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Holiday office hours 2017


Have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!

Please note that during the Christmas holiday Agrisera last shipment day is going to be the 22nd of December.

You are welcome to send your orders to [email protected] or place them directly on-line during that time as we will maintain e-mail communication and technical support. 

Shipments will resume on the 2nd of January 2018. If you are going to be away from the office, please specify when you would like to receive your order.

We wish you all the best in 2018!
Agrisera Team
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Visits to Ume University

Agrisera JulFika

In the middle of December Agrisera visited three institutions at Umeå University for a traditional Swedish "julfika" with saffran cake and gingerbread. We visited the Department of Molecular Biology, the Department of Medical Biosciences and the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Thank you to all for coming by to meet us!
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Agrisera Prize 2017 awarded

Agrisera UPSC Prize 2017

Anna Gustavsson received the UPSC Agrisera Prize 2017 for her contribution to promote cell biology research at UPSC (Umeå Plant Science Centre). Announcement was done during the Christmas lunch.
This year's winner contributed  to develop and improve UPSC confocal laser scanning microscopy/macroscopy platform and the platform services as well as helped to improve work environment at UPSC. Her work was supported by Agrisera products, however this was not required criteria for the nomination.

The UPSC Agrisera Prize is awarded every year to a PhD student, Postdoc or technitian at UPSC for outstanding scientific achievement and contributions to improve the UPSC working environment. This year the prize was presented by Linn Fransson and Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera and by the chair of the UPSC Catherine Bellini.

From left to right: Linn Fransson (Agrisera), Anna Gustavsson, Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund (Agrisera), Catherine Bellini (Chair of the UPSC board); photo: Anne Honsel
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Agrisera celebrates!

Agrisera cake

With a delicious cake from a local bakery, Agrisera staff celebrated high publication record of Agrisera antibodies, which makes us even closer to take the lead in Antibodies for Plant Science. At the moment Agrisera provides 1000 validated antibodies and kits for research on plant and algal cell biology. Our products cover antibodies with reactivity to a broad species range and so called "global antibodies", where, one antibody can be used on species including higher plants, trees, mosses, algae and cyanobacteria.
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