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Agrisera Award during 8th Plant Nitric Oxide International Meeting

Our warmest congratulations to Aprajita Kumari, from the National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi, India, who received the Agrisera Award during the 8th Plant Nitric Oxide International, online conference.

The awarded poster had the title: "New role of alternative oxidase under hypoxia to increase nitric oxide and energy efficiency".

The Agrisera Antibody Collection for research on oxidative stress can be found here.

Good luck with your research! We are awaiting your free antibody choice! 

 Agrisera Prize on PNO8 conference
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Agrisera Best Student Poster Prize awarded during Plant Biology Europe 2021 conference

Our warmest congratulations to Aleksandra Urban from the Department of Molecular Plant Physiology, Institute of Environmental Biology, University of Warsaw, Poland, who received the Agrisera Best Student Poster Award during Plant Biology Europe 2021 conference.

The best student poster had the title "How light influences the rearrangements of super- and megacomplexes in the non-appressed thylakoid membranes of maize mesophyll chloroplasts?".
The theme of the poster is described in more details in the recent publication "Effect of light on the rearrangements of PSI super-and megacomplexes in the non-appressed thylakoid domains of maize mesophyll chloroplasts" Urban et al. (2020).  

The Agrisera Antibody Collection for the research on photosynthesis can be found here.

Good luck with your research! We are awaiting your free antibody choice! 

 Agrisera Best Student Poster Awardee on PBE21
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Agrisera is ISO 9001:2015 certified since June 2021

We are proud to announce that as of June 2021, Agrisera is officially ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

Agrisera's management system has been reviewed and complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards. 

The certification covers development, production and sales of antibodies and related products and services. Certificate number: 2318, issued the 24th of June, 2021. 

 If you require the Agrisera ISO 9001:2015 certificate, you are welcome to contact us.
 Agrisera ISO9001: 2015 certified since June 2021
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20 % off high quality blocking serum and negative controls

20 % off blocking (normal) serum and negative control

20 % off Agrisera blocking (normal) serum

Agrisera offers a wide range of high-quality blocking (normal) serum for the application as a blocking agent, or as a negative control for immunoassays. All serum is obtained from healthy animals. The following formats are available:

  • Serum
  • Total immunoglobulin fraction
  • Highly purified, total immunoglobulin fraction
From the following species: Bovine | Chicken | Donkey | Duck | Goat | Guinea pig | Hamster | Horse | Human | Llama | Mouse | Pig | Rabbit | Rat | Sheep

Serum is lipid-extracted, dialyzed against phosphate buffer, and provided as lyophilized powder without preservative in different amounts: 

From 1-10 mg to 1 g and bulk.

For most immunoassays like IHC, ELISA or Western blot, blocking is a crucial step to perform. This procedure blocks spaces that are not occupied by immobilized proteins, which prevents non-specific binding of the antibodies used in the assay. If blocking is not performed, false signals or high background will occur.

There is no universal blocking agent, therefore empirical testing is necessary to determine which agent to use for a given assay. 

If normal serum is used as a blocker, it is recommended to use serum derived from the same host species as the detection antibody, conjugated with the reporter enzyme like HRP (Horse radish peroxidase) or ALP (Alkaline phosphatase). 

Primary antibody: Rabbit anti-target 

Blocking serum: Normal Chicken Serum (usually used at 5 % v/v in PBS with Tween®20 detergent)

Secondary antibody: Chicken anti-Rabbit IgG-HRP conjugated

Note: Rabbit serum cannot be used for blocking in such a combination.  

Collection of discounted negative control reagents

Use discount code: Block20

Valid July-September 2021

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