Antibodies for testing

Free 50 µg of antigen affinity purified antibodies, in return for results.

Apply for receiving a sample by sending an email to [email protected].

Beside a primary antibody for Western blot, we will also include:

List of antibodies available for testing

For Western blot, ChIP and immunolocalization. 

Epitope tag antibodies

Product number Product name

Research area

AS22 4832 Anti-Ble tag | Bleomycin resistance protein Epitope tags
AS22 4855 Anti-CBD-Tag | Chitin Binding Domain Epitope Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4686 Anti-CBP-tag | Calmodulin Binding Protein Eptiope Tag  (monoclonal) Epitope tags
AS22 4854 Anti-CBP-tag | Calmodulin Binding Protein Eptiope Tag (polyclonal) Epitope tags
AS22 4791 Anti-Cpf1 (Francisella novicida, Lachnospiraceae bacterium) | CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas12a Epitope tags
AS22 4790 Anti-Cpf1 (Acidaminococcus sp) | CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas12a Epitope tags
AS21 4604 Anti-E Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4607 Anti-Glu-Glu Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4603 Anti-HSV epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4681 Anti-HSV epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4680 Anti-KT3 epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4675 Anti-mStrawberry Epitope tags
AS21 4602 Anti-Rho1D4/1D4 Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4684 Anti-S epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4606 Anti-SNAP/Clip Tag Epitope tags
AS23 4970 Anti-Sumo tag Epitope tags
AS22 4884 Anti-tdTomato Epitope tags
AS21 4508 Anti-Trx Tag | Thioredoxin 1 Fusion protein Epitope tags
AS23 4930 Anti-V5 | V5 epitope tag Epitope tags

Primary antibodies to plant, algal and bacterial proteins

Product number Product name Uniprot ID TAIR Gene ID

Research area

AS22 4873 Anti-30S ribosomal protein S15 (bacterial) P0ADZ4 does not apply Bacteria
AS23 4906 Anti-AARE | Acyloamino acid releasing enzyme A0A2H1ZEM8 AT4G14570 Senescence/Cell death
AS22 4861 Anti-ACT | Actin (Algal) P53498 does not apply Loading controls
AS23 4936 Anti-AGO1 | Argonaute 1 (C-terminal) O04379 AT1G48410 Plant RNA
AS14 2798 Anti-AGO1-PIWI (C-terminal) (algal) A8J0M9 does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4561 Anti-AGO1a | Argonaute 1a (Oryza sativa) Q6EU14  does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4562 Anti-AGO1b | Argonaute 1b (Oryza sativa) Q7XSA2 does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4563 Anti-AGO1c | Argonaute 1c (Oryza sativa) Q6K972  does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4564 Anti-AGO1d | Argonaute 1d (Oryza sativa) Q5Z5B2  does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4595 Anti-AGO1d | Argonaute 1d A0A287Y0T8 does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4589 Anti-AGO2b | Argonaute 2b A0A287J444 does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4590 Anti-AGO4a | Argonaute 4a A0A287KTI1 does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4591
Anti-AGO5b | Argonaute 5b A0A287HKI5 does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4592
Anti-AGO6 | Argonaute 6 A0A287E072 does not apply Plant RNA
AS10 672 Anti-AGO6 | Argonaute 6 O48771 At2g32940 Plant RNA
AS21 4594 Anti-AGO9 | Argonaute 9 A0A287KDI2 does not apply Plant RNA
AS21 4593 Anti-AGO18 | Argonaute 18 Gene HORVU1Hr1G095300
AS23 4926 Anti-AKR4C8 | | Aldo-keto reductase family 4 member C8 O80944 AT2G37760.2 Environmental stress
AS23 4942 Anti-AMT1 | Ammonium transporter 1 P54144 P54144 Nitrogen metabolism
AS22 4838 Anti-AmoA | Ammonia monoxygenase, subunit A Q04507   Nitrogen metabolism
AS23 4941 Anti-APA1 | Aspartic proteinase A1 O65390 AT1G11910 Environmental stress
AS23 4967 Anti-ARF1 | ADP-ribosylation factor 1 P36397 AT2G47170 Endomembrane
AS23 4903 Anti-ARF5 | Auxin response factor 5 P93024 AT1G19850 Auxins
AS22 4839 Anti-Beta-proteobacteriaAmoB | Ammonia monoxygenase, subunit B Q04508   Nitrogen metabolism
AS16 4062 Anti-APH1 | Gamma-secretase subunit APH1-like Q8L9G7 At2g31440 Endomembrane
AS23 4980 Anti-ATG1a | Autophagy protein 1a Q94C95 AT3G61960 Protein modifications
AS21 4611 Anti-ATH1 | Homeobox protein ATH1 P48731 AT4G32980 Signal transduction
AS15 2829 Anti-ATUAP1 | UDP-N-acetylglucosamine diphosphorylase 2 O64765 AT2G35020 Carbohydrates
AS18 4233 Anti-BAK1 | Brassinosteroid insensitive 1-associated receptor kinase 1 (other species: rice) Q6Z4U4 does not apply Hormones > Brassinosteroids
AS15 2897 Anti-Bam 9 | Beta amylase Q8VYW2 At5g18670 Sucrose metabolism
AS22 4704 Anti-BRAF | Bro1 domain protein BRAF Q0WSL5 At5g14020 Endomembrane
AS22 4703 Anti-BRO1 | Vacuolar-sorting protein BRO1 F4HXZ At1g15130 Endomembrane
AS22 4852 Anti-BZR1 | Brassinazole resistant 1 (Oryza sativa) Q7XI96 does not apply Hormones > Brassinosteroids
AS23 4987 Anti-Cat3 | Catalase 3 Q42547-1 AT1G20620 Environmental stress
AS22 4871 Anti-COIL | Coilin (Cajal bodies protein) Q8RWK8 AT1G13030 Cell cycle
AS21 4567 Anti-CALS12/PMR4 | Callose synthase 12 Q9ZT82 At4g03550 Pathogen attack
AS21 4585 Anti-CBP60G | Calmodulin-binding protein 60 G F4K2R6 At5g26920 Environmental stress
AS16 4096 Anti-CcdA A0A178UMW6 At5g53340 Endomembrane
AS15 2953 Anti-Cel9B | Endoglucanase 9B B9N1M4 does not apply Cell wall
AS23 4910 Anti-cFBPase (cytoplasm marker) Q9MA79 AT1G43670 Compartment markers
AS16 3213 Anti-CK2 beta | Casein kinase 2 subunit beta P40228,
AS23 4894 Anti-CLV3 | CLAVATA 3 Q9XF04 At2g27250 Cell cycle
AS22 4790 Anti-Cpf1 (Acidaminococcus sp) | CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas12a U2UMQ6 does not apply TAG antibodies > CRISPR
AS23 4889 Anti-CRT1/2 | Calreticulin-1/2 Q38858, O04151 At1g56340, AT1G09210 Endomembrane
AS23 4890 Anti-CRT3 | Calreticulin-3 O04153 AT1G08450 Endomembrane
AS22 4848 Anti-Cmt2 | Chromomethylase 2 Q94F87 AT4G19020 DNA/RNA/Cell cycle
AS22 4829 Anti-CrCGLD27 Q43866 does not apply
Photosynthesis > Green cut
AS23 4927 Anti-CUL1 | Cullin-1 Q94AH6 AT4G02570 Cell cycle
AS23 4928 Anti-CUL1 | Cullin-1 Q94AH6 AT4G02570 Cell cycle
AS22 4877 Anti-CWInv1 | Cell Wall Inveratse 1 (Dicot) A0A1S3X7U9, M0ZRR7
does not apply
Cell wall
AS22 4856 Anti-CWInv1 | Cell Wall Inveratse 1 Arabidopsis) Q43866 AT3G13790 Cell wall
AS22 4841 Anti-Death-inducer obliterator 1 XP_015626002.1 does not apply DNA/RNA/Cell cycle
AS15 3100 Anti-DCL2 | Dicer-like protein 2 Q3EBC8 AT3G03300 plant RNA
AS23 5000 Anti-DCL2 | Dicer-like protein 2 (dicots) Q3EBC8 AT3G03300 plant RNA
AS22 4720 Anti-DCL3a | Dicer-like 104 (maize)   does not apply plant RNA
AS22 4706 Anti-DCL4 | Dicer-like protein 4 P84634 At5g20320 plant RNA
AS22 4721 Anti-DCL4 | Dicer-like 4 (maize)   does not apply plant RNA
AS23 4944 Anti-DCP5 | Protein decapping 5 Q9C658 AT1G26110 DNA/RNA/Cell cycle
AS23 4891 Anti-DELLA protein RGL3 Q9LF53 AT5G17490 Hormones/Biosynthesis
AS22 4878 Anti-Disease resistance protein RPS2 Q42484 AT4G26090 Pathogen attack
AS22 4837 Anti-DRM2 | DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase DRM2 Q9M548 AT5G14620 Epigenetics/DNA methylation
AS22 4707 Anti-DRP1E | Phragmoplastin DRP1E Q9FNX5 At3g60190 DNA/RNA/Cell cycle
AS23 4896 Anti-EIN3 | Ethylene insensitive 3 O24606 AT3G20770 Hormones
AS15 2870 Anti-FAD5 | Fatty acid desaturase 5 Q949X0 AT3G15850 Photosynthesis
AS23 4915 Anti-FBN2 | Fibrillin O82291 AT2G35490 Photosynthesis
AS22 4833 Anti-Ferredoxin nitrite reductase, chloroplastic (monocot) does not apply Nitrogen metabolism
AS22 4876 Anti-FRO2 | Ferric reduction oxidase 2 (Dicot) A0A1S4BDR5 does not apply  
AS23 4888 Anti-GA1 | Ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase, chloroplastic Q38802 At4g02780 Photosynthesis
AS22 4805 Anti-Gamma-Glu-Cys does not apply does not apply Oxidative stress
AS22 4786 Anti-gamma-H2AX phosphorylated A0A178WEZ4 At1g54690 DNA/RNA/Cell cycle
AS22 4793 Anti-GLC | Glyoxylate carboligase P0AEP7 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4798 Anti-glcD | Glycolate oxidase subunit GlcD (bacterial) P0AEP9 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4797 Anti-glcE | Glycolate oxidase subunit GlcE (bacterial) P52073 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4796 Anti-glcF | Glycolate oxidase iron-sulfur subunit (bacterial) P52074 does not apply Bacteria
AS19 4300 Anti-GLO1 | (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO1 Q9LRR9 AT3G14420 Photorespiration
AS22 4708 Anti-GLU1 | Ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthase 1, chloroplastic/mitochondrial Q9ZNZ7 At5g04140 Nitrogen metabolism
AS22 4794 Anti-GLXR | 2-hydroxy-3-oxopropionate reductase P77161 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4719 Anti-GSL 1-12 | Callose synthase 1-12 (CALS 1-12) Q9AUE0,
AT1G05570, AT2G31960, AT5G13000, AT5G36870, AT2G13680, AT3G59100, AT1G06490, AT3G14570, AT3G07160, AT2G36850, AT4G04970, AT4G03550 Pathogen attack
AS22 4847 Anti-GST class-phi | Glutathione S tranferase P46422 At4g02520 Endomembrane
AS23 4931 Anti-GUN1 | Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein GUN1, chloroplastic Q9SIC9 AT2G31400 Photosynthesis
AS16 3975 Anti-Hardwood lignin (birch) Cell Wall
AS18 4219 Anti-HDG6 | Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HDG6 Q9FVI6-1 AT4G25530 Transcription regulation
AS23 4892 Anti-HDA19 | Histone deacetylase 19 O22446 AT4G38130 DNA/RNA/Cell cycle
AS16 3837 Anti-HMT | Homocysteine S-methyltransferase Q8LAX0 At3g22740 Hormones > Biosynthesis/regulation
AS23 4982 Anti-HSP21 | Chloroplastic heat shock protein P31170 AT4G27670 Heat shock
AS23 4917 Anti-HOS1 | E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase HOS1 Q84JU6 At2g39810 Cold stress
AS23 4905 Anti-HY5 | Protein long hypocotyl 5 (momonoct) A0A1D6H3I5 does not apply Photomorphogenesis
AS06 136 Anti-HYL1 | Hyponastic leave phenotype ds-RNA binding protein O04492 At1g09700 plant RNA
AS23 4957 Anti-IRT1 | Ion transport-like protein (barley) B4YHA7 does not apply Heavy metal stress
AS22 4815 Anti-ICL | Isocitrate lyase P15479 does not apply Carbohydrates
AS22 4795 Anti-katE | Catalase HPII (bacterial) P21179 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4799 Anti-L10 | Ribosomal protein L10 family protein Q9LHH1 At3g12370 Translation
AS22 4860 Anti-L22 | 50S ribosomal protein L22 ( chloroplastic) P56795 ATCG00810 Translation
AS16 4073 Anti-LAC4 | Laccase B9IG57 does not apply Cell Wall
AS16 4074 Anti-Laccase A0A178V5P5 AT3G09220 Cell Wall
AS23 4953 Anti-Lhcb7 | Chlorophyll a-b binding protein 7 Q9C9K1 AT1G76570 Photosynthesis
AS23 4918 Anti-LHP1 | Chromo domain-containing protein LHP1 Q946J8 AT5G17690 Senescence/Cell death
AS15 2904 Anti-MKK1 | Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 Q94A06 AT4G26070 Signal transduction
AS22 4872 Anti-MPK3 | Mitogen-activated protein kinase 3 Q39023 AT3G45640 Signal transduction
AS15 2906 Anti-MKK4 | Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 O80397 AT1G51660 Signal transduction
AS23 4934 Anti-MTA | N6-adenosine-methyltransferase MT-A70-like A0A5S9XR34 AT4G10760 Plant RNA
AS23 4900 Anti-MTP1 | vacuolar Zn2+/H+ antiporter Q9ZT63 AT2G46800 Vacuolar membrane
AS22 4709 Anti-NAD9 | NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur protein 3 Q95748 AtMg00070 Mitochondria/Respiration
AS22 4865 Anti-NCED3 | 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED3 Q9LRR7 At3g14440 Salt stress
AS16 4063 Anti-Nicastrin F4J819 AT3G52640 Endomembrane
AS18 4174 Anti-NRAMP5 | Plama membrane localized manganese and cadmium transporter A0A1C9ZPR6 does not apply Membrane transport system
AS22 4826 Anti-P2K1| L-type lectin-domain containing receptor kinase I.9 Q9LSR8-1 AT5G60300 Pathogen attack
AS22 4862 Anti-P58IPK | DnaJ protein P58IPK homolog Q9LYW9 At5g03160 Endomembrane
AS22 4857 Anti-PAP17 | Purple acid phosphatase 17 (A.thaliana) Q9SCX8 AT3G17790  Senescence/Cell death
AS23 4965 Anti-PAP17 | Purple acid phosphatase 17 (Dicots) M1CK79 does not apply
Senescence/Cell death
AS23 4969 Anti-PBA1 | 20S proteasome beta subunit A1 F4JRY2-1 At4g31300 Plant proteasome
AS23 4991 Anti-PBCP | Photosystem II core phosphatase O64730 AT2G30170 Photosynthesis
AS23 4992 Anti-PBCP | Photosystem II core phosphatase O64730 AT2G30170 Photosynthesis
AS16 3973 Anti-PDF1 | Plant defensin 1.1 P30224-1 At1g75830 Pathogen attack
AS22 4781 Anti-PDF2.2 | Defensin-like protein 2 Q39182 AT2G02100 Pathogen attack
AS22 4834 Anti-PDH-E1 ALPHA| Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit alpha-3, chloroplastic O24457 AT1G01090 Photosynthesis
AS22 4835 Anti-PDH-E1 BETA | Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit beta-2 (chloroplastic) Q9C6Z3 AT1G30120 Carbohydrates
AS16 4061 Anti-PEN2 | Probable gamma-secretase subunit PEN-2 Q9FY84 AT5G09310 Endomembrane
AS16 4110 Anti-PEPC 1 | Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase 1 Q9MAH0 AT1G53310 Photosynthesis
AS23 4922 Anti-PGL35 | Plastoglobulin 35; FIB1a; FBN1a O81439 AT4G04020 Photosynthesis
AS16 4068 Anti-PHR2 | Phytolyase/Blue light receptor 2 Q058P5 AT2G47590 Transcription regulation
AS23 4914 Anti-PFK1-7 | Phosphofructokinase 1-7 Q9M0F9, Q9FIK0, Q94AA4, Q9FKG3, Q8VYN6, Q9M076, Q9C5J7 At4g29220,  At5g47810, At4g26270, At5g61580, At2g22480, At4g32840, At5g56630 Carbohydrates
AS23 4898 Anti-PhyB | Phytochrome B (monocots) A0A3L6DA94, A0A317YJ19 does not apply
AS23 4937 Anti-PhyC | Phytochrome C P14714 AT5G35840 Photomorphogenesis
AS23 4939 Anti-PhyD | Phytochrome D P42497 AT4G16250 Photomorphogenesis
AS23 4935 Anti-PhyE | Phytochrome E P42498 AT4G18130 Photomorphogenesis
AS22 4853 Anti-PII | Nitrogen regulatory protein P-II homolog Q9ZST4 AT4G01900 Nitrogen metabolism
AS22 4843 Anti-PIN3 | Auxin efflux carrier component 3 Q9S7Z8 AT1G70940 Hormones > Auxins
AS23 4907 Anti-PIN6 | Auxin efflux carrier component 6 Q9SQH6 At1g77110 Hormones > Auxins
AS22 4811 Anti-PIP1;3 | Aquaporin, plasma membrane intrinsic protein 1-3 Q9SXF8 does not apply Plasma membrane
AS22 4813 Anti-PIP2;2 | Plasma membrane aquaporin 2b Q9MB99 does not apply Plasma membrane
AS22 4810 Anti-PIP2;1, PIP2;2, PIP2;3 | Plasma membrane intrinistic protein 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 P43286
Plasma membrane
AS22 4812 Anti-PIP2;7 | Plasma membrane aquaporin, N-terminal P93004 At4g35100 Plasma membrane
AS22 4784 Anti-PLAP6 | PAP fibrillin domain-containing protein A0A2K3DY88 does not apply Photosynthesis
AS23 4919 Anti-PsaK | PSI-K subunit of photosystem I Q9SUI5 AT1G30380 Photosynthesis
AS16 4059 Anti-PS1 | Presenilin-1 O64668 AT1G08700 Endomembrane
AS16 4060 Anti-PS2 | Presenilin-2 Q9SIK7 AT2G29900 Endomembrane
AS23 4895 Anti-PTOX | Plastid terminal oxidase Q56X5 AT4G22260 Photosynthesis
AS22 4857 Anti-PAP17 | Purple acid phosphatase 17 Q9SCX8 AT3G17790  Senescence/Cell death
AS22 4823 Anti-RAD21 | Cohesin complex component Q8W1Y0 AT5G16270 Cell cycle
AS22 4850 Anti-RAD51 A/B | DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog A/B (monocots) Q67EU8 does not apply Transcription regulation
AS22 4828 Anti-RBX1A | RING-box protein 1a Q940X7 At5g20570 Plant proteasome
AS22 4723 Anti-RDR6 | Zea mays RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 6   does not apply Transcription regulation
AS22 4724 Anti-REC8 | Sister chromatid cohesion 1 protein CDY52701.1 does not apply Cell cycle
AS23 4893 Anti-REM1.2/1.3 | Remorin O80837 AT2G45820 Plasma membrane
AS22 4859 Anti-RNS3 | Ribonuclease 3 P42815 At1g26820 Developmental biology/Senescence
AS17 4144 Anti-RTB | Ricin toxic B chain P02879 does not apply
Plant toxins
AS22 4713 Anti-RPE | Ribulose-5-phosphate-3-epimerase, chloroplastic Q9SAU2 At5g61410 RUBISCO/Carbon metabolism
AS22 4868 Anti-RA | Rubisco activase Q9AXG1   RUBISCO/Carbon metabolism
AS21 4599 Anti-SARD1 | Protein SAR Deficient 1 Q9C9T2 At1g73805 Transcription regulation
AS22 4802 Anti-Serine/threonine-protein kinase MPS1 Q84VX4 AT1G77720 Cell cycle
AS23 4913 Anti-SHMT1 | Serine hydroxymethyltransferase 1, mitochondrial Q9SZJ5 AT4G37930 Mitochondria
AS22 4824 Anti-SMC-1 | Structural maintenance of chromosomes protein 1 Q6Q1P4 AT3G54670 Cell cycle
AS16 3936 Anti-SNX1 | Sorting nexin 1 Q9FG38 At5g06140 Endomembrane
AS16 3974 Anti-Softwood lignin (spruce) Cell Wall
AS22 4715 Anti-SUC2 | Sucrose transport protein SUC2 (dicots) Q39231 At1g22710 Sucrose metabolism
AS22 4714 Anti-SUC2 | Sucrose transport protein SUC2 (monocots) Q0ILJ3
does not apply
Sucrose metabolism
AS23 4909 Anti-SUS4 | Sucrose synthase 4 Q9LXL5 AT3G43190 Photosynthesis
AS23 4899        Anti-SymRK I Symbiosis receptor kinase Q7F1I0, Q2TDW9, Q8L4H4   Environmental stress/Pathogen attack
AS22 4821 Anti-SQS1 | Squalene synthase P53799 AT4G34640 Terpene metabolism
AS22 4820 Anti-SQE1-3 | Squalene epoxidase1-3 Q9SM02
Terpene metabolism
AS16 3209 Anti-TAG2 | TGACG motif-binding factor 2 P43273 At5g06950 Transcription regulation
AS23 4929 Anti-TBP1/2 | TATA BINDING PROTEIN 1/2 P28147, P28148 AT3G13445.1, AT1G55520.1 Transcription regulation
AS15 3103 Anti-TERT | Telomerase reverse transcriptase Q9SPU7 At5g16850 Transcription regulation
AS23 4950 Anti-TIM10 | Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit TIM10 Q9ZW33 AT2G29530 Mitochondria/Respiration
AS23 4924 Anti-Toc75 | Protein TOC75 (monocots) Q84Q83 does not apply Photosynthesis
AS23 4951 Anti-Toc34 | Chloroplast outer envelope membrane translocon complex protein Q38906 AT5G05000 Photosynthesis
AS21 4691 Anti-Tic100 | chloroplast inner envelope membrane translocon complex     Photosynthesis
AS23 4897 Anti-TOC1 | TIMING OF CAB EXPRESSION 1 Q9LKL2 AT5G61380 Signal transduction
AS22 4845 Anti-TOM40-1/2 | Mitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM40-1/2 Q9LHE5,
AS16 4032 Anti-TPC1 |Ttwo pore calcium channel protein 1 Q6S5H8 does not apply Plasma membrane
AS23 4904 Anti-UBQ | Ubiquitin known plant and algal UBQ sequences
does not apply Protein modifications
AS08 307A Anti-UBQ11 | Ubiquitin (affinity purified) P0CH33 At4g05050 Protein modifications
AS22 4880 Anti-WRKY33 | Probable WRKY transcription factor 33 Q8S8P5 AT2G38470 Transcription
AS13 2663 Anti-VAS1 | Reversal of SAV3 phenotype 1 Q9C969 AT1G80360 Signal transduction
AS22 4814 Anti-V-ATPase, A | Vacuolar H+-ATPase subunit A O23654 At1g78900 Vacuolar membrane
AS23 4920 Anti-V-ATPase | Epsilon subunit of tonoplast H+ATPase Q39258, P0CAN7,
AT4G11150, AT1G64200, AT3G08560 Vacuolar marker
AS23 4947 Anti-ZEP | Zeaxanthin Epoxidase Q9FGC7 AT5G67030 Photosynthesis
AS15 3106 Anti-YS1 | Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein Q9LUJ2 AT3G22690 Photosynthesis

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