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Celebrating 30 years in business

200 cake pieces were served by Agrisera staff during 2 day visits to 4 institutions at Umeå University:

Department of Molecular Biology, Department of Medical Biosciences
Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Umeå Plant Science Centre

Thank you all for coming by to meet us and thank you for all congratulations Agrisera received!

Agrisera's 30 years celebration
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Swedish growth in life science

CiteAb has performed an analysis of PubMed publication record from last five years and concluded that Swedish research output referencing antibody use has moved Sweden to position 6 in the world. This indicates extremely fast growth in life science research which is using antibodies. With a population of only 9.6 mln, Sweden is a home for many world known research centers, to name a few: Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Umeå Plant Science Center, Uppsala University. A great effort to create antibodies to all proteins of human proteome was also inititiated and conducted in Sweden and as a result The Human Protein Atlas is available for research community. Agrisera was one of the companies which produced antibodies for the purpose of this project. Whole blog post from CiteAb about Swedish life science growth can be found here.
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