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4th European Workshop on Plant Chromatin

Agrisera attended the 4th European Workshop on Plant Chromatin,  taking place from 25th-26th of June in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference was well-organized with many excellent speakers who shared their interesting research results. We also enjoyed a wonderful conference dinner at Linné Garden.

Thank you all who came by and shared your experience with Agrisera antibodies and suggested ideas for new antibodies for plant science research!
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Publishing record of Agrisera antibodies

Publishing record of Agrisera antibodies is growing. Our products are cited in vast amount of scientific publications including following journals:

PLoS One | Plant Physiol | Plant Cell | J Biol Chem | Plant Cell Physiol | Plant J | Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | Plant Cell Rep | J Exp Bot | Biochim Biophys Acta | BMC Plant Biol Physiol |Plant Nat Commun | PLoS Genet | Nucleic Acids Res | J Plant Physiol | Photosynth Res | FEBS Lett | Planta | Biochemistry | EMBO J | Genetics Mol Cell | Proteomics | Plant Mol Biol | PLoS Biol | J Proteome | Res Plant Methods | Plant Cell Environ | Methods Mol Biol | Mol Cell Biol | J Bacteriol | Gen Comp | Endocrinol Biochem | J Free Radic | Biol Med Proteomics | Proc Biol Sci | Nature Environ Pollut | J Cell Sci | Proteome Sci | J Exp Biol | Mol Biol Cell | Cell Environ Microbiol | Vet Pathol | Brain Res | J Integr Plant Biol | Sci Rep | Am J Physiol | Lung Cell Mol Physiol | Curr Cancer Drug Targets | Plant Physiol Biochem | Carcinogenesis | Invest Ophthalmol | Vis Sci Biotechnol | J Front Plant Sci | Microbiology FEBS | J Biochem Biophys | Res Commun | FASEB J | F1000Res | BMC Genomics | Cell Tissue Res |J Invest Dermatol | Int Arch Occup | Environ Health Cancer Chemother | Pharmacol Nat Genet | J Biotechnol Gene | Anal Chem | Tree Physiol | Alzheimers Dement | Physiol Biochem | Zool Plant Biol (Stuttg) | Front Physiol | BMC Cell Biol | Free Radic Res | J Pharmacol Exp | Ther Nat Chem Biol | Anticancer Res | Nat Cell Biol | Clin Microbiol | Infect J Immunol | Cell Res|  J Histochem Cytochem | ACS Nano Methods | Enzymol | New Phytol | Eur J Neurosci | BMC Mol Biol | Eur J Biochem | BMC Dev Biol | Eukaryot Cell | BMC Biotechnol | Mol Plant Neuropharmacology | Plant Signal | Behav J | Am Soc Nephrol Protein Expr Purif | Antioxid Redox Signal | Ecotoxicol Environ Saf | Ann Bot Development | Int J Mol Sci | Mech Dev| Acta Biochim | Pol J Electron Microsc (Tokyo) World | J Microbiol Biotechnol | J Comp Neurol

More detailed list can be found here.

Agrisera rised a concern about lack of clear guide line for citing commercial research antibodies in plant journals and started a discussion with several editors of plant journals. Such a discussion is aldready ungoing in a medical field. Introduction of specific antibody product codes will support reproducibility of published research and is a serious issue which should be addressed in a near future.
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Tim Bernard's visit to Agrisera

PSL Alliance Logo

Tim Bernard, CEO of Pivotal Scientific a biotechnology consultancy, was visiting Agrisera on 28th of May. Agrisera is a member of PSL Alliance, a group of star-ups and SME companies in the research regents sector. We thank you Tim for valuable discussions and suggestions and connecting us with other companies to increase strength of Agrisera offerings.
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