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Agrisera exhibiting at SEB and Arabidopsis 2009

Agrisera has been recently exhibiting at Annual meeting of Society of Experimental Biology in Glasgow and at Arabidopsis 2009 in Edinburgh. Thank you to all of you who has been coming and visiting Agrisera booth.Thank you to everyone who has come out and visited the Agrisera booth.Thank you for your fruitful discussions, antibody wish lists and inspiration for how we can better serve the plant science research community.

If you have an interesting project in mind - please contact us for possible collaboration on antibody development.

If you would like to make your antibody available world wide through Agrisera - you are most welcome.

If you would like to start a custom antibody production project - use to your advantage Agrisera experience in making antibodies to plant proteins. Antibody production guide can be found here.

Agrisera exhibiting on SEB and Arabi 2009

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