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Peptide signalling meeting in Ghent

Peptide signalling meeting in Ghent 2015

Between 3rd and 5th of September Agrisera participated in 3rd Peptide Signalling Workshop in Ghent, Belgium. Meeting was held in the historical building of Ghent University: the "Pand" situated in the city center. Participants were representing over 15 countries and workshop program included even a 2 hour city tour as a break during one of the sessions. Thank you all who came by Agrisera table, discussed antibodies, informed us about very interesting adjustments of western blot protocol and gave their suggestions for new product development. Thank you also for participating in Agrisera talk about antibody production and western blot technique which seem to inspire to make adjustment in current western blot protocols. And yes, we do like to trouble shoot not working antibodies!
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Custom made antibodies produced at Agrisera, contribute to success in new therapies for the Swedish pharmaceutical industry


Follicum is developing a new pharmaceutical treatment for controlling hair growth. The first clinical studies in humans are planned to begin turn of the year 2015/2016, and intended to confirm the positive preclinical results of candidate drug FOL-005.

 Kancera focuses on pharmaceutical development of drug candidates based on new treatment. At present Kancera is primarily developing drugs for the treatment of leukemia and solid tumors.

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