Agrisera antibodies
can be found in thousands of scientific publications and we have a publication record since 1990.

A list of chosen references can be found here.

Last report, from the UK based company CiteAB, which is the world's largerst antibody search engine, with results ranked by citations, revealed that Agrisera is in the top of companies providing antibodies for research in plant science. The CiteAB team analyzed citation data from 2012 to 2017, which means 1800 citations for 850 antibodies and 36 suppliers of antibodies for plant science. The research is supported by 60 % fewer suppliers compare to other areas and 94 % fewer antibodies. Agrisera scored as the second supplier taking 20.06 % of citation share, just behind Abcam (20.64 %). You can read the complete CiteAB post here.