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ASPB 2015

Agrisera on ASPB 2015

Between 26th and 30 of July Dr. Chris Brown was representing Agrisera on Plant Biology meeting. The ASPB this year in Minneapolis drew just over 1300 attendees. It was a wonderful mix of topics and disciplines, from ecological to molecular, and from basic research to applied and industrial. The undercurrent of global change, biotic and abiotic stress, and food security could be felt at this meeting. We were happy to be present and to support the meeting.To the many who dropped by our booth, we are excited to incorporate all of your feedback, help with your research problems and embark on some new projects with you.
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Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants 2015

Agrisera at PGRP Paris, France

Between the 10th and 11th of July, Agrisera attended the Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants conference held in
Paris, France. We enjoyed a well-organized conference with many excellent speakers, sharing their interesting research results. 
Agrisera also took part of lots of interesting results during the poster session, as well as presenting our poster about Compartment Markers

Thank you all who shared your experiences with Agrisera antibodies, raised interesting questions and suggested ideas for new antibodies for plant research!
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Agrisera at the 26th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research in Paris, France

Agrisera at ICAR 2015, in Paris
Between the 5th and 9th of July, Agrisera attended the annual International Conference on Arabidopsis Research in Paris.
Nearly 1000 researchers from across the world gathered to share their cutting edge results and interest in the model plant
Arabidopsis thaliana.

Thank you all who came by our booth, sharing your experiences of using Agrisera antibodies and suggesting new ideas.

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Thank you card

A thank you card from students

One day we have received a very special thank you card from the Wheeler High School students which were supported by Agrisera with reagents and consulations time to complete their final lab.
Good luck for the future!!!
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Plant Biotic Stresses & Resistance Mechnism II in Vienna

Agrisera on Biotic Stress Conference in Vienna

Between July 2nd and 4th Agrisera was participating in Plant Biotic Stress & Resistance Mechnism conference in Vienna organized by VISCEA.  It was great to learn about most recent advances in understanding and combating plant biotic stress and resistance mechanisms. Thank you all who came to Agrisera table. We do appreciate your input and comments to help us to develop Agrisera antibody collection.
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Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance Conference III in Vienna

Agrisera in Biotic Stress Conference in Vienna

Between 29th of June and July 1st Agrisera participated in a third Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance Conference in Vienna. Thank you all collaborating partners, old and new customers for coming by to Agrisera table with antibody questions, new ideas and suggestions which new antibodies to make in a future. It was a great time to talk with you and learn about your research. Thank you for participating in Agrisera workshop about Antibody Production and Western Blot Technique. We do hope it is going to be useful.
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