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Agrisera Best Poster Prize awarded during Cyano2021 online meeting

Our warmest congratulations to Msc. Vanessa Krause from the Institute of Biology III, Freiburg University, Germany, who received the Agrisera Best Poster Prizea during the Cyano2021: Early Career Researcher Symposium on Cyanobacteria - "Photosynthesis - from its origin to applications" online conference, 15th-17th of November 2021. The title of her poster was "The function of small proteins and global examination of small translated ORFs".

Agrisera Antibodies for cyanobacterial proteins can be found here.

 Awardee of Agrisera Best Poster Prize on Cyano2021 online meeting

Good luck with your research!
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Awardee of Agrisera Antibody Quiz at KBC Days 2021

Warm congratulations to Dr. Ronnie Berntsson from the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at Umeå University, who won a free antibody in the Agrisera Antibody and Western blot Quiz, during KBC Days 2021, 9th to 10th of November, 2021.

Ronnie Berntsson is involved in research on type 4 secretion systems, which are used by bacteria to transfer antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors. His research is helping to solve pressing questions, such as multidrug-resistant bacteriapose, a grave threat to the progress that modern medicine has made during the last years. 

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  Awardee of Agrisera Antibody Quiz at KBC Days 2021

Dr. Ronnie Berntsson
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Dibbiotek - Agrisera new distributor in Mexico

This autumn, Agrisera entered a collaboration with Dibbiotek, that will distribute Agrisera products in Mexico, joining the worldwide Agrisera distribution network of over 30 companies. 

Dibbiotek is a company that markets and distributes biotechnology, molecular and immunological products and services to the bioscience research community. They handle a wide range of consumables, reagents, substances, materials and equipment, and specialize in the distribution of pharmaceutical, industrial, clinical products.

Dibbiotek have a comprehensive team of advisors and account executives to offer customers products at competitive prices of excellent quality.
 Dibibiotek Agrisera distributor in Mexico
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First Plant Actin Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody

Agrisera's Plant Actin Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody (product number AS21 4615) is the first recombinant monoclonal antibody made to plant actin. The antibody is developed in vitro using animal-free technologies, to provide end users with low batch-to-batch variation and secure a long-term supply of antibodies with the same characteristics. 

Actin is a highly conserved protein, and an essential component of the cell cytoskeleton. It plays an important role in cytoplasmic streaming, cell shape determination, cell division, organelle movement and extension growth. Actin is preferentially expressed in young and expanding tissues, floral organ primordia, developing seeds and emerging inflorescence.

Agrisera's new actin antibody can be used as a loading control for plant tissues, and works with chemiluminescent, chromogenic and fluorescent detection. 

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New Agrisera Plant Actin Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody

Experimental details for this Western blot, with anti-plant actin recombinant monoclonal antibodies (AS21 4615) can be found here
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New epitope tag antibody mNeonGreen, detects mNG tag expressed in plant and algal vectors

mNeonGreen (Fluorescent Protein) is a new bright monomertic yellow-green fluorescent, with low conservation level to GFP. It has an excitation maximum at 506 nm, an emission maximum at 517 nm, and is therefore compatible with most GFP filter sets.

mNeonGreen is 3x brighter, more stable, and does not bleach as fast as GFP. This makes it very suitable for confocal and super resolution microscopy, for fusion proteins with low expression levels. It can be used in bicistronic vectors, which will allow simultaneous expression of two proteins separately, from the same RNA transcript. mNeonGreen has a MW of 26.6 kDa.

The peptide used to elicit the Agrisera mNeonGreen antibody is conserved in the following expression vectors:

  • dCas9-P2A-DHFR(TSc3)-T2A-mNeonGreen [Cloning vector pBM020]
  • Cas9-P2A-DHFR(TSc3)-T2A-mNeonGreen [Cloning vector pBM006]
  • mNeonGreen4-tDeg [Cloning vector pminiCMV-mNeonGreen4-tDeg]
  • ER-localized mNEONGREEN [Binary vector pKT-NM-erNEON]
  • mNeonGreen-3xFLAG [Cloning vector pLM160-mNeonGreen]
  • mNeonGreen-ty1 [Cloning vector pSAG1-mNeonGreen_TUB1-dTomato]
  • mNeonGreen, partial [Binary vector pRATIO2131]

Agrisera's mNeonGreen antibody, product number AS21 4525, recognizes mNeonGreen tags expressed in both plant and algal samples. 
 Western blot using mNeonGreen antibody

Experimental details for this Western blot can be found here
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The vinner of Agrisera Best Video Presentation Award at KBC Days 2021 is announced

Warm congratulations to Sofie Björklund from the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University, who received the Agrisera Award for the Best Video Research Pitch presentation during KBC Days 2021, held online 9th-10th of November. The special focus for this year's conference was Biodiversity and Bioenergy, with plenary lectures and panel discussions. 

The title of Sofia's 3-minute presentation was:
"Forever chemicals in household waste - a never-ending story?"

Sofie is obtaining her PhD in the group of professor Stina Jansson.

We wish you good luck in your research!

 Agrisera Best Video Presentation Award, KBC Days 2021
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Agrisera on SwedenBIO Summit, 8th of December

In preparation for SwedenBIO Summit 2021, Agrisera was welcomed as the 299th company, where Agrisera's CEO Erika Gelfgren will be holding the session "Close to the market experience". 

Erika was interviewed and asked the important question "What is your strategy to reach worldwide markets?". Below is her reply:

- The antibody market in the world is huge, but we chose early on to invest in a niche part of the market and specialized in antibodies to plant and algal proteins, products that not many others offer. This means that potential distributors often contact us and ask to include our products in their collections. 

The full interview with Agrisera's CEO, in Swedish, can be found here

 Agrisera CEO

Erika Gelfgren, Agrisera CEO
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Focus on catalog antibody development

As of October 15th 2021, Agrisera is moving the focus to its own catalog antibody development, and will no longer offer custom antibody production services. 

We will continue to support your research with off-the-shelf antibodies and reagents of good pricing and with short delivery times. 

Collection of primary antibodies for:
plant and algal research | human proteins | bacterial and fungal 
Secondary antibodies with high titer and various labels (ALP, biotin, HRP, fluorescent)
Epitope tag antibodies
Detection reagents for Western blot and ELISA
Blocking and control reagents

There is also a possibility to develop antibodies together with Agrisera, as collaboration projects. Please let us know if this is an interesting option, and we will provide you with more details.

Good luck for your research and we hope to hear from you soon!

Questions? Welcome to contact us
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