Antibodies for testing

Free 50 µg of antigen affinity purified antibodies, in return for results.

Apply for receiving a sample by sending an email to [email protected].

Beside a primary antibody for Western blot, we will also include:

List of antibodies available for testing

For Western blot, ChIP and immunolocalization. 

Epitope tag antibodies

Product number Product name

Research area

AS22 4832 Ble tag | Bleomycin resistance protein Epitope tags
AS16 3690 Cas9 | CRISPR-associated endonuclease 9 (polyclonal) Epitope tags
AS22 4855 CBD-Tag | Chitin Binding Domain Epitope Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4686 CBP-tag | Calmodulin Binding Protein Eptiope Tag  (monoclonal) Epitope tags
AS22 4854 CBP-tag | Calmodulin Binding Protein Eptiope Tag (polyclonal) Epitope tags
AS21 4604 E Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4607 Glu-Glu Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4605 Halo Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4603 HSV epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4681 HSV epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4680 KT3 epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4675 mStrawberry Epitope tags
AS21 4602 Rho1D4/1D4 Tag Epitope tags
AS21 4684 S epitope tag Epitope tags
AS21 4606 SNAP/Clip Tag Epitope tags
AS22 4884 tdTomato Epitope tags
AS21 4508 Trx Tag | Thioredoxin 1 Fusion protein Epitope tags

Primary antibodies to plant, aglal and bacterial proteins

Product number Product name Uniprot ID TAIR Gene ID

Research area

AS22 4861 ACT | Actin (Algal) P53498 does not apply Loading controls
AS14 2798 AGO1-PIWI (C-terminal) (algal) A8J0M9 does not apply plant RNA
AS10 672 AGO6 | Argonaute 6 O48771 At2g32940 plant RNA
AS18 4235 AHB1 | Non-symbiotic hemoglobin 1 (other species) A0A076KX8,
does not apply Oxidative stress
AS22 4838 AmoA | Ammonia monoxygenase, subunit A Q04507   Nitrogen metabolism
AS22 4839 Beta-proteobacteriaAmoB | Ammonia monoxygenase, subunit B Q04508   Nitrogen metabolism
AS16 4062 APH1 | Gamma-secretase subunit APH1-like Q8L9G7 At2g31440 Endomembrane
AS15 2834 At2g21960 Q9SJ03 AT2G21960 Photosynthesis>Green Cut
AS21 4611 ATH1 | Homeobox protein ATH1 P48731 AT4G32980 Signal transduction
AS15 2829 ATUAP1 | UDP-N-acetylglucosamine diphosphorylase 2 O64765 AT2G35020 Carbohydrates
AS18 4233 BAK1 | Brassinosteroid insensitive 1-associated receptor kinase 1 (other species: rice) Q6Z4U4 does not apply Hormones > Brassinosteroids
AS15 2897 Bam 9 | Beta amylase Q8VYW2 At5g18670 Sucrose metabolism
AS22 4704 BRAF | Bro1 domain protein BRAF Q0WSL5 At5g14020 Endomembrane
AS22 4703 BRO1 | Vacuolar-sorting protein BRO1 F4HXZ At1g15130 Endomembrane
AS22 4804 BZR2/BES1 | Brassinazole resistant 2 Q9LN63 At1g19350 Hormones > Brassinosteroids
AS22 4852 BZR1 | Brassinazole resistant 1 (Oryza sativa) Q7XI96 does not apply Hormones > Brassinosteroids
AS19 4322 CAH6 | Carbonic anhydrase 6 Q6S7R9 does not apply
RUBISCO/Carbon metabolism
AS13 2666 Calcineurin/EF-hand motif Q9ZSA2 AT4G04720 Signal transduction
AS21 4572 Cat3 | Catalase 3 Q42547 At1g20620 Environmental stress
AS21 4585 CBP60G | Calmodulin-binding protein 60 G F4K2R6 At5g26920 Environmental stress
AS16 4096 CcdA A0A178UMW6 At5g53340 Endomembrane
AS15 2953 Cel9B | Endoglucanase 9B B9N1M4 does not apply Cell wall
AS16 3213 CK2 beta | Casein kinase 2 subunit beta P40228,
AS23 4894 CLV3 | CLAVATA 3 Q9XF04 At2g27250 Cell cycle
AS22 4791 Cpf1 (Francisella novicida, Lachnospiraceae bacterium) | CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas12a A0Q7Q2 does not apply TAG antibodies > CRISPR
AS22 4790 Cpf1 (Acidaminococcus sp) | CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas12a U2UMQ6 does not apply TAG antibodies > CRISPR
AS13 2642 CNfu1 | NifU-like protein 1 (chloroplastic) Q93W77 AT4G01940 Photosynthesis > Green Cut
AS12 2105 CpSRP43 | Signal recognition particle 43 kDa protein (chloroplastic) Q39231 AT2G47450 Photosynthesis > LHC
AS22 4829 CrCGLD27 Q43866 does not apply
Photosynthesis > Green cut
AS22 4842 CSD1 | Chloroplastic Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase 1 P24704 AT1G08830 Oxidative stress
AS22 4710 CUL4 | Cullin 4 Q8LGH4 At5g46210 Hormones > Abscisic acid
AS22 4856 CWInv1 | Cell Wall Inveratse 1 Q43866 AT3G13790 Cell wall
AS22 4785 DCL1 | Dicer-like protein 1 Q9SP32 AT1G01040 plant RNA
AS15 3100 DCL2 | Dicer-like protein 2 Q3EBC8 AT3G03300 plant RNA
AS22 4706 DCL4 | Dicer-like protein 4 P84634 At5g20320 plant RNA
AS22 4837 DRM2 | DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase DRM2 Q9M548 AT5G14620 Epigenetics/DNA methylation
AS22 4707 DRP1E | Phragmoplastin DRP1E Q9FNX5 At3g60190 DNA/RNA/Cell cycle
AS15 2870 FAD5 | Fatty acid desaturase 5 Q949X0 AT3G15850 Photosynthesis
AS22 4833 Ferredoxin nitrite reductase, chloroplastic (monocot) does not apply Nitrogen metabolism
AS22 4805 Gamma-Glu-Cys does not apply does not apply Oxidative stress
AS22 4848 GAPDH | Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (chloroplastic) P25857 At1g42970 Carbohydrates
AS22 4793 GLC | Glyoxylate carboligase P0AEP7 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4798 glcD | Glycolate oxidase subunit GlcD (bacterial) P0AEP9 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4797 glcE | Glycolate oxidase subunit GlcE (bacterial) P52073 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4796 glcF | Glycolate oxidase iron-sulfur subunit (bacterial) P52074 does not apply Bacteria
AS19 4300 GLO1 | (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO1 Q9LRR9 AT3G14420 Photorespiration
AS22 4708 GLU1 | Ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthase 1, chloroplastic/mitochondrial Q9ZNZ7 At5g04140 Nitrogen metabolism
AS22 4794 GLXR | 2-hydroxy-3-oxopropionate reductase P77161 does not apply Bacteria
AS13 2703 GrxS3,4,5 | Monothiol glutaredoxin-S3, S4, S5 O23421,
AT4G15700, AT4G15680, AT4G15690 Oxidative stress
AS22 4719 GSL 1-12 | Callose synthase 1-12 (CALS 1-12) Q9AUE0,
AT1G05570, AT2G31960, AT5G13000, AT5G36870, AT2G13680, AT3G59100, AT1G06490, AT3G14570, AT3G07160, AT2G36850, AT4G04970, AT4G03550 Pathogen attack
AS22 4847 GST class-phi | Glutathione S tranferase P46422 At4g02520 Endomembrane
AS16 3975 Hardwood lignin (birch) Cell Wall
AS18 4219 HDG6 | Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HDG6 Q9FVI6-1 AT4G25530 Transcription regulation
AS16 3837 HMT | Homocysteine S-methyltransferase Q8LAX0 At3g22740 Hormones > Biosynthesis/regulation
AS16 4107 ICS1 | Ischorismate synthase 1, chloroplastic Q9S7H8 AT1G74710 Photosynthesis
AS18 4173 IRT1 | Ion transport-like protein (barley) B4YHA7 does not apply Heavy metal stress
AS22 4815 ICL | Isocitrate lyase P15479 does not apply Carbohydrates
AS22 4795 katE | Catalase HPII (bacterial) P21179 does not apply Bacteria
AS22 4799 L10 | Ribosomal protein L10 family protein Q9LHH1 At3g12370 Translation
AS22 4860 L22 | 50S ribosomal protein L22 ( chloroplastic) P56795 ATCG00810 Translation
AS22 4864 L32 | 50S ribosomal protein L32 (chloroplastic) P61847, P12198 ATCG01020 Translation
AS16 4073 LAC4 | Laccase B9IG57 does not apply Cell Wall
AS16 4074 Laccase A0A178V5P5 AT3G09220 Cell Wall
AS19 4304 LHCR8 | Protein fucoxanthin chlorophyll a/c protein (diatoms) B7FQS0 does not apply Photosynthesis > LHC
AS15 2904 MKK1 | Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 Q94A06 AT4G26070 Signal transduction
AS15 2906 MKK4 | Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 O80397 AT1G51660 Signal transduction
AS23 4900 MTP1 | vacuolar Zn2+/H+ antiporter Q9ZT63 AT2G46800 Vacuolar membrane
AS22 4709 NAD9 | NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur protein 3 Q95748 AtMg00070 Mitochondria/Respiration
AS22 4865 NCED3 | 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED3 Q9LRR7 At3g14440 Salt stress
AS16 4063 Nicastrin F4J819 AT3G52640 Endomembrane
AS16 4108 NPR1 | Nonexpresser of PR genes 1 (rice) Q5D0W8 does not apply Pathogen attack
AS18 4174 NRAMP5 | Plama membrane localized manganese and cadmium transporter A0A1C9ZPR6 does not apply Membrane transport system
AS21 4597 PBCP | Photosystem II core phosphatase O64730 At2g30170 Photosynthesis
AS16 3973 PDF1 | Plant defensin 1.1 P30224-1 At1g75830 Pathogen attack
AS22 4781 PDF2.2 | Defensin-like protein 2 Q39182 AT2G02100 Pathogen attack
AS22 4835 PDH-E1 BETA | Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit beta-2 (chloroplastic) Q9C6Z3 AT1G30120 Carbohydrates
AS16 4061 PEN2 | Probable gamma-secretase subunit PEN-2 Q9FY84 AT5G09310 Endomembrane
AS16 4110 PEPC 1 | Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase 1 Q9MAH0 AT1G53310 Photosynthesis
AS22 4883 PetL | Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit 6 P69401 does not apply Photosynthesis
AS16 4068 PHR2 | Phytolyase/Blue light receptor 2 Q058P5 AT2G47590 Transcription regulation
AS22 4853 PII | Nitrogen regulatory protein P-II homolog Q9ZST4 AT4G01900 Nitrogen metabolism
AS21 4697 PIN2 | Auxin efflux carrier component 2 (monoclonal) Q9LU77 At5g57090 Hormones > Auxins
AS22 4816 PIP1;1, PIP1;2, PIP1;3, PIP1;4, PIP1;5 | Aquaporins O80368 AT3G61430.1,
Plasma membrane
AS22 4811 PIP1;3 | Aquaporin, plasma membrane intrinsic protein 1-3 Q9SXF8 does not apply Plasma membrane
AS22 4813 PIP2;2 | Plasma membrane aquaporin 2b Q9MB99 does not apply Plasma membrane
AS22 4810 PIP2;1, PIP2;2, PIP2;3 | Plasma membrane intrinistic protein 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 AtPIP2-1,
Plasma membrane
AS22 4812 PIP2;7 | Plasma membrane aquaporin, N-terminal P93004 At4g35100 Plasma membrane
AS16 4059 PS1 | Presenilin-1 O64668 AT1G08700 Endomembrane
AS16 4060 PS2 | Presenilin-2 Q9SIK7 AT2G29900 Endomembrane
AS21 4689 PsbO | Photosystem II manganese-stabilizing polypeptide (algal) P12853 does not apply Photosynthesis > LHC
AS22 4857 PAP17 | Purple acid phosphatase 17 Q9SCX8 AT3G17790  Senescence/Cell death
AS22 4823 RAD21 | Cohesin complex component Q8W1Y0 AT5G16270 Cell cycle
AS22 4850 RAD51 A/B | DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog A/B (monocots) Q67EU8 does not apply Transcription regulation
AS22 4825 RbcS | Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase small subunit (Algal)   does not apply RUBISCO/Carbon metabolism
AS22 4828 RBX1A | RING-box protein 1a Q940X7 At5g20570 Plant proteasome
AS15 3096 RDR1 | RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 1 Q9LQV2 AT1G14790 Transcription regulation
AS22 4724 REC8 | Sister chromatid cohesion 1 protein CDY52701.1 does not apply Cell cycle
AS22 4859 RNS3 | Ribonuclease 3 P42815 At1g26820 Developmental biology/Senescence
AS17 4144 RTB | Ricin toxic B chain P02879 does not apply
Plant toxins
AS22 4713 RPE | Ribulose-5-phosphate-3-epimerase, chloroplastic Q9SAU2 At5g61410 RUBISCO/Carbon metabolism
AS22 4868 RA | Rubisco activase Q9AXG1   RUBISCO/Carbon metabolism
AS21 4599 SARD1 | Protein SAR Deficient 1 Q9C9T2 At1g73805 Transcription regulation
AS22 4802 Serine/threonine-protein kinase MPS1 Q84VX4 AT1G77720 Cell cycle
AS22 4824 SMC-1 | Structural maintenance of chromosomes protein 1 Q6Q1P4 AT3G54670 Cell cycle
AS16 3936 SNX1 | Sorting nexin 1 Q9FG38 At5g06140 Endomembrane
AS16 3974 Softwood lignin (spruce) Cell Wall
AS21 4578 SOS1 | Sodium Hydrogen Exchanger 7 A0A1D6KH75,
AT2G01980 Environmental stress
AS22 4715 SUC2 | Sucrose transport protein SUC2 (dicots) Q39231 At1g22710 Sucrose metabolism
AS22 4714 SUC2 | Sucrose transport protein SUC2 (monocots) Q0ILJ3
does not apply
Sucrose metabolism
AS23 4899        SymRK I Symbiosis receptor kinase Q7F1I0, Q2TDW9, Q8L4H4   Environmental stress/Pathogen attack
AS22 4827 SYP121 | Syntaxin 121 Q9ZSD4-1 AT3G11820 Endomembrane
AS22 4821 SQS1 | Squalene synthase P53799 AT4G34640 Terpene metabolism
AS22 4820 SQE1-3 | Squalene epoxidase1-3 Q9SM02
Terpene metabolism
AS16 3209 TAG2 | TGACG motif-binding factor 2 P43273 At5g06950 Transcription regulation
AS15 3103 TERT | Telomerase reverse transcriptase Q9SPU7 At5g16850 Transcription regulation
AS21 4691 Tic100 | chloroplast inner envelope membrane translocon complex     Photosynthesis
AS22 4845 TOM40-1/2 | Mitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM40-1/2 Q9LHE5,
AS16 4032 TPC1 |Ttwo pore calcium channel protein 1 Q6S5H8 does not apply Plasma membrane
AS13 2663 VAS1 | Reversal of SAV3 phenotype 1 Q9C969 AT1G80360 Signal transduction
AS22 4814 V-ATPase, A | Vacuolar H+-ATPase subunit A O23654 At1g78900 Vacuolar membrane
AS15 3106 YS1 | Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein Q9LUJ2 AT3G22690 Photosynthesis

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