Antibodies can be made to a variety of different so-called antigens, like short peptides (5 to 20 amino acids), proteins, hormones and substances. 

Agrisera's product information sheets list confirmed and predicted reactivity.

Confirmed reactivity means that there are experimental data supporting that this antibody detects the target protein from the listed species. 
Predicted reactivity means that there is potential for a given antibody to work, based on an antigen sequence homology check. Sequence homology is assessed in the linear protein sequence of subsequent amino acids, and needs to be at least 70 % for an antibody to work. If an antibody is made to a short peptide, overall sequence homology is not relevant. 

Please keep in mind that in cases where an antibody with predicted reactivity is used, a sample from a species with confirmed reactivity should be included in initial experiments. In some cases, the extraction buffer used for Western blot needs to be modified, depending on which species sample is extracted. 

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