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Happy winner of Agrisera Quiz during PNO8 conference

Warm congratulations to PhD student Samuel Minguillón Campos from CSIC, Zaragoza (Spain), who became the happy winner of the Agrisera Quiz - "Answer 6 simple questions and win a book about photosynthesis". The quiz was conducted during the 8th Plant Nitric Oxide International Meeting, 7th to 9th of July, Szeged, Hungary. 

The book Photosynthesis Solar Energy for Life by Dr. Dmitry Shevela, Prof. Lars Olof Björn and Prof. Govindjee, which Samuel received, is also available in the Agrisera webshop
 Winner of Agrisera Quiz during PNO8 conference
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Lucerna-Chem - Agrisera distributor in Switzerland

This summer, Agrisera entered a collaboration with Lucerna-Chem, that is going to distribute Agrisera products in Switzerland, joining the worldwide Agrisera distribution network of over 30 companies. 

Lucerna-Chem was founded in 1978 as a scientific retailer, and has since become one of the leading distributors of life science research and diagnostics products in Switzerland. A competent customer support team, and connections to more than 70 suppliers, enable Lucerna-Chem to offer solutions for all needs researchers may have. Products can be easily purchased in the Lucerna-Chem webshop, and are quickly delivered within Switzerland by couriers from their headquarters in Lucerne.

We are looking forward to working together with Lucerna-Chem to support customers in Switzerland with Agrisera products.

Lucerna-Chem, Agrisera distributor in Switzerland
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Antibodies to Plant Cell Wall components

The Plant Cell Wall is one of the most complex structural networks in nature, and still the least understood. Beside cellulose, which is the most abundant macromolecule on Earth, typical components of the cell wall are: non-celllulosic, pectic polysaccharides, proteins, phenolic compounds and water.

Agrisera offers poly- and monoclonal Antibodies to Plant Cell Wall components, which detect a wide range of glycoproteins and polysaccharides located in plant cell walls. These antibodies have been produced and characterized in the laboratories of prof. Knox from University of Leeds and prof. Hahn from University of Georgia. Recently, these antibodies are also offered in a smaller pack size of 1 ml/tube and can be combined in a set of 3 or 5 antibodies with a discounted price. 

Check the Plant Cell Antibody Collection
 Plant Cell Wall

Cell Wall Antibody Set - 3 antibodies

Cell Wall Antibody Set - 5 antibodies
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Educational Poster 5 is available!

We are happy to announce that the Agrisera Educational Poster 5 "Photosystem II: Enzyme That gives us Molecular Oxygen" is available and can be either requested as a free hard copy and delivered to your post box, or downloaded as a pdf from the Agrisera website
Agrisera's Educational Poster Series came to life in 2016, as a close collaboration project between Agrisera, professor Govindjee and Dr. Dmitry Shevela (SciGrafik). This resulted in the first poster on "Oxygenic Photosynthesis" being created, which was followed by Z-Scheme (2018), Photosynthesis and Respiration (2019),  Rubisco (2020) and Photosystem II (2021). Every poster is carefully prepared and consulted with researchers in the field, and reflects the most up-to-date knowledge. 

Each year, hundreds of posters are shipped worldwide by Agrisera, free of charge, to spread knowledge and decorate the walls of offices, classrooms and laboratories. 

Even though the work on Poster 6 has started, you are always welcome to contact us with ideas for posters to come! 
 Agrisera Educational Poster 5: PSII
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