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Agrisera at ICAR 2019

Agrisera on ICAR 2019

Meet Agrisera at booth number 17 at ICAR 2019 in Wuhan, China. We are attending the meeting between the 16th and 21st of June.
In the above picture: Erika Gelfgren (CEO, Agrisera), Edith Kalén (Marketing and Sales, Agrisera), Maggie Yan (CEO, Beijing XMJ Scientific), Demi Hu, (Wuhan Sales Manager, Beijing XMJ Scientific), Xiaoxiao Zheng (Marketing Manager, Beijing XMJ Scientific).

Please feel free to come by our booth to discuss antibodies, participate in Agrisera contest to win a free book about photosynthesis or pick up a free photosynthesis poster, to decorate your lab wall with.

We are looking forward to meeting you at ICAR 2019!
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The Best Poster Prize from Agrisera - 2nd PostDoc Day at UNIGE, Switzerland

The Best Poster Prize from Agrisera

Dr. Louise Lefrançois received the Best Poster Prize, sponsored by Agrisera, during the 2nd UNIGE PostDoc Day, organized at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. The poster was titled: "Using Tn-Seq strategy in Mycobacterium marinum - Dictyostelium discoideum to understand the pathogenesis of Tubercolosis".

Our warmest congratulations!
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Agrisera Team is expanding

Agrisera New Staff

We are happy to let you know, that Agrisera Team has new members on board. 

Annika Nordstrand holds an MSc in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Oncology from Umeå University. She has over ten years of laboratory experience from research mainly targeted at understanding the importance of the tumor microenvironment in prostate cancer bone metastases. Her work has involved both development of new in vitro models and treatment experiments in different in vivo models, as well as establishment of cell cultures directly from patient tumors. She has experience in several techniques involving antibodies, such as western blot, ELISA, and immunohistochemistry. At Agrisera she is going to work with sales support. In her spare time she loves to do creative things and spend time with family and friends.

Caroline Zetterström has a Master of Science in Biotechnology and a PhD in Chemistry from Umeå University. During her PhD the research focused on development of alternatives to antibiotics in gram-negative bacteria by inhibiting their virulence systems, their ability to cause disease. She has a long experience of lab work, with a variety of chemical and microbiological techniques e.g. western blot, cell culturing, organic synthesis, cloning, protein expression and purification. She has done click chemistry assays on live bacteria in a microfluid plate underneath the spinning disc confocal microscope. At Agrisera she is going to work with antibody purification, QC and product development. 
In her free time she likes to be with her family out in the nature and sew clothing for herself.

Edith Kalén holds a degree in engineering science within the field of biotechnology, obtained at Umeå University. She did her master’s degree in plant physiology at Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC),  with prof. Stefan Jansson and Prof. Laszlo Bako. She obtained practical and theoretical knowledge in areas such as microbiology, functional genomics, gene expression and genetics. Edith also has a background in scientific writing and graphic design, and is involved in preparation of Agrisera marketing materials and conference attendance. You may meet her soon as she will be attending events such as the 30th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR2019) in Wuhan, China, as well as Plant Biology (PB19) in San José, US.
In her spare time, Edith enjoys spending time in nature and attending various cultural events.

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