroughly validated assays that cover a very wide dynamic range (fg/mL to µg/mL).

In a few years, Olink has grown rapidly from a small, Sweden-based company offering assays for a few hundred proteins, to a NASDAQ-listed organization with a strong global presence, a broad portfolio of flexible protein biomarker solutions and library of high quality, thoroughly validated assays that covers ~5400 proteins.

Working at Agrisera

Scientist/Senior Development Engineer Recombinant Protein Analysis

Position Description

We are currently seeking a Scientist or Senior Development Engineer for a Recombinant Protein Development team. The team will set up methods for and generate high-quality proteins relevant for the human proteome to strengthen our Research and Development programs. The group will be located at Agrisera in Umeå and is a part of the R&D Department Affinity. You will report to Section Manager Recombinant Protein Development at Agrisera.

In setting up this R&D group at Agrisera, we will set the foundation for recombinant protein development including but not limited to methods using bacterial expression, protein purification and quality analysis. The position is based on hands-on wet-lab work. The role is expected to, with its’ team, enable and perform development of desired proteins in a robust, high quality and high throughput scale. The team is involved in both product and process development in own area and is responsible for key methods, instruments and data generated. The goal is to ensure good study design, appropriate technical methods and data driven decisions in all steps leading to development of high-quality products and processes.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Set up desired technical capacity and apply capabilities to characterize and sequence recombinantly expressed proteins for the sustainability and growth of Olink product lines.
  • Work independently in the team with active collaboration and communication within own department Affinity and across internal interfaces at Agrisera as well as R&D located in Uppsala.
  • Plan, execute, report, and scientifically communicate outcomes of R&D studies within own area.
  • Lead and have accountability for ongoing activities.
  • Interpret goals and challenges related to technical area and recommend solutions.
  • Investigate and solve arising problems within the area.
  • Comply with company policy, instructions and routines.

  • PhD in Biotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or similar experience.
  • Minimum two years hands on experience in life science industry and or academia.
  • In-depth knowledge of protein characterization methods, especially HPLC/UPLC and LC-MS.
  • Proven experience in operating chromatography and mass spectrometry systems, including method development for protein/proteomic analysis.
  • Practical experience of protein expression and purification is advantageous.
  • Broad knowledge and experience of process development and scale-up for protein expression, purification and quality control methods.
  • Thorough scientific understanding of the field of proteomics, protein science, and recombinant protein development.
  • Solid data analysis skills including essential statistics and experimental design.
  • Strong communication and writing skills for presentation and documentation in English.

We offer a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits package, and a dynamic work environment. If you want to help to deepen the understanding of real-time human biology and are looking for an exciting new challenge, we encourage you to apply!

If you have any questions about this position please reach out to the responsible recruiter, Hedvig Strandberg at [email protected].

The last day for applying is on 9th of June 2024 but please submit your application as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: We would like to kindly ask you to send in an anonymous CV without name, email address, picture or any other personal information on the CV. Thank you!


Development Engineer


Vi erbjuder nu en spännande roll som Development Engineer till avdelningen för Antikroppsscreening i Umeå. Du kommer att tillhöra ett team på fem personer som arbetar med qPCR-screening av antikroppar som nedströms blir en del av Olinks multiplexa paneler.

Huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifter

Som medarbetare i gruppen kommer dina arbetsuppgifter vara varierande och omfatta både laborativt och administrativt arbete. De huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifterna kommer vara att:

  • Självständigt planera och utföra laborativa uppgifter såsom rening och konjugering av antikroppar följt av screening med Olinks PEA (Proximity Extension Assay) teknologi med qPCR som avläsningsplattform
  • Analysera, granska och logga resultat från laboratoriearbetet
  • Skapa och underhålla dokumentation och system för avdelningens kvalitetsarbete
  • Aktivt delta i utvecklingen av gruppens och avdelningens verksamhet samt delta i förbättringsprojekt
  • Hantera och registrera data för stora mängder antikroppar, antigener och biologiska prover


  • Högskoleexamen, ingenjörsutbildning eller motsvarande inom Life Science-området
  • Erfarenhet av laboratoriearbete
  • Vana att pipettera små volymer
  • Goda kunskaper i Excel
  • Goda kunskaper inom molekylärbiologi och kemi
  • Behärskar svenska och engelska flytande i tal och skrift

Det är meriterande om du har dokumenterad labbvana och tidigare erfarenhet av antikroppsbaserade testmetoder och PCR/qPCR.

För att trivas i rollen som Development Engineer hos oss behöver du vara ansvarstagande, driven och lösningsfokuserad. Du är en lagspelare som har lätt för att såväl kommunicera och samarbeta med andra som att arbeta självständigt. Då arbetet innebär hantering av stora mängder reagens och data värdesätter vi att du är strukturerad och mycket noggrann. Det är viktigt att du har ett positivt förhållningssätt och kan anpassa dig till ändrade omständigheter då vi har ett stort kundfokus och är ett företag i expansion.

Stor vikt kommer att läggas vid personliga egenskaper.

Din ansökan med CV och personligt brev, önskar vi snarast, dock senast 2024-05-26. Urval och intervjuer kommer göras löpande under ansökningstiden och tjänsten kan komma att tillsättas före sista ansökningsdag. Varmt välkommen med din ansökan!

Till ansökan!

Master thesis and other degree projects at Agrisera

Master thesis and other degree projects at Agrisera

Interested in working at a biotech company? Doing your master thesis at Agrisera means that you will work in a modern antibody production and purification facility, interacting with experienced and dedicated staff. Agrisera is a local custom and catalog antibody supplier, established in 1985. We offer experimental projects in protein biochemistry and immunology. Conducting your degree work at Agrisera will give you the possibility to get insight into our operations. You will work in a creative environment, together with dedicated and friendly co-workers.

Examples of master theses previously conducted at Agrisera:
”Column preparation and method development to remove anti-Rubisco antibodies from serum samples”
”Anti-α1,3-fucose and anti-β1,2-xylose antibodies – tools for better understanding of protein glycosylation in plant cells”

To apply, provide us with your CV, as well as a personal letter where you describe what you are interested in and why you think that you are suitable person for a project at Agrisera.

Contact: [email protected].