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Agrisera at PlantBiology20 worldwide virtual summit

Agrisera at PlantBiology20 Worldwide virtual summit

Unlike previous years, with summers filled with conferences in various parts of the world, this summer is very different as most of the meetings have been either re-scheduled, cancelled or moved online like PlantBiology20 worldwide summit, which Agrisera attended between July 27-31. The summit gathered a few thousands participants from various parts of the world. The whole concept was new to everyone, participants and exhibitors alike.

Agrisera's virtual booth offered video chats with plant antibody specialists from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT, as well as various materials for download. All talks and posters are available online for registered participants for one year.
It was a very interesting experience. Thank you to everyone who interacted with Agrisera! We hope to meet you either online or in person at next year's PlantBiology 2021 meeting in Pittsburgh, USA. 

An overview of plant worldwide events can be found in The Global Plant Events Calendar.
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Agrisera Antibody search by species - new species included

Agrisera Antibody Search by Species

Several new species have been added to the Agrisera Antibody Search by Species page, including: 

Arachis hypogaeaCapsicum annuumCitrus sp., Malus domesticaNannochloropsis sp.,  Ricinus communis and Theobroma cacao.

If you cannot find the species or antibody you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us!

Agrisera's most published Global Antibodies are produced to conserved peptide targets, which offer a very broad species reactivity. Information about confirmed and predicted reactivity can be found on the antibody product information sheets. Confirmed reactivity means that the antibody reactivity has been confirmed experimentally, while predicted reactivity means that the antigen sequence (protein or peptide) used to elicit a given antibody shares a minimum of 70 % homology in the linear sequence. 
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New antibodies to plant ferredoxins

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30 % off Rubisco and carbon metabolism antibodies


Category Rubisco/Carbon metabolism antibodies contains a wide range of antibodies and protein standards, which allow quantification of major photosynthetic proteins as Rubisco, PsaC (PSI) and PsbA (PSII). 

Photosynthesis Tool Kit – quantitation, PSI, PSII, Rubisco, 

(Agrisera), AS04 051

Western Blot Rubisco quantitation kit

(Agrisera), AS09 409

RbcL | Rubisco large subunit, form I, AS03 037, not conjugated, AS03 037-HRP, conjugated to HRP or AS03 037-APL, conjugated to ALP with a very wide reactivity range: di and monocots, trees, mosses, ferns, alage. Antibody has a matching protein standard for Rubisco quantification, using quantitative western blot technique

RbcL II | Rubisco large subunit, form II AS15 2955, with reactivity to: photosynthetic bacteria, archea, dinoflagellates. Antibody can be combined with a respective protein standard for quantification, using quantitative western blot technique

Through months July to September this collection is offered with a 30 % discount with a discount code: Rubisco30

Other well-published antibodies to proteins involved in photosynthesis include Agrisera antibodies to:

ATPsynthase | Carotenoid metabolism | Chaperones/Transporters | Chloroplast biogenesis/architecture | Chlorophyll | Green Cut | LHC | Light acclimation | Kinases | PSI (Photosystem I) | PSII (Photosystem II) | Proteases | Protein standards-quantitation | Sucrose metabolism

In case of any questions about Agrisera Photosynthetic Antibody Collection, you are most welcome to contact us.
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