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Agrisera supports the 49th Midwest Southeast Photosynthesis Conference

Agrisera supported the 49th Midwest Southeast Photosynthesis Conference, held between the 27th and 29th of October in Turkey Run Inn, Marshall Indiana, USA.

The Midwest Southeast conference is an important platform for discussing new developments in photosynthesis research, from ultrafast spectroscopy to plant biology.

Keynote speakers, 2023:
  • Dr. Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb: "Metalloproteins in Chlorophyll Biosynthesis"
  • Dr. Himadri Pakrasi: "Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation in a Unicellular Cyanobacterium"  

Agrisera's Educational Photosynthesis Posters are going to be available for free for all conference participants. 

Two researchers were awarded the book "Photosynthesis: solar energy for life", as the first prize in a well-attended Agrisera online quiz.
   Agrisera supports Midwest Southeast Photosynthesis Conference 2023
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Workshop or webinar on demand about Western blot technique

Western blot is the most commony used qualitative protein analysis technique. 

If you wish to obtain deeper insights to this technnique, Agrisera offers an on-demand online workshop, presented by our Technical Support Manager, Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz Asplund, who has over 25 years of experience with Western blotting. 

The workshop is suitable for any laboratory working with this protein detection method, on a wide range of different samples, like bacterial or algal cultures, cell cultures, as well as plant or animal tissues. 

A Q&A session is included in the workshop, and certificates of participation can be issued, if requested. Each participant will receive a pdf of the workshop presentation slides, and a recording of the wokshop. 

Take the opportunity and book a Western blot workshop today!
   Western blot workshop on demand
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Free epitope tag antibodies and 15 % off until end of the year

Epitope tag antibodies are the most frequently used antibodies in research. If an antibody specific to the protein under investigation is not available, one can instead use its recombinant version, and use an antibody specific to its fusion partner to achieve detection. 

Agrisera offers hundreds of epitope tag antibodies, both polyclonal and monoclonal, discounted by 15% until end of 2023. 

We are constatly developing new epitope tag antibodies, and currently we are offering the following antibodies free of charge, in return for results:

Ble tag | Cas9 | CBD-Tag | CBP-tag | E Tag | Glu-Glu Tag | Halo Tag | HSV epitope tag | KT3 epitope tag | mStrawberry | Rho1D4/1D4 Tag | S epitope tag | SNAP/Clip Tag | tdTomato | Trx Tag

Check out the full list of antibodies available for testing here.

   Agrisera epitope tag antibodies 15 % off until end of 2023
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Labclinics represented Agrisera at 4th Annual Congress of Young Researchers (ACYR)

Agrisera's distributor in Spain, Labclinics, represented Agrisera during the 4th Annual Congress of Young Researchers (ACYR), held between the 9th and 10th of October, at the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), in Barcelona.

Topics of the sessions included: 

  • Plant responses to stress
  • Animal and plant genomics
  • Plant synthetic biology and metabolic engineering
  • Plant development and signal transduction

Researchers could collect Agrisera Educational Posters and Western blot guides at the Labclinics booth, and ask questions about our products. 

Thank you for your interest!
   Agrisera at ACYR 2023
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Take advantage of a 20 % discount for all loading control antibodies

Loading controls are useful tools, utilized to confirm that the same amount of protein is loaded across the gel. A good loading control is a housekeeping protein, expressed at high levels, that is not affected by the applied experimental conditions.

Advantages of Agrisera loading control antibodies are: 
  • Loading controls for plant and algal samples
  • Available off-the-shelf
  • Tested in a wide range of species
  • Cited in thousands of publications
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Target different comparments and MW

All loading control antibodies can be found here.

Agrisera loading controls are offered at a 20% discount until the end of 2023.

Use discount code: LC20
Valid October-December 2023

   20 % off loading control antibodies until end of 2023

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Agrisera supports International Conference on Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology (ICPSBB)

Between the 25th and 27th of September, Agrisera participated in the 2nd International Conference on Plant systems Biology and Biotechnology (ICPSBB), in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 

 The sessions covered the following topics:

  • Abiotic and Oxidative Stress
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Modelling
  • Biotechnology
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Molecular Breeding
  • Plant Signalling and Development
  • Plant Systems Biology

Agrisera sponsored the Best Poster Prize, which was awarded to Stacey Kerr from the University College Dublin, Ireland. Her poster title was "Using combinatorial transformation to produce valuable metabolites in plants".

The selection committee was composed of Prof. Robert Verpoorte (University of Leiden, The Netherlands), Prof. Paul Dijkwel (Massey University, New Zealand) and Dr. Pavel Kerchev (Mendel University, Czech Republic).


Agrisera supports ICPSBB conference 2023

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Agrisera Western blot workshop for researchers from Spain

On the 2nd of October, an online Western blot workshop was conducted for researchrers from Spanish institutions: IBVF and CSIC by Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund, Agrisera's Technical Support Manager. Joanna shared her extensive knowledge and vast exprience of 20+ years of using this widely employed protein analysis technique.

The workshop consisted of two parts, including a 10 minute break for the Agrisera Antibody and Western blot Quizzes and coffee. Questions submitted by attendees were answered, and many pitfalls of the Western blot technique were discussed, based on specific experimental examples.

Participants also had a chance to win Agrisera high titer secondary antibody and 2 ECL reagents, in quizzes with questions about antibodies and the Western blot technique.

Each participant of the workshop received a pdf of the presentation with links to additional information as well as the recording of the workshop for the future use. 

Agrisera Western blot workshop for researchers from Spain
Feedback from the participants: "Thank you very much for the slides. Your talk was excellent. "

If you are interested in this type of online workshop to be held at your institution, please contact us!

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