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Agrisera and Labome

Agrisera antibodies are listed on various portals, one of them is Labome, the portal which established Validated Antibody Database recently:

Antibodies form an essential part of the immune defence against microbes and have been explored as therapeutics and diagnostics due to their ability to bind proteins and non-proteins specifically and with high affinity. In clinical and research laboratories, antibodies are an indispensible tool for detecting, quantitating, and isolating proteins and other moieties in cells, tissues, and body fluids. While antibodies used for therapeutics and clinical diagnosis are subject to stringent regulations by health authorities throughout the world, there are no standards or third-party quality controls for research antibodies.

Hundreds of biotech companies offer research antibodies, which are either polyclonal, monoclonal, or more recently, recombinant. However, the specificities of these antibody reagents do not always match scientists' expectations. An antibody might bind non-specific targets and might not be suitable for a specific application. Utilization of such an antibody often leads to false positive results. These misleading results can nullify important discoveries, discredit a research team and impede scientific progress. Academic journals have withdrawn articles presenting data based on non-specific antibodies, and poor antibody quality has been attributed as one of the causes for the irreproducibility of published discoveries.

In order to help alleviate this antibody quality and specificity problem, Labome sought to organize antibody applications cited in formal publications since 2008 and has developed Validated Antibody Database (VAD). VAD, a manually curated database, compiles commercial and non-commercial antibodies whose specificities and applications have been independently reported in published results from formal articles. In particular, VAD catalogues antibody applications validated in knockout studies. VAD version 2.2 contains 143357 entries of antibody applications from 38430 articles, covering 35146 antibody reagents from 110 high-quality suppliers. The database is updated every other month. VAD is freely accessible for online browsing at

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