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Agrisera visiting Medica 2013

Agrisera CEO, Greger Nordlund and Product Manager, Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund participated in the largest medical fair in the world - Medica in Düsseldorf, from 20-22nd of November. The aim was to meet with our distributors and suppliers as well as to establish new collaboration partnerships.

Medica 2013
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Agrisera at the 2nd National Plant Biology Conference, PlantBio 2013

Agrisera attended the 2nd National Plant Biology Conference, PlantBio 2013, taking place from 7-8 November in Tromsö. The conference was well-organized with many excellent speakers who shared their interesting research results.

Thank you to all who came by to our booth and shared your experience of using Agrisera antibodies and suggested new ideas.

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Agrisera participates in conferences in 2014

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2014:

Aquatic science at a time of rapid change, 18.05-23.05, Portland, Oregon, USA
Plants and BioEnergy 2014 Congress, 4.06-7.06, University of Guelph, Canada
The Molecular Life of Plants: from Theory to Application, 16.06-19.06, Uppsala, Sweden
Plant Biology Europe FESPB/EPSO Congress, 22.06-26.06, Dublin, Ireland
Posttranscriptional Gene Expression Regulation in Plants, 30.06 - 2.07, Poznan, Poland
Plant Biology 2014 meeting, 12.07-16.07, Portland, Oregon
Arabidopsis 2014,  28.07-1.08, Vancouver, Canada
Lignin 2014 - biosynthesis and utilization, 24.08-28.08, Umeå, Sweden
Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, Umeå, Sweden
Plant Proteomics Congress, , 31.08-4.09, Hamburg, Germany
5th Scandinavian Symposium on Amyloid Diseases and Amyloid Mechanisms, 29.09-2.10, Umeå, Sweden
The Swedish Developmental Biology Organization, 2nd conference, 2.10-3.10, Umeå, Sweden
12th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress, 14.10-17.10, Uppsala, Sweden

Meetings which are going to be supported by Agrisera in 2014:

Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference, 4.04-6.04, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
9th International Workshop – Sulfur Metabolism in Plants, 14.04-17.04, Freiburg, Germany
Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability - 2014, 2.06-7.06, Pushchino, Russia
16th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, 8.06-13.06, Pacific Grove, CA
Austrian Society of Plant Biology Meeting, 19.06-21.06, Lunz, Austria
Biology of plastids - towards a blueprint for synthetic organelles, 21.06-26.06, Pultusk, Poland
Auxins and cytokinins in plant development, International Symposium, 29.06-4.07, Prague, Czech Republic
XVIth Annual Meeting of the International Society of Endocytobiology - Germans Section (ISE-G) 21.07-24.07, Black Forest, Germany
GRC meeting on Photosynthesis, from evolution of fundamental mechanisms to radical re-engineering, 20.08-15.08, West Dover, USA
10th International Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar, 17.08-21.08, Kórnik-Poznań, Poland
Intracellular communication in plant development and disease, 24.08-29.08, Bischoffisheim, France
Oxidative Stress, 3.10-6.10, Toledo, Spain
Arabidopsis: The Ongoing Green REVOLUTION, GARNet2014 Conference, 9.09-10.09, University of Bristol, UK
International PhD school PLANT DEVELOPMENT, 10.09-12.09, Retzbach, Germany
Oxygen and nitrogen reactive species and environment: A new vision for 2020, BAEZA, September, Spain
40th Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Conference, 24.10-26.10, Turkey Run State Park, USA
SEB Plant Transport group meeting, 5.12-7.12, United Kingdom

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