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Ume Renewable Energy Meeting, UREM

Agrisera on UREM 2017

Between 14th and 17th of February Agrisera participated in Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting, UREM, organized by Umeå University, SLU and KBC institutions. Sessions covered topics from natural, artificial photosynthesis, material technology and biorefinement. Agrisera photosynthetic poster was very popular and attracted attention. Thank you to all who stopped by for a chat.
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Which secondary antibodies to use when my protein was immunoprecipiated using an antibody?

Using a standard secondary antibodies, which recognize the heavy and light chain of the primary antibody used in Western Blot application to detect immunoprecipitated samples, will always result in two bands (the heavy chain at 50 kDa and the light chain at 25 kDa). This can often interefere with the target proteins we aim to visualize. Therefore: 

If the protein you aim to detect in Western blot, following immunoprecipitation with an antibody, has a molecular weight of ~50 kDa, an anti-Rabbit light chain-specific antibody should be used.

If the protein of interest is ~25 kDa, an anti-rabbit IgG Fc specific antibody should be used, such as: Goat anti-Rabbit IgG Fc, HRP conjugated, min. cross-reactivity to bovine horse or human serum proteins.

Good luck with your research!
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