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Agrisera on NPC11 in Finland

From 11th until 14th of September Agrisera participated in 11th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress in Naantali in Finland in a picturesque location at a Baltic sea.  Our investigation about  antibodies needed by plant community continued. Many good discussions were held with our collaboration partners. Many thanks to all who came by our booth! A welcome party at a pool section of Nantali SPA hotel will be never forgotten :)

Agrisera on NPC11 in Finland

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Agrisera participates in plant science conferences in 2013

Agrisera team is eager to meet you during the following meetings in 2013:

22nd Western Photosynthesis Conference, 3-6.01, Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA, USA
52st Annual Northeast Algal Society Symposium The Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference 12-14.04, Woods Hole, USA, 19-21,04, Mystic, USA
Finnish Plant Science Days, 13-15.05, Helsinki, Finland
Fascination of Plants Day, 18.05, Umeå Plant Science centre, Sweden
3rd International Conference on Neurodegenerative Disorders: Immunotherapy and Biomarkers, 23.05-24.05, Uppsala, Sweden
11th International POG Conference, Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Plants , 17.07-19.07, Warsaw, Poland
Plant Biology 2013 meeting, 20-24.07, Providence, RI, USA
16th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research, 11-16.08, St. Louis, MO, USA
PlantBio 2013, The Second National Plant Biology Conference, 7-8.11, Tromsø, Norway
Medica, 20-23.11, DÜsseldorf, Germany

Meetings supported by Agrisera in 2013:

26th Conference of Molecular Biology of Plants, 26.02-1.03, Debringhausen, Germany
3rd International Symposium on Chloroplast Genomics and Genetic Engineering (ISCGGE), 8.05-11.05, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
CCM8 The VIIth international symposium on Inorganic Carbon Utilization by Aquatic Photosynthetic Organisms, 27.05-1.06, New Orleans, USA
International meeting on Photosynthesis, June, Baku, Azerbaijan
Non-coding RNA in plants, 10-12.07, Leucorea Wittenberg, Germany
XIII Congress of Portuguese Society of Plant Physiology, 24.07-28.07, Lisbon, Portugal
PVB 2013 - 3rd International Conference on Plant Vascular Biology, 26-30.07, Helsinki, Finland
Photosynthetic light harvesting, 8-11.08, St. Louis, MO, USA
25th Congress of the Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS2013), 11.08-15.08, Helsingør, Denmark
FASEB Mechanisms in Plant Development, 11.08-16.08, Saxtons River, VT, USA
Canadian Plant Genomics Workshop, 12-15.08, Halifax, N.S. Canada European Network for Plant Endomembrane Research ENPER, 27.08-30.08, Ghent, Belgium. European Plant Science Organisation 7th EPSO Conference "Plants for a Greening Economy", 1-4.09, Porto Heli, Greece
Black Forest Summer School 2013, Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists, 10-13.09, Black Forest, Germany
6th Conference of Polish Society of Experimental Plant Biology, 16-19.09, Lodz, Poland
Plant proteases in health and disease, 2-4.10, Barcelona, Spain
39th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Meeting, 8-10.11, Marshall, USA

Agrisera is supporting following organizations:

The Arabidopsis Information Resource Canadian Society of Plant Biologists
FESPB (The Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology)
INPPO (International Plant Proteomics Organization)
ISPR (International Society of Photosynthesis research)
SPPS (Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society)

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