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The winner of Agrisera Antibody Quiz at Western Photosynthesis Conference 2022 is announced!

Our warmest congratulations to Małgorzata Krysiak, PhD student at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Poland, who scored a 10/10 on the Agrisera Antibody and Western blot quiz. The quiz was conducted during the 31st Western Photosynthesis Conference, taking place online between the 24th and 25th of March 2022.

As the prize, Małgorzata can choose any antibody from the Agrisera catalog, which will be delivered free of charge to her lab. 

Good luck with your research and Western blot technique!

We are awaiting your free antibody choice!
 The winner of Agrisera Antibody Quiz at WPC2022
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Over 500 product images were recently added to Agrisera website

Over 500 product images added to Agrisera website

Recently, over 500 application images for Western blot and immunolocalization, have been added to product pages on the Agrisera website.
The images can be found under the tab "Application examples" on each specific product page.

Agrisera antibodies are used in hundreds of publications each year, and in 2019 Agrisera received the title Plant Science Antibody Supplier of the Year. According to CiteAB, our antibodies are among the 10 000 most published antibodies in the world (out of 4.9 million, meaning top 0.2%), and their performance in Western blot is above the average, according to published data.
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Find a Golden Antibody and get a 50 % discount!

Find a Golden Antibody on one of the pages on Agrisera website and get a 50 % discount on one primary or secondary antibody of your choice!

When using the discount code, the discount will be applied to the first antibody added to your shopping cart.

First clue: "Most used antibody group to date
Anti-His, anti-Myc, anti-conjugates"

Second clue: "Anti-Bovine, anti-Cat, anti-rabbit, anti-Rat"

Third clue: Here is some help with your navigation: Find Rubisco, LHC & light acclimation"

Offer valid until June 30th 2022. Limited to one use per customer.
 Agrisera Golden Antibody Hunt 2022
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