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New antibodies to tags

Antibodies to tags are among the most published antibodies in the world, according to analysis of publications peformed every year by CiteAb

Therefore, Agrisera is continuously work on adding new tag antibodies to our collection. This month, you can find the following new antibodies to various commonly used tags.

New products can be found here.

Browse all tag antibodies here.

  Anti-Tag antibodies from Agrisera

In case of any questions about anti-tag antibodies and their performance you are welcome to contact us!

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10 % discout in return for feedback

Agrisera offers a 10 % discount on any product from our catalogue, in return for a short note left on the specific product page. 

Example of a review note:

Customer review note

To leave a review:
  • Enter an antibody or reagent page on Agrisera website
  • Find a tab: Customer reviews
  • Click: "Add review" button
  • Write your short comment including details like: type of extract, technique, dilution and overall result obtained with this product
  • Save your comment

Once the review is submitted, you will be granted a 10 % discount on your next order. 

Thank you!
Agrisera Team
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Awardee of Agrisera Antibody Quiz at KBC Days 2020

Warm congratulations to Dr. Josy ter Beek from the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at Umeå University, who won a free antibody in Agrisera Antibody and Western blot Quiz, during KBC Days 2020, 3rd to 4th of November, 2020.

Josy ter Beek is involved in research on type 4 secretion systems, which are used by bacteria to transfer antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors.

Awaiting your free antibody choice and good luck in your research!


  Dr. Josy ter Beek

Dr. Josy ter Beek
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Agrisera Best Oral Presentation Award at CSPB/SCBV 2020

Our warmest congratulations to Janis Cheng from Queen's University (Kingston) and St. Lawrence College in Canada for receiving the Agrisera Award for the best oral presentation at the CSPB/SCV 2020 Virtual Meeting.

The title of the presentation was: "Arabidopsis preferentially responds to the flg22 epitopes of g- and b-proteobacteria".

Awaiting your free antibody choice!

Agrisera Antibody Collection to Arabidopsis thaliana can be found here.

Good luck in your research!


 Awardee of Agrisera Award during CSPB2020
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Agrisera Awards during 46th Annual Midwest/Southeast photosynthesis Meeting

Our warmest congratulations to the awardees of the 46th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Conference (virtual meeting), who received the Agrisera Awards for:

Outstanding Poster Presentation (Postdoctoral Fellow Awardee)
Dr. Maria Santos-Merino, Michigan State University.
Poster title: "Testing the capacity for heterologous metabolic sinks to replace photoprotective mechnisms in cyanobacteria".

Outstanding Poster Presentation (Graduate Student Awardees)
Anton Avramov, Oklahoma State University  (Dr. Burnap’s Lab).
Poster title: "The role of Ca2+and protein scaffolding in the formation of nature's water oxidazing compex".
Aaditya Prabhu (undergraduate student), Purdue University,
Poster title: "Structure requirement for plastoquinione transfer: transient PSII reaction center-cy".

Outstanding Poster Presentation (Undergraduate Student Awardee)
Sofia Dvinskikh, Rutgers University.
Poster title: "Can oxygenic photosynthesis function without manganese in vivo? Cobalt replacement in the water-oxidizing comples of photosystem II".

All awardees will receive the book: Photosynthesis – Solar Energy for Life by By Dr. Dmitry Shevela, Prof. Lars Olof Björn, Prof. Govindjee (2019)


  46th Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Meeting

Agrisera Antibody Collection to proteins involved in Photosynthesis

Educational Posters: Photosynthesis
can be requested here
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Agrisera Best Phd Student Presentation Award KBS Days 2020 at Ume University

Our warmest congratulations to phd student Lill Eilertsen from the group od Dr. Judith Lundberg-Felten at Umeå Plant Science Centre, who was awarded the Agrisera Best PhD Student Presentation Award during KBC Days2020, online event, which took place between  3rd and 4th of November at Umeå University, Sweden.

The title of the talk was: "Impact of root colonization by ectomycorhizal fungi on drought resistance in pine seedlings".

Agrisera Awardwas handed over during a ceremony taking place at KBC on 18th of November. 

Agrisera Antibody Collection for conifers can be found here.


  Agrisera Best Talk Prize at KBC Days 2020

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Agrisera Best Talk Prize awarded during 1st Brazilian Symposium on Photosynthesis

Our warmest congratulations to Dr. Flavia Vischi Winck from the University of São Paulo, Brasil   who was awarded the Agrisera Best Talk Prize during  1st Brazilian Symposium on Photosynthesis, online event, which took place between  27th-30es of October. 

The title of the talk was: "Activation of cyclin electron flow and rearrangements of redox responses and its relation to high growth rate in the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris in mixotrophy".

Awaiting your free antibody choice!

Agrisera Antibody Collection for various algal species can be found here.


  Agrisera Best Talk Prize on 1st Brazilian Symposium on Photosynthesis

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Agrisera Best Talk Prize awarded during BioLOGIES conference

Our warmest congratulations to PhD student Marcin Dziuba from the Institute of Environmental Biology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, who was awarded the Agrisera Best Talk Prize during BioLOGIES conference held online between the 22nd and 24th of September.

The title of the talk was: "Less parasites in warmer lakes – an evidence from artificially heated lakes system".

Awaiting your free antibody choice!

Agrisera Antibody Collection for cyanobacteria can be found here.


  Agrisera Best Talk Prize at BIOLOGIC

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Agrisera anti-TAG antibody collection is growing

Antibodies to tags can be applied in cases when there are no dedicated antibodies against a given protein. Addition of a specific tag, like for example FLAG, His, HA, makes it possible to study target protein using specific anti-tag antibody applied in techniques like: immunofluorescence, immunoprecipiation or Western blot or purification using affinity chromatography.

The peptide sequence of a tag can be fused to N-terminus or C-terminus of a protein under investigation or inserted  within a protein. Some tags, like FLAG can be combined with other affinity tags: His, HA or myc. Historically, FLAG is a first epitope tag and the only epitope tag which is patented. 

Tag sequences are very short and recognized by high affinity antibodies, produced in wide species range: goat, chicken, mouse, rabbit. 

Some of available anti-tag antibodies are tag position sensitive and one has to take it into account, before a purchase of anti-tag antibody.


 Agrisera Anti-tag antibodies

Agrisera's anti-tag antibody collection can be found here.

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