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HSP70 ELISA kit discounted until end of 2020

HSP70 (Heat Shock Protein 70) is a monomeric protein which, under physiological conditions, functions as a molecular chaperone in an ATP-dependent manner, protecting cells against lethal damage induced by stress.

By means of a Agrisera's sandwich ELISA kit (AS17 4128) it is possible to quantitate cytoplasmic plant HSP70 concentration in plant extracts from Medicago sativa, Linum usitatissimum, Zea mays and other species. The plate is coated with anti-plant HSP70 capture antibody, and 40 samples can be analyzed in duplicate

Sensitivity: 0.18 ng/ml | Assay range: 1.563-100 ng/ml | Incubation time: 30 min

The kit is discounted until end of 2020. 



The HSP70 ELISA kit is a part of Agrisera's Environmental Stress Antibody Collection, which can be viewed here

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Agrisera GFP antibodies 30 % off

According to the latest CiteAb report on the most published antibodies, anti-tag antibodies were among the 100 most published antibodies in the world in 2019. This is a trend, which has been observed over many years. Until the end of 2020, Agrisera offers:

30% discount on the following tag antibodies:

AS18 4227 | GFP | Green fluorescent protein (VENUS)
AS15 2987 | GFP | Green Fluorescence Protein (affinity purified)
AS15 3028 | RFP | Red Fluorescent Protein (clone RF5R)

Use discount code GFP30



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Agrisera Loading Control Antibody Collection

Loading controls are used to normalize the levels of proteins detected using Western blotting, and will:

  • confirm that there is an equal loading across the gel
  • confirm that the protein transfer is even throughout the whole gel
  • allow qantification
  • can be requested by referees of scientific publications

Proteins of high levels of constitutive expression are usually recommended as loading controls. However, the choice of the appropriate house-keeping protein depends on the experiment in question, and thus needs to be confirmed. House-keeping proteins cannot be used for normalization if there is a suspicion that the experimental conditions are affecting their expression.

Agrisera's Collection of Antibodies to Loading Controls can be found here. Until end of 2020 they are offered at 15 % off. 


Agrisera Loading Control Antibodies

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