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Agrisera engaged in Physcomitrella proteomics


Agrisera engaged in Physcomitrella proteomics

Agrisera, a world-leading SME in plant-specific antibodies, is closely collaborating with Professor Ralf Reski, a world-leading expert in moss systems biology, to develop and to test moss-specific antibodies for quantitative proteomics.

These antibodies are going to be used in the framework of the Freiburg Initiative for Systems Biology (FRISYS) for quantitative proteomics of Physcomitrella and will be sold by Agrisera. Intensive work on the project is currently conducted in Reski's Plant Biotechnology group at the University of Freiburg (Germany). First results are going to be made public in January 2010.

The moss Physcomitrella has been developed by a fast growing scientific community as a model plant with implications for basal as well as applied research. The latter includes identification of genes for crop improvement and the production of complex biopharmaceuticals in the moss bioreactor.



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Agrisera new web shop is celebrating one year!


Agrisera new web shop celebrating one year!

First snow is slowly falling as well as the darkness of short days outside windows of Agrisera facility in Umeå, 600 km south of Polar Circle. But inside the facility, Agrisera stuff and invited guests are celebrating one year of Agrisera new web shop. Joint effort has brought many new and exciting antibodies for plant and algal research community.
And there will be more to come in 2010!

We can keep you posted through our monthly News Letter.


Agrisera new web shop celebrating 1 year

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